10 ways to make your brain attentive

10 ways to make your brain attentive


When you pay close attention to something, it means your brain is attentive. You have an eye on detail when you are doing your favorite task. This is nothing but being attentive.

Stated below is a list of 10 ways to train your brain in staying focused, attentive, and productive.

  1. Cultivate an interest in what you ought to do.

You may not always have the choice to do what you like. Therefore, when you have to compulsorily do something, it is better that you nurture interest in doing that task. You may face some teething issues, but they will come down drastically as your interest levels spike up in that job.

  1. Envision the results and the celebrations that follow.

You have a vision in mind towards which you advance your work. Imagine as if you achieved success at it. Create in your mind the results, and the festivities that follow. By foreseeing the future of the task, your interest levels increase at a larger scale making your brain more attentive in delivering the results.

  1. Scout for your highly productive hours of the day.

You may well be working all day long. But you give the highest production rate only at one or more peak time phases. Sit with yourself and bring your peak hours to light. Make use of this time for delivering the most. This is when your brain companions with you by helping you stay attentive and fully focused.

  1. Give up on multitasking.

Multitasking might help you finish multiple tasks in parallel. But, the results will not be as astonishing as you pick to work each of these tasks one after another. By doing one job at a time, your brain pays the highest possible attention, and also your self-esteem levels boost by manifold. Doing so, you tend to give the best in everything, rather than just finishing all tasks for the sake of doing.

  1. Have self-discipline and follow your will power.

Once you fix a timeline to do a task, follow it regardless of the distractions that come along. Follow your principles and ethics in life, have a sense of self-discipline towards work and life and goals and tasks. Regain your will power and work with sincerity. Once you put your disciplinary aspects and head with a positive attitude, your brain automatically turns attentive.

  1. Try something different in life.

Your brain is bored of doing repetitive tasks in the same fashion day in and day out. So, try something different in life. At least try to do the same task in a different way. Change your strategy to work, if you cannot change the work. Give your brain the opportunity to think and act differently, and it will fine-tune its attention towards yielding successful results.

  1. Work out enough brain-boosting exercises.

Play a lot of brain-boosting games, play games that need you to focus in full, from the first movie till the very end of it. Challenge yourselves in solving a puzzle within a specified time frame. Try if you can re-fix a scrambled Rubik cube. Try if you can write with a different hand, or read with one eye closed. All these can pull the attention of your brain towards the task that you want it to do.

  1. Attend a lot of brain advancing workshops.

Occasionally, let your brain attend seminars and workshops. Improve your personality and teach ways in which you can corner your brain to be highly focused and attentive. Listen to a lot of new and inspiring speeches in life that lets you think and keeps you alert and attentive. Just attending wouldn’t suffice, align yourself towards driving home the power of concentration.

  1. Master your senses and avoid distractions.

Distractions are part of life. At times, you miss the mark to succeed without worries in mind. Every worry gives you an opportunity to learn something in life. Keep your senses under control. Your approach to gaining control helps you stay engrossed at work. Understand that without bad, there is no good, and without black color, you cannot see white color.

  1. Assess the ground reality and counsel yourselves.

Do not draw your own assumptions. Be practical. Be broad-minded. Try to conquer the situation by thinking from various perspectives. If required, undergo self-counseling. Assess the situation right. By giving time for analyzing, you are in a way absorbing the attention of your brain, driving yourselves towards success.

Finally, attention is the most treasurable resource that you influence to get things done. You should gain the ability to focus for a longer period of time on the activity you are working on. Focus, determination, dedication, and attention, all work hand in hand to deliver you bundles of successes.

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