Ways to Improve Your Presence of Mind | Learn From Blogs

Ways to Improve Your Presence of Mind | Learn From Blogs


Presence of mind is your ability to pay attention to detail while staying calm and composed. If you have the presence of mind, it means you have the desired skill to stay in tranquil and take sensible action quickly. This also means sticking yourself to the present, and to the ground reality, that which is truly important and giving up of the rest, be it your past or the future. Live the moment.

With the presence of mind, you can conquer your present moment, but for that, you need to let go off your past here for a while. This is the first and foremost prerequisite. Have that emotional intelligence in place, only then, can you control your mind.

The presence of the mind is vital and quite important. The presence of mind helps you to come out of difficulties and problem situations and at times also saves your time and energy. With a self-controlled mind, you can tackle any emergency situation or an embarrassing circumstance.

You have numerous ways in which you can improve your level of concentration and pay attention to detail, all of which constitute having your presence of mind.

Listed below are a couple of those.

  1. Practice yoga and meditation. When you meditate, you tend to focus a lot. You will place yourself in a serene and peaceful state of mind where all your worries are relieved and you drive home quietness in life. You can also clear out all your pain and stress areas. You will eventually land up with more presence of mind.
  1. When you are playing the role of a listener, you have to listen to that with full focus and attention. Listen to things as if you were to listen for the last time. This way, you can dedicate yourself hearing to what you come across.
  1. Take intermittent breaks and make yourself comfortable. Gulp a glass of drink or grab your favorite snack. Doing so will refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body and help you pay more attention to work, thereby increasing your presence of mind.
  1. Keep an eye on detail. Observe carefully and grasp as minuet things as possible, because you never know what might come to use at a later point in time. Give yourself a reasonable time to understand what is happening, what someone is doing. Watch it with significant interest in such a way that you are able to confidently replicate the work. This act will certainly help you in the long run.
  1. When you have multiple tasks to do, make a list of actionable tasks as per their order of priority. If you prioritize and schedule your work with a well-structured plan in place, you have half done the job. This also helps in staying focused while carrying out the tasks.
  1. Stay in touch with your inner self. Spend time listening and negotiating with your inner voice. Make yourself aware of what your real feelings, emotions, and thoughts are. Introspect your own self and you will soon notice how it changes the way you look at the world. Doing so will increase incredibly your presence of mind to a great extent.
  1. Always try to do only one job at a time, your mind will be more present and cautious in delivering the best possible results by doing so. Action and deliver one task at a time to give out the best, rather than doing multiple tasks and given away just about the desired results.
  1. Make friends with strangers. You get to learn a lot from them, by exchanging your experiences, knowledge, and arts. You will also know new and interesting facts which can invoke your presence of mind. Not just knowledge, you also get to grab wisdom and life skills into your basket.
  1. Take enough rest. Have a healthy sleep. With the right amount of sleep, rest, and relaxation to your body, you will feel afresh in mind as you wake up the next morning. You will also have a more sense of clarity in your thought process.
  1. Keep off your emotions and stress. Give up carrying your worries along with you. You may have personal problems or professional challenges, which is quite common and very much a part of life. But, without the presence of mind, you are lost, tend to lose focus, and ultimately result in committing errors. Train yourself and arrest your worries. Maintain emotional well-being and success is sure to follow you in no time.

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