5 Ways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

5 Ways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

To develop the idea of critical thinking requires critical thinking. Well, this cannot be achieved by practice, because the thought process can never be practiced. Thoughts are just information, stored in the database of your subconscious mind. However, your wish can come true by making some regulations and habits. Thus, these are some ways to develop a critical mindset.


We may observe things daily, but fail to do it consciously. Keeping all your books aside, have a walk in your nearby park. Sit there for some time and be conscious about the activities going around you. You may wonder this will help. Well, good things always need a fresh start. Doing this will generally rejuvenate your mind. Also try to observe how others communicate and, their different way of speaking. At least, analyze different strategies of perceiving things. Remember, there is a difference between sitting idle and observing. All you have to do is watch and store the data in your subconscious mind. This is the way of observing things.


Listen before you speak. Consciously listening is probably the most vital element to develop an idea of critical thinking. Before approaching this idea, add information to your subconscious mind. Without any relevant information, it is quite impractical to approach towards the subject. You would be eager to speak but wait for your turn. Only then, it will be easy for you to perceive ideas. This habit of listening will lead you towards new innovative ideas and, perceive new thoughts. Besides, speaking before listening is a foul manner. This can be quite embarrassing for an elderly person, having communication with you. Relationships might also be affected if this habit continues to exist.


Choosing friends is an art. The people surrounding you drastically impact your way of critical thinking. Therefore, try to make a smarter friend-circle. Friendship is a fixed asset that is capable of either ruining you or building you. Having a smart friend will provide you an opportunity of learning from them. Furthermore, you will develop your communication skills. So, choose wisely and judge them according to the milestones they achieved in the past. To choose wisely, notice their habits. If they are associated with unsocial activities, immediately discard them from your life. Since they may compel you to do the same in the future.


Asking questions is a phenomenal habit of the wise. The reason you ask a question is just that you do not know about that particular subject. Well, not knowing is better than half knowledge. History remains a genuine witness to why half-knowledge leads to destruction. If you are a student, don't hesitate to ask questions to your teacher. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Good teachers always feel proud of their students ask questions. This indicates that you are trying to grasp the concept. Furthermore, it would be excellent if you begin to generate your questions. Remember, making up a question needs more critical thinking than solving one. To take your level of thinking to a critical state, try solving your questions. This will help you develop a broader and critical mindset.


Intoxication is the biggest parasite that humanity is suffering from time immemorial. First, you have it and then, it starts having you. This social parasite feeds on human consciousness and health. No matter how much is your cerebral capacity, consuming this will not benefit you in any way. First, the victim experiences mental satisfaction and strength. However, this is not reality. Intoxicants act on your Central nervous system, thus making you unconscious about the activity going around you. This will deteriorate your present decision-making capabilities. Therefore, keep these foul habits at bay, if you want to develop critical thinking.


Since you are in pursuit of establishing a critical mindset, you must pay no expense. This post won't be of any help, is there is no action involved. You must strictly abide by these conditions mentioned above. Remember, a critical mindset is important only in decision making. Still, it is better to live and enjoy life with a simple mindset. Life blossoms in that way. Depending upon the situation, one must use his capability of critical thinking. Your goal must not a critical mindset. A critical mindset is a consequence that is evolved by following the above instructions. Just follow these mentioned points and watch the difference.

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