7 ways to manage your anger

7 ways to manage your anger


Anger is when you express a strong feeling of disagreement or displeasure. When you do not have the patience to deal with a situation or you face failure in a circumstance, you generally experience high levels of stress causing you to burst out your feelings. This is when you are said to be angry.

Your anger not just affects you, but also the people and the properties in your reach. It is therefore important for you to bring your senses under your control.

7 ways in which you can manage your anger are illustrated below.

1. Have the courage and maturity to understand the reasons causing your anger.

To manage your anger, you need to first know what is causing you anger. The underlying reason could be your own self. Or it could be others, or some other external factor as well. So, first, chase for the reason and then chase away your anger by gaining control over the reasons and causes.

2. Do stress-busting exercises that control your anger.

Do enough workout, both for your mind and for your body. Practice breathing exercises when it comes to bringing down your senses under control. Alternatively, chant mantras to calm down your mind. Unleash your body by the gym, walking, running, jogging, and cardio exercises or by playing outdoor games, etc.

3. Distract yourselves completely.

Shift your focus from what drives you to be angry. Think of something else that relieves you. Read your favorite book. Write your favorite story from your childhood. From your experiences in life, frame a new story. Take a step ahead and be creative. Switch to a hobby of your choice that interests you most. Try all other possible ways which can keep you aloof from your anger.

4. Travel distances crossing your physical and terrestrial boundaries.

Do not limit yourself to a specific set of thoughts. Come out of that zone to feel better. Likewise, do not restrict yourself to a limited zone. Travel out of your confined space and look at the world outside your purview. You will realize there is a world of things to see, admire, and cherish. Leave behind your anger somewhere in the midst of your journey and make sure that you do not travel back to the same route.

5. Take a nap. It is sure to help.

Have a good sleep at night. During the days also, ensure you take a quick power nap to break your anger chain. When you rest your organs, your mind also tends to take rest along with your body. You will soon forget as you wake up, that you had the feeling of angry some time ago. If you feel you cannot sleep while at work, then at least keep your eyes closed and relax your body for a while. Spend time alone for a couple of minutes. All your anger would have busted out by now.

6. Recollect how you reacted last time when you were angry.

This is for sure not the first time that you sense being angry. You might have expressed anger in the past. Recollect those moments. Your anger could have spoiled not just your mood, but also of those around you. You must have hurt someone for sure, at least you yourself. You must have caused damage to some property, at least you must have faced mental sickness. That moment after coming back to senses, you would have realized and made a resolution that you shall not repeat the same. Do it now. You got a second chance in life.

7. Understand that anger is a part of life. Accept it and move along.

Humans have a basket of emotions. So do you. Accept it that being angry is a human tendency. So just accept that anger is very much a part of your life. Accept it for now, but arrest it down as quickly as possible to move in life. Don’t stop because of one feeling. Life has much more to show you. You are yet to see the best in life.

The bottom line is, you need to spend time with the anger emotions in you. Understand the underlying reasons. Resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. Handle them as if they were not yours, and as if you are handling it for your sub-ordinate or your kid. Play the role of the head of a family trying to control the anguish of a child. Address these anger attitudes from a personal level.

The more you try to move in these directions, the more you will feel having achieved something really important in life. This will in turn glow up the positivity lights in your mind. You will ultimately feel a lot better. You will have a good sleep at night. You will obviously return smiles to others for no cause, just because the inner you is happy.

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    Emotions like anger, love, and greed are creations within. Among all emotions, dealing with anger needs supervision. It can lead you to the darkest phases of life. Looking for anger management tips? Well, this article will serve you right. However, there are effective anger management techniques. You have to be patient and dedicated to the entire project. Keeping everything into account, these are 7 healthy ways to deal with anger.


    The breath is the phenomenal reason behind your life. Being a tool, it has the potential to nurture human life. However, it functions is three stages: Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. Anger outbursts are a result of excessive stimulation of the hormone ‘cortisol.’

    When you're angry, take deep breaths. On doing this, the oxygen levels in your blood will gradually rise. This phenomenon will relax your Central Nervous System. In turn, it will create enough space for innovative ideas. Moreover, counting the number of breaths also works. It will keep you distracted, lowering the cortisol level.


    There is an intermediate level before getting angry. At that moment be cautious of what you speak. If you speak offensively, the clash is inevitable. Your opponents will not just stand there watching your instincts. They will worsen the situation with another offensive reply. In this way, you can lose your temper easily.

    So, at first, try to control your thoughts. Counter replying is an art, you must master. Try to add humor to your replies. Humorous replies are deliberate moves in communication skills. It strikes the offensive listening, keeping you calm. So, these are the strategies you must plan.


    At many times, anger evolves as a consequence. When you overwork, stress hormones get stimulated. You grow more frustrated and embarrassed. This, in turn, paves the way for anger to advance. Therefore, it is important to take a break.

    The human system is similar to an engine. Just like an engine overheats on overworking, so does a human. A necessary break will let flow the breeze of relaxation. It will refresh you keeping you engaged, without glowing hot. Without proper rest, anger can seize your intellect. Sit back, and relax. Take a can of Coke and chill in front of the TV. Watch your movies and play your favorite games. This life isn't all about work.


    Distracting the mind is another effective strategy to deal with anger. At times, dealing with anger issues is not that straight. Rage management gets a bit tricky mentally. Whenever you get angry, focus out of the box. Walk away from the scene and gaze upon your surroundings.

    However, your mind will tend to go back to the situation. Without resisting, let all thoughts flow. Look at the sky, listen to birds of taking a leaf in your hand. There are various instant activities to keep you distracted. Institutes like Mayo Clinic uses this wise strategy in their anger management classes.


    Feeling difficulty in diffusing anger? If yes, maybe you should try channelizing it. The impact on your mind depends upon your perception. Visualizing anger as a dream-fulfilling force is an innovative idea. A novel, to make use of it, patience is mandatory. Learn to be patient by getting out of the comfort zone.

    Let the fire of anger ignite your potential. Don't let the fire wither in due course of time. “How to not suppress the anger,” should the question. Personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela used the same tactic. And it worked for them in gaining independence. Surely, you'll gain the same from your anger.


    Well, you must learn to practice mindfulness. In this case, mediation will be of immense help. With ancient roots, this practice has a lot of offer in anger management. It teaches an individual the utmost sense of discipline. Mediation is a vast subject that ranges from zero to infinity.

    You can meditate on anything and anyone. Sit in a cross-legged position comfortably. Close your eyes, turning the face upwards. Now, imagine someone dear to you. Focus your entire concentration entirely on him/her. Practicing this daily will deplete your anger gradually. Thus, you'll be as cool as a cucumber.


    The process of anger is very systematic. Once you figure it out, simplicity will be an outcome. A healthy way to deal with anger is to be busy with yourself. Never indulge in different activities at a period. Give yourself the necessary room to expand. However, this will decrease your chances of getting angry. In turn, you won't be mad at yourself.

    A Harvard University research says that people tend to be more peaceful alone. And it true to the greatest extent. This must be the mantra for your anger. Being alone will teach how to control your actions. Therefore, be busy with yourself to the possible extent.


    Anger management is similar to disaster management. Keeping anger inside is only genuine when you channelize it. However, stress and anger management are ranking at the search list. This indicates that people are becoming more prone to this disorder. Self-help anger management schemes are in trend. You mustn't give the privilege to anyone to make you angry. Don’t get angry due to someone else's instincts. Indirectly, he possesses control over you. This is because his instincts can tune your anger.

    In other words, you are no less than a slave. Meditation and exercises are home remedies for anger control. It helps you deal with irritation. Also, there are fun ways to release anger. As mentioned above, humorous replies are a get means to remain cool. Roleplay anger management techniques are inspired by them. You'll be placed in a situation, giving a role to play. This will help you counter such problems in life. So, how to deal with anger issues? Your queries are solved once and for all. Control anger before it controls you.

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