5 ways to live a happy and successful life

5 ways to live a happy and successful life


Everyone wishes to live a life that is full of happiness and dreams of having all comforts that life has to offer. Living a happy and successful life requires no specific qualities. Everyone has their own way of defining both happiness and success. A rich might be successful but never happy, while a poor might be happy but never successful. A CEO of a company might look successful to all his employees, but maybe he never felt the same way himself. While an employee might not be as successful as the CEO, but maybe he might be leading a more happy life and feels already more successful.

These are words that can never be limited with specified boundaries. Life itself has plenty to offer, and the owner of LIFE has his own perceptions. But at the same time, when you look into the lives of people who are deemed successful and happy at identical periods, you draw certain common traits that lead you to the idea of certain tips that might help an individual to live a better life.

1. Mentally and Physically Sound

You should be physically and mentally active to live a successful life. By reading the heading, one might not go into depth. The words are so common in everybody’s life that all our elders always tell us this one specific thing to achieve in our lives for having peace at all times.

Health is wealth. What would money or anything do for you if you are always sick and tired? There is nothing to talk about if you do not take this seriously. You can never enjoy your life to the fullest if you are physically ill or frail. When you have the energy, your willpower is stronger, and so is your confidence level. And when you have the energy, you can accomplish more than most people who treat their health lightly. But how does somebody maintain mental health?

The answer lies in the simple words of maintaining a BALANCE. Do not push yourself to limits where you feel you might get into undue overthinking. This not only puts pressure onto oneself but also gets you into habits which are never the solution but only an illusion.

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The majority of smoking and alcohol addicts are those who have stressed up themselves without a specific reason. Seriously, you need to get out of that shell where mental calmness is always compromised. Get yourself a life where tensions are only considered a normal part of life and know that LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES for anybody. You are not an exception.

2. Look Below

The two keywords to a happy and content life are LOOK BELOW. When you face difficulties in life, know that there are people who are having a worse scenario. If you are blessed with both eyes, you are already better than 285 million people in the world who have different vision problems and 35 million people of the world who are blind.

Imagine if you were to live happily without your sight. Wouldn’t that be something to relax your anxieties whenever they arise? When faced with troubles, always find people who have comparatively more severe cases. And then look towards the sky and say thanks to your Almighty. You would already feel better.

3. Set yourself a Goal

Get yourself a pen and paper. Write down everything you want. Then continue drawing conclusions. Write down where you want yourself to be after ten years or maybe 20 years. Then begin contracting years. Tell yourself why you want to be there, and then how would you achieve all that you’ve written. Continue contracting until you reach today. At this moment, put down the pen and paper and take a deep breath.

Nobody has ever achieved success in the blink of an eye. It costs you your comfort, your peace, and maybe your relations. But until you do not know what to do and how to do it, you would always be lead astray. Don’t be materialistic in setting your goals because my friend would never satisfy your instincts. They are a delusion. Keep your goals that drive your passion. This would be your highway to happiness and success.

4. Live in the moment

What good would today be, if you keep thinking about tomorrow? The one bad and good thing about time is, IT PASSES. If at this moment it is good, enjoy it because it would soon be taken away. And if at this moment it is bad, know that this too would pass. What would be left behind is how you manage to go through it. Don’t be stagnant at any moment in life but also learn to enjoy whatever life has to offer. Learn to live in the moment and always keep that smile running onto your face.

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5. Be positive

Once again. Take a pen and an A4 Paper. In the center of the paper, put a dot. Once you are done, ask yourself a question. What do you see on the paper?

The answer to the majority of the people would be a dot. And then imagine that the same person tends to avoid 99.99% white space around that single dot. That is how difficulties in life overshadow 99% of happiness in our lives. Stay as positive as you could because one single bad day would not destroy years of happiness in your lives. One dot can never succeed over the entirely white space.

These are a few of the basic tips in life that if a person strives to possess would always keep them happy. Happiness follows success, and you do not have to be a billionaire to be successful. Success is always a ladder. You can maybe miss a step or two, but you can never jump up the entire ladder to reach the top. So stop over stressing yourself. Live happily and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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    Everyone on this planet wishes to live happily. But unfortunately, only a few make the efforts. To be happy also requires training. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Bound to grief, people are left with no other choice. Life itself seems to be a big hurdle. Remaining happy needs a change in perception. To make this happen, we've taken the steps. In this article, you'll learn how to live a happy life.


    Never expect anything from anyone. Expectations are the root cause of all misery. Sometimes, your expectations can be very unrealistic. Fulfilling them might not be anyone's cup of tea. In turn, you get yourself in despair. Therefore, it is recommendable not to expect anything from anyone. If you receive something good, take it as a gift. On receiving something bad, ignore it. We've come to life empty-handed. Therefore, in any way, we are in profit. So, at first, leave your expectations forever. This is how to be happy with life.


    To remain fit and healthy is the key to happiness. To be mentally and physically fit needs an adequate amount of sleep. However, there are other importance of deep sleep too. After a deep sleep, the stress hormones like vasopressin gets reduced. Many tend to overwork, ignoring the importance of deep sleep. Such individuals are the foremost victims of depression. Lack of a proper also results in productivity. Which, in turn, subjects you to think more. So, how to be success finish life? Yes, get proper sleep.


    It doesn't cost a single penny to smile. So, you can smile for free. However, a smile is a consequence. Like a flower that blossoms, a smile will too. For that, you'll have to flower the smile with nourishments. After you wake up each morning, smile. It is the best gift you can offer to your face. A genuine smile will boost your beauty and personality to a great extent. Some people smile even during the worst phases of their lives. People who became successful later in life always smile. So, learn from them and keep smiling.


    Many think that exercise is only for physical health. However, this isn't always the case. It is a phenomenal tool that has the potential to change your life. However, it must be done under a proper schedule. A tight abiding of the schedule will not only build your physicality. It will also open doors for innovative ideas. Besides, you can practice yoga to be more beneficial. Several yoga poses can keep anxiety at bay. These exercises are a great supplement for your happiness. Practice these poses and learn how to be happy in life.


    After digestion and absorption, food becomes a part of our body. Therefore, we must take extra care of what we should eat. Unhealthy food will lead to improper functioning of the body. Being a silent killer, it will damage the physical and mental health. Eat food that serves to be beneficial for your health. Consume green vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can add cauliflowers, beans, skimmed milk, etc. to your diet. Moreover, it is important to abide by a tight schedule. The secret to happiness in life is good food habits.


    Is there something else that bothers you? If yes, you are to be blamed. We give immense privilege to others to decide our mood. Our lives are like a video game. If you are facing enemies, then you're on the right path. So, take criticism as a blessing to live a happy life. There is no shortage of critics on the planet. With a more complex mindset, people try to judge others. Even the President of a country is subjected to be criticized. So, inevitably, you'll be criticized. With a broader mindset, take criticism like a boss.


    The diary can be your best companion. Many people tend to share their feelings by writing. It acts like a mirror that reflects your personality. Therefore, we must take the initiative to write one. Writing a diary also boots your memory power. As a flashback, you can go back in time. This provides you the opportunity to be nostalgic. There are many biographies and auto-biographies inspired by the diary. Volumes such as Diary of a Young girl by Anne Frank are valuable inspirations. Your diary is one of your valuable assets. Preserve it like a gemstone. So, if you want to know how to be happy in life, grab a pen.


    Mediation is the solution to every problem. It is perhaps the most recommended solution to be happy in life. On meditating, we learn to manage our lives consciously. However, you don't have to visit the mountains to meditate. There are many ways to do so. Don't know how to meditate? Follow these instructions. Sit comfortably in your posture of choice. Close your eyes and focus on the respiratory process. It acts like a key that opens the door for all opportunities to enter. Your life will turn out to be more blissful, which is worth living. So, how to being happy in life? Well, meditation is the answer.


    Several factors decide happiness in our lives. Well, the entire process is to get liberated. Liberation happens only when you aren't bound to external factors. Once you get bounded, life won't move as you wish. This is the main reason behind all misery. Everyone is happy when things happen according to them. If you are one of them, you'll find it relatable. Unfortunately, to remain happy is seen as an accomplishment. It is your birthright to remain happy and prosperous. All you have to do is to claim this right. So, how can you do that? You can do that by abiding these 8 ways. So, master how to be happy with life.

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