9 ways to control emotions

9 ways to control emotions


Emotions are the strong feelings that you undergo when experiencing an instinctive feeling of reasoning or knowledge. The circumstances you face, the way you handle relationships, your mood swings all cast an impact on your emotions. Emotions are either your pleasures or displeasures.

Emotions are always said to sail in the direction of your mindset. Given any kind of situation, you should master the skill of controlling your emotions. Do not let your emotions and feelings hurt your behavior or ruin your atmosphere.

Controlling your emotions means gaining control over your impulse, attitude, and the way you react or respond to situations. Here are 9 ways in which you can actually control your emotions.

  1. Help yourself in knowing your emotions.

You are perhaps feeling too much for something or someone that just happened a while ago. Understand what your emotions are towards. Be practical in life. Think sensibly and carefully. By understanding the exact problem, you are halfway towards your solution.

  1. Be matured to decide whether you should really allow your emotions to conquer you.

Think from the ground level. Have the maturity levels. Understand the underlying reasons and causes behind. Check if you should really be allowing them to dominate your thought process. Take a conscious call. Once this question triggers in your mind, you have already extended your hand in gaining control over your emotions.

  1. Think of plan B. Check how to overcome.

There are a couple of ways in which you can actually control your emotions in dictating you. Replace one emotion with another emotion. If you are thinking of your worry, control it by thinking of your happy moments. Or think of a comic book. Else, think of a comic conversation. Keep shifting your thought process until you finally arrest your worry causing the emotion.

  1. Plan the way you want to handle or react against your emotions.

If you cannot beat and override your emotion, just join it. Spend time with your emotions and let them govern you for a while. Play the role of a subordinate and let your emotion be your manager. Understand that at some point in time, you have to sign off from reporting to your manager. Similarly, you should sign off yourself from your emotion. So, just do it.

  1. List out the trigger points for your emotions and seize them in the first place.

Before you are worried about your emotions, you should be able to sense certain triggers. List down all such triggers. Triggers could be anything from pain in the abdomen, blurred vision, nausea, or something else of like. As you sense these triggers, capture them and don’t let them multiply into an emotion that bothers and haunts you for quite long.

  1. Take a break from what you are doing and pick some other tasks.

Keep yourself busy with back to back tasks. Do not give a gap for an emotion to bridge in. Do take breaks at work in a way to rejuvenate yourself, but not for your emotions to rule you.

  1. Spend time with your loved ones.

Invest your invaluable time with those you love most, be it a person, place, pet, a hobby, or even nature. By spending time the way you want, you feel a lot at ease. You feel out of the world. Emotions will not be able to find a way into your mind during the course.

  1. Play games to relax.

Break out from the routine. Break out from emotions. Play a lot of activities and fun-filled games. Play like a kid, shuffling through varied games and giving each one a try. Relax by working out puzzles and doing physical workouts, including those like gardening or watering plants, etc.

  1. Push yourself to bed.

Emotions keep wandering so long as you are awake. Therefore it is highly important that you take hold of them by pushing yourself off to bed. Relax your body and relax your mind. Have a good sleep and sleep for long hours if required. And do make it a point that you are no more thinking while sleeping. Otherwise, all your efforts to moving to bed would go futile. So, just envision a blank paper in mind and move to sleep.

Understand that there is no single way in which you can instantly take control of your emotions. Controlling emotions only comes by practice. Calm your mind and train yourself in developing a positive attitude. You will regain your emotional health soon. Reroute your emotions in the right direction. You feel more empowered and a more controlled lifestyle. You can now mold yourselves the way you want. You can now dictate to live a happier and much healthier life.

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