7 ways to enhance your problem-solving skills effectively

7 ways to enhance your problem-solving skills effectively


Problem-solving skills are your set of skills that enable you to analyze and solve problems efficiently and effectively. To solve a problem, you need to first identify the problem, then define your understanding and then head towards identifying alternative methodologies to crack the problem.

You tend to face problems in life, day in and day out. Problems are part of life. It is your ability to deal with, that helps you solve problems that come your way. You should focus on your present, recollect experiences from the past, and pave the way towards solving the present moment in time to seek happiness.

Solving problems is really important in life because it forms part of decision making, which in turn directs and guides the path of your life. You, therefore, have to not just find a way out of the problem situation, but also improve your skills even better.

7 such ways to enhance your problem-solving skills effectively are illustrated below.

  1. Spend sufficient time to understand the problem. Understand the underlying reasons that resulted in sprouting up this problem. Because when you do not interrogate into the core of the problem, you fail to come up with a reasonable solution that paves an exit door for the problem. It is, therefore, always a good choice to know more about the problem. To come up with the right decision, you need to adopt the ‘why-why’ analytical model and become more aware of the problem.
  2. Once you understand the problem, you need to sit and list out all possible alternative methodologies in which you can crack the problem down. Think of as many possibilities as possible to arrest the problem. List down options from your own experiences. List down options from your network of friends and family. Jot down all the various paths that carry the problem towards its solution. Think from various perspectives and varied viewpoints. You will be able to record down an exhaustive range of options to choose from.
  3. Think with a positive mindset and be optimistic in life. Stay healthy by mind and brain. Listen to your heart. With an exhaustive list of alternate ways in hand, head towards solving the problem. But ensure that you understand and pick an option from a positive perspective. By being able to arrest the problem with a healthy mindset, you will cast positive energies in your environment as well. Ultimately, you will fix the problem now and forever.
  4. Do not look up to things from a magnified perspective. By thinking so, you are actually magnifying the problem—express simplicity in thoughts and actions. By amplifying and enlarging the problem, you are actually making things complicated. Maybe the situation was never as worse as you imagine it to be now. Even if the problem really appears to be big and complex, break it down into smaller actionable chunks of tasks. This way, you can effectively handle the problematic situation.
  5. Try to understand the problem situation from various perspectives. Think from different standpoints. Take the help from others as how they view the problem to be. Pay attention to detail. Now once again, try to change your approach and look at the problem in an altogether new way. Even if you might find it silly and baseless, do still give it a moment of thought. Every fresh approach gives rise to a new solution. With blooming thoughts and ideas, you not only solve the problem but also improve your problem-solving skills in addressing such similar problems going forward.
  6. Every problem is born with a solution tagged to it. Just that you have to be good to identify what the solution is. Literally speaking, there is nothing to be scared of about a problem. Because a problem is looked up as a problem only when you feel so. But deep down inside the problem, there is an opportunity. Identify this opportunity and spin all odds to your favor. Try to look at the problem by digging backward from the possible solutions you have in hand.
  7. Maintain a record of all the skills you carry with you. In this record, keep writing down the problem situation along with the solution. Keep this record handy. Your experiences in life and the way you previously handled situations will be of great help for you today and for the rest of your life. This record also helps others solve their problems in similar situations.

Similarly, also try to capture the problems and solutions which your acquaintances have addressed earlier. You must have also come across many such instances by following the lifestyles of many. Record them as well.

To conclude, accept the fact that you get to face at least one problem every day. Most problems are repetitive in nature. That is because they are actually not your problems. Your decisiveness in making a choice among various options you foresee is what you feel like to be a problem. But with the solving skills you carry, you are sure to find a way out.

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