10 ways to change your mindset to be more positive

10 ways to change your mindset to be more positive


Mindset is your way of thinking and acting. Your attitude, mood swings, and disposition of work all account for your mindset.

Your way of thinking and reacting to situations, your attitude, and your behavior define who you really are. Mindset is a very powerful personality trait in the sense that it makes you unique from the rest. The way you think is really significant because it has a direct impact on how you feel, how you perceive, and how you react, ultimately causing a shadow effect of self and surroundings.

A positive and healthy mindset sweeps with its enormous benefits. You get to relish the beauty of life in terms of good health, good mood, and the right approach to work, maintaining robust relationships, and generating useful and productive results. By being positive in life, you achieve goals with much ease as you are now bagged by high levels of self-esteem. You also end up flushing out all the worries which otherwise keep haunting you all along.

Read below a list containing 10 ways in which you can change your mindset to be more positive in life.

1. Wake up in a good mood. Think optimistically about the events you have to do today. Your success and delivery of results depend on your attitude and approach to its disposition.

2. Understand that you cannot control everything around you. The only thing you gain control over is your own self. Have a sense of self-control and be choosy about what you think and feel. Monitor your mind and control your actions. Think from a broad-minded perspective. Imbibe the sense of emotional intelligence and turn things towards you.

3. List out the trigger points that have cornered you to turn negative in the past. Identify the reasons for these triggers and ensure that they don’t cross over again anymore. Slowly curb them down. If you fail to suppress the negative triggers that bind you towards negative results, give a conscious thought. Think of a blank paper, or count backward, or read a book upside down, but just distract yourself from any negative repercussions that these triggers throwback on you. Practice to fix them once for all.

4. Recollect from the past all the positive moves of yours that inspired you a lot. Cherish all your earlier awards and merits. They refresh your mood and mind so greatly that you feel like on top of the world. With this attitude, shape up your present to create a bright and successful future you ever wanted to taste in life.

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5. Above all, try to set goals that are not only achievable but those that also keep you engaged. Make yourself busy with yourself. Since your efforts are going to reap results that most benefit you, you will obviously sustain the levels of focus and dedication in life.

6. The majority of the time, you work within your pre-specified boundaries in life. Break your routine for a day. Try something different. Put all your energy levels in and see how the results fly out. You will feel a lot better as if carrying an all-new healthier attitude towards life.

7. Involve yourselves in group activities. Choose the right kind of group, though, because there will be people of all nature surrounding you all the time. Don’t get into conversations with people who demotivate you and influence their negative spheres around you. Fit yourself in a group of positively intensified people.

8. Remember to always carry a smile on your face, even if it had to be a plastic smile. Your smile to others responds you miles of smiles back that rejuvenates and uplifts your mood.

9. Accept your mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes because no person is perfect on this earth. Face the world agreeing to your mistake. Commit yourself to not repeating the same mistake. This will boost your energy levels and let you take further decisions more courageously and with a highly positive oriented mindset.

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10. Listen to positive thoughts generating speeches and speeches that truly inspire and motivate you. This way, you can turn from just being a worker to a go-getter, driving home your dreams and aspirations to the reality that you can witness and savor in life.

Finally, a positive attitude is considered to be the key to success. That’s simply because, with a positive attitude in mind, you take forward your life to the next best level.

Understand that positiveness is not just about smiling and posing cheerfulness. A positive mindset is rather about your understanding of life, your perspective towards the future of your life, and your tendency to focus on all that which brings you good in life.

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    Mindset is your thought process. The way you think, come up with ideas and opinions, and act is all decided by your mindset. Your mindset has the ability to control you. If you are being an optimist, then you are analyzing a situation from a positive perspective. But if you are being a pessimist, then your thought process is running over negative spheres in life.

    Understand that both these positive and negative mindsets are like two sides of the same coin. When you toss a coin and a negative mindset appears on the face, you lose control over your thoughts and actions. You fail to deliver results as desired. You also hurt yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Unless you do not take the action to flip the coin towards a positive mindset, it will not spin on its own.

    11 ways to change your mindset to be more positive are explained below. The coin is now in your hand to be flipped. You are the sole individual to rule your mindset towards a positive nature.

    1. Do things that make you happy.

    You feel more positive and more energetic by mind and body when you do tasks that make you happy. Happiness drives your mind in generating positive vibrations not just in your thought process but also across your environment.

    Do things that make you happy

    2. Tune yourself towards an entertainment.

    Entertain and bribe yourself for reaping happiness. Switch yourself to an entertaining world, be it an entertaining movie or a fun show.

    3. Dig into your past photos.

    Toggle through your photos. Rewind into your childhood pictures. Look and yourself years ago and your mindset automatically reroutes towards positivity.

    4. Be empathetic.

    Try to think from the other’s point of view. When in a troublesome situation, by being empathetic, you will be able to understand the actual reason. By helping yourself understand the ground reality, you will be able to make mature decisions. Maturity in decisions is usually derived from opting to choose the right path and direction, which is in turn the result of a positive mindset.

    5. Smile from the heart.

    Carry a smile from the heart, not a plastic smile. An honest smile talks a lot to the outer world and brings in loads of emotions and happiness back to the heart. The happiness in the inner self automatically changes your mindset to be more positive, by both thoughts and actions.

    6. Exercise and meditate.

    Do enough physical exercises. Also, spend time to meditate and reflect your inner self. Doing so casts an incredible amount of shift in your mindset tuning it towards being more positive in nature.

    7. Offer help.

    Extend help to those in need. Do not just interfere with others’ matters unwantedly. Judge the receiver and comprehend the situation at the right times. Offer help to others especially to unknown people. This will reap an implausible amount of happiness. You thereby tend to be more positive in life.

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    8. Get into healthy conversations.

    Involve yourself in conversations and chats with those who carry a positive mindset in their thoughts and actions. You will also soon incline your state of mind inline with this group. Your morale boosts and you will soon adapt yourself towards positive art in mind.

    9. Watch fun videos of pets.

    If you adopt a pet at home, watch its activities with an eye on detail. In any case, you do not have a pet at home, stream from the web. Watch videos of pets, which carry fun and a sense of humor in them. You will soon realize having lost in a different world filled with positive energies all around.

    10. Arrest an addiction.

    Cut down on a bad habit. Addiction hampers the mindset by creating anxiety and repeated carvings in the mind. Try out ways in which you can either arrest the addiction or replace it with some other habit that is not harmful. This way, your mind also tunes towards relishing tons of happiness and turns more positive.

    11. Hang on with nature.

    Spend time with nature. Stare at the stars and sky. Watch the thunderstorms and rainfall. Dampen your feet in the flowing water. Listen to the hums of the birds. Spend time with greenery. Look at the budding flowers. Watch the sways of the high tall trees. By investing your invaluable time with the environment, your mind calms down and begins to sprout out with a positive attitude.

    Having said all this, you still have to probe into the most effective way to be more positive. Think of an opportunity in every situation that you encounter. Examine what good it has in store for you. You will by far change your mindset to be more positive with this kind of workout.

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    There is thought and there is emotion. Some people say these are two different things. But, the way you think is the way you emote. Now, you are concerned about your passion and needs. Before you know this, there are some important points. In this post, you will know what you want in life. All you have to do is just follow these steps.


    Every life is precious on this earth and, so is yours. Therefore, you must think clearly before you invest in it. You must think of all possibilities. This is because there may be many uncertainties in your path. Now, it is time to use your precious intellect. However, it may take time to think clearly. This is why you must have the patience for the utmost clarity. It would be difficult for you to sort it out without clarity. Therefore, think before you want to know what you want.


    You may want several things in life. Perhaps, that might be your biggest problem. Suppose you have found a Genie who can fulfill all your wishes. Now, he gave you everything you ever wanted in your life. What do you want now? This is the question you must ask yourself. Ask yourself: Will it mean the same to me 25 years later? If you have an answer to your question, proceed. But if you don't, you still have to wait.


    Make a list of the things that makes you happy. Well, the list may be long for many individuals. But, that is not very important. After you made the list, make more selections. Now, select those things that would keep you happy for a longer time. This is because time plays an important role in this scene. It will be beneficial if you are engaged for a longer period. Therefore, a search for things that will make you happy for a long.

    Make a list of the things.jpg


    Anything you want to have needed money. Therefore, it is very important to make a budget. It allows you to know your limitations. Furthermore, you can also adjust your budget according to your needs. Make a proper selection of your needs according to your task. Well, this might have a long period. But never mind, good things always take time. Time allows you to expand your budget. Therefore, never miss this opportunity.


    Meditation is the solution to almost every problem. One may wonder how can meditation help? Well, the fact is quite simple. Meditation helps you to know your inner being. In this case, it also reflects all your needs. It gives you enough clarity to select what you need. Therefore, one must always practice meditation daily.


    It is perfectly alright if you want anything. However, it is tough for anyone to decide your needs. This is because no one knows yourself better than you. The main problem is the absence of clarity. These mentioned ways will provide you utmost clarity. Mostly, what you want is variable. So, follow these steps to know what you want in life.

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    It is always easy to advise someone to look at the brighter side or see the cup as full half. All these comments made by people to instill positive thinking are very easy but difficult to follow. Installing optimism and positive thinking in one’s life is a long process, and everything comes down to the feeling of gratitude.

    Now there are many ways to practice gratitude in your daily life; however, the effects of gratitude on the brain are immense. In this world filled with negative thoughts, positive thinking is not what comes naturally. It takes a long time to get this habituated in their daily routine after one has started cultivating the seed of positive thinking in their life.

    Here are ten ways by which you can cultivate the habit of positive thinking in your daily life –

    1. End the day with writing in your gratitude journal

    Spending time on the gratitude diaries is by far the easiest and most effective way of instilling a feeling of gratitude and positive thinking in your life. You can sit down and write in your gratitude journal any time you wish for but the end of the day is the best time for it. It is always best to write a few points on your gratitude list before going to bed.

    There are many different ways to express gratitude. You could either take the help of your gratitude diary, or you could even download free templates from the internet and use them. If you are someone who does not like writing too much, you could even find a trustworthy person to say five grateful things that happened to you today.

    2. Focus on the small non-materialistic things that bring happiness

    I would not disagree with you on the fact that we all love to receive materialistic gifts. However, non-materialistic things provide much more happiness than materialistic ones.

    For example- a simple surprise visit from your loved one or even a long walk in the garden during sunset will be enough to live your mood for the rest of the day. Try to find out the non-materialistic things that make you happy and then give them to yourself as a present after a long day.

    3. Talk to people who surround themselves with positive vibes

    Though the world has got more number of people who preach negativity out of their mouth, there is still a small population of those people who preach the bible verses about gratitude and have an aura of positive thoughts around themselves.

    Try to surround yourself with people who have positive vibes in them. This will help you have self-confidence and will also help you try out new things in your life.

    Talking to people who do not have positive vibes will help you fall into the pit hole of uncertainties, and you will find yourself stuck in your life. Positive people know that there is light on the other side of the tunnel, and you need to run fast so that you reach the other side of the tunnel soon.

    On the other hand, negative people also know that there is light on the other side of the tunnel, but they are lazy enough to run fast. Instead, they wait for a bus or truck to pick them up and help them out of the tunnel. Thus life turns ugly if you surround yourself with a negative aura.

    4. Start your days on a positive note

    Try to start your day on a positive note by doing things that help you start the day with a clear mindset and goal.

    For example, meditating for fifteen minutes in the morning will give you a direction for your life and will provide the energy that you are searching for to start your day.

    You could also start your day by spending time on the gratitude diaries that you have made all these days. This will make you feel loved and important.

    Do not meet negative people just after you get up from your bed because that will not only lower your productivity but also lower your self-confidence.

    5. Save the good moments by either writing about them or by clicking pictures of them

    In a day, many small incidents happen to you that is enough to bring a smile to your face. Write them all down in your gratitude journal. You can just make a gratitude list, and the next time when you go through the list, you will be flushed with a feeling of gratitude for the next few hours.

    You will get to re-live the moments in your life again and again and feel how special life made you feel at times.

    If you are not into writing, you could even click pictures of moments that gave you joy. You could click Polaroid and past them in your notebook or keep them safe in an album. Pictures are also a good mute way of keeping memories.

    You could click pictures of your dog’s first birthday, or your eighteenth birthday, or even of a tour that made you feel light and happy. Save every one of them with yourself.

    6. Stop downplaying your success

    No matter how small your success is, learn to appreciate and praise it. Your success is a result of your hard work, and no matter how small it is, it is your hard-earned.

    You do not have to compare your success to the success of other people and then downplay it. Make a list of small things that you want to achieve on a particular day. It does not have to be too significant. It could be as small as getting your dog on a walk and after accomplishing your task, award yourself for doing it.

    Your success need not make sense to anyone else. It should just make sense to you. Do not forget to mention these small achievements in your gratitude journal. You could simply start with “I want to express my gratitude on” and then start writing in points about what you are grateful for.

    7. Learn to live in the present

    Stop worrying about the future or procrastinating about the past and learn to live in the present, think about this moment. Forget what happened to you one hour ago and sit back and start your work again.

    Most sources of negative thoughts are memories of incidents that happened to us or the fear of something that might happen to us. Once you learn to overcome this fear, you could lead a life with positive thoughts and no worries.

    8. Try talking to yourself and make yourself strong

    Talking to yourself makes yourself the strongest. This will help you take charge of your thoughts, and you will learn to determine your powerful energy. This will also help you believe in yourself and will give you the strength to silence the power of negative thoughts that were growing as weeds inside your body. You will stop thinking about irrelevant topics and spend your time on things that provide you happiness.

    The only people who can give you take an unbiased, correct decision for your life are you. Do not rely on anyone else for help. Just go in front of the mirror and ask yourself what’s the problem and how you can get out of it.

    You will gradually see doors and windows open in front of you, and you will get a solution out of it. Try maintaining a gratitude journal, something that will also help you know yourself better. In the end, you will find yourself with a stronger and confident mindset.

    9. Practice gratitude in daily life

    Practicing gratitude in your daily life is the key to lead a life ruled by positive thinking. You need to keep aside your negative thoughts and walk on the path of positive ones. This means growing in a gratitude journal and following the path of gratitude to perform the small tasks in daily life, like saying “thank you” to the shopkeeper after buying the bread or calling a distant relative and talking to them about how good the weather is today.

    Everyone has their ways to express gratitude, and you need to search and find out the way most suitable for yourself. If you are new to gratitude journaling and you are falling short of things to write in your gratitude list, then you may search on Google for different gratitude list ideas and then come up with your ones.

    Talking to a person at the end of the day is also a good way to end your day on a positive note such that you do not take any negative thoughts or grudge for your next day.

    10. Learn the lesson that your failure is trying to teach you

    Always remember that no one is perfect, and so are you. In the long run of life, you are sure to make mistakes and experience multiple failures in your path.

    Try to turn these failures and mistakes into a lesson in your life, and then think about what you are going to do next. Make sure not to make the same mistake again. Make these lessons learned from your mistakes as concrete rules and follow them in every path of your life.

    Negative thoughts have got many side effects that could be fatal to our physical and mental health. Negative thoughts are the prime source of stress and headache, nausea, and difficulty in sleeping.

    Thus the person gets lesser sleep than is required by him, and as a result of this, he gets a higher risk of heart diseases and gets laid back in his life. This leads to anger and pessimism, and the results are uglier than one could imagine.

    On an end note, I also want to mention the various benefits of positive thinking such as it lowers stress level and improves mental health; it increases the body immunity and provides the person with a better resilience power.

    Thus one should stop cultivating negative thoughts in their mind and preach the bible verses about gratitude to lead a life filled with positivity and success.

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