11 ways to recharge your body and mind

11 ways to recharge your body and mind


When you feel mentally or physically discharged, exhausted, and drained out on energy, you feel like recharging yourself. Recharging can also mean to either refine your existing skills or learning new skills to your existing set of skills.

In this busy world, with the kind of hectic schedule that you carry along, it is quite normal to feel tired and shattered. But if you are experiencing status quo day in and day out, then it is surely the time for you to focus on your mental and physical health.

11 exemplary ways are listed down below. Adopt them into your life and recharge your body and mind. You will soon experience radical changes in the way to look at life and work with it.

  1. Speak to yourself, as you wake up.

You are the lucky thing that can ever happen to you. Look at your face in the mirror as you wake up. Say good morning to self and welcome the inner one in you to travel along with you today also. Listen to the voice of your heart and follow.

  1. Grab your favorite breakfast to keep you up and running all day long.

Have a good breakfast. Especially the one that you like to have the most. Eat by relishing the taste and savoring the smell. Your mind and body also get charged up for the rest of the day’s routine.

  1. Work with a plan in place.

List down your actionable and prioritize them. Follow a to-do list. With a defined schedule and plan of action in place, you work more effectively by mind and body.

  1. Exercise and meditate regularly.

Do enough workouts to keep your mental and physical abilities fit and strong. Practice self-isolation for few minutes every day. Involve yourself in gaming and other co-curricular activities that energize you to work better for the rest of the day.

  1. Begin your day by offering help to at least one person around, or feed your pet.

You always find people who are in need of help. Help an old lady carry luggage. Help a boy walk by the lane getting rid of the scary street dogs. Feed your pet with its favorite food. Execute something that brings you to smile on face and happiness at heart.

  1. Listen to your favorite music.

Music certainly has a significant impact in energizing you from deep within the heart. So put yourself on to this track. Listen to the music you admire most.

  1. Spend a reasonable time in front of the mirror.

Keep looking at your mirror image for quite a length of time. Wear your favorite outfits. Groom your hair the way you like. Present the pleasing you, to the world. If you love yourself, the world will also like you. This gives you a refreshing feeling to move in life.

  1. Take power naps during the day.

Have enough sleep at night. But to keep yourself rebalanced your body and mind, you also need to nap for a while during the day time. As you wake up, you approach work with full of energy. New ideas crop up. You tend to exhibit your creativity and you feel as if the day has just begun and you can conquer too many tasks today.

  1. Engage time for fun and frolic.

Take breaks from work. Plan and schedule your breaks in such a way that you are not distracted by any external factor. Prepare yourself for a fun time so that you are not distracted by any internal factor as well. Spend this time like a child. Do all sorts of fun on the floor. Drive yourselves back to good old childhood days.

  1. Spend time with loved ones.

Love to spend time with the ones you love, family, friends, or pets. By sharing talks, resources, ideas, and opinions, you tend to extend each other helping hand and shoulder support. These aspects also trigger in rejuvenating your mind and body and keep you motivated for the rest of your routine.

  1. Build the habit of diary writing.

Every night, before you retire for the day, make it a practice that you spend just about a few minutes in writing your diary. Record all the events and happenings of the day. Include your health and monetary aspects as well. Read what you wrote the previous night. Sleep with the determination to make the next day even better.

The bottom line is that your personal battery also needs recharging every now and then. Incorporate small changes to your existing life strategies and work towards maintaining a work-life balance. When this kind of equilibrium is maintained in life, life becomes easy to lead. And to maintain such kind of a balance, you need to keep yourself charged, energized, motivated, filled and refreshed from time to time.

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    Our bodies are no less than a machine. Many people work all day long to make their ends meet. Therefore, it is very important to recharge our body and mind. To make this happen, here are a few steps. This post will be an ultimate guide to restore your energy. So, let's get started.


    Like an engine overheats, you'll be also overburdened without rest. Some individuals overwork to make more income. Similarly, students study more in hope of scoring more. Well, there is nothing wrong with overworking. Things get worse if you are restless or don't rest at all. This will in turn affect your productivity. Besides, you'll also miss the opportunity to recharge yourself. So, take proper rest to recharge the body and mind.

    2. READ

    To recharge yourself, you must feed on knowledge. If you are exposed to innovative ideas, you'll feel more refreshing then ever. Therefore, read books daily whenever you're free. But remember, you must have the right selection. Storybooks with morals, motivational books are the best in the segment. There are a lot of things to read and get refreshed. So, grab the genres as mentioned.


    As we all might know, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Therefore, we must keep ourselves clean. After a day's hard work, take a shower. In summer, taking a cool bath will naturally refresh you. Whereas in winter, take a warm bath. This will detoxify your skin give you a new aura. Also, never forget to use a scrub. This will make you refreshing than ever. So, never forget this trip to have a refreshing shower.


    You must always have a companion to describe your feelings. However, in many cases, there isn't any. So, it would be best if you make a habit of diary writing. The best way to feel recharged is to let things go. When you recall your old memories, you become nostalgic. Keeping a diary will ease your burden, which is comforting. Therefore, at the end of the day, pour your thoughts.


    When you wake up in the morning, just smile. Smile for without any reason. If you smile without any reason, you'll be happy all season. Some may find it impractical to laugh without any reason. But, this induces happy hormones in your system. This will keep you engaged in your work. In turn, it keeps you recharged throughout the day. Therefore, make it a habit to smile when you wake up in the morning.


    Many global leaders have sacrificed their lives for human well-being. Well, they sacrificed peacefully. This is how you should be. Of course, there are many uncertainties in life you have to face. But if you keep yourself intact, you'll remain recharged. However, it may be challenging at first. Abiding these ways might seem impossible. If you are dedicated to these 5 ways, no hurdle can make you fall.

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