10 Ways To Becoming A More Patience Person

10 Ways To Becoming A More Patience Person


Patience is your ability to tolerate someone or something. If you have the capability to accept worries, problems, delays, and other unforeseen circumstances without reacting abruptly or expressing stress and anger, it means you are highly patient. Having this trait boosts your personality and demarks you from the rest of the world.

If you have patience, it is considered to be a significant quality. In the sense that you have the quality to bear misfortune, pain, annoyance, and provocation, without losing temper, without being irritated or without having a complaint to post.

Having patience defines your personality to be very pleasing, not just for you, but also for the people around you, both in the workplace and in your personal life. Certainly, patience is a skill that you earn by experience and doesn’t come with ease. Patience in life is something that you need to master.

Here are 10 ways in which you can be patient.

  1. Patience comes with practice, by practice, and more practice. Patience is not something that you get by taking admission in a university. You have to continuously practice to be patient. Have more focus and pay more attention. Play a lot of slow-moving games that need your total attention.
  1. Exercise regularly. Make yoga or meditation a part of your routine. You will have the utmost control over your senses. This, in turn, builds up on your levels of patience and immediate reactions to situations.
  1. Keep your smartphones and gadgets away and try to take your life to the olden times where communication was painful. Try to take the public mode of transport and switch between vehicles to get to a place, rather than riding on your car. You can keep trying until you sense that you are patient enough.
  1. Cook your favorite dish. Ensure you choose a complicated dish. Start right from the purchase of ingredients. Spend time to relish the taste. You will no longer feel the stress and strain that you have all along undergone in the making of the dish.
  1. Understand that whatever happens, happens for a reason. So, it is ok to be empathetic at times. Put yourselves in the shoes of others and think big. The distraction or the disappointment caused by the other person is not something done consciously. They have a reason to justify. Before you make them answerable, probe yourselves as to why and how someone or something just happened the way it did.
  1. Go to a very busy mall and test how long you can wait in the billing queue. Focus on why you are here. Rehearse your reasons, and you will soon take control of your emotions and feelings.
  1. Corner yourselves into situations where you don’t have control. Go into a highly traffic prone area and see how long you can wait without choosing an alternate path. Understand the ground reality and accept the discomfort, this makes you easier to cope with.
  1. When you ought to be patient, and you are on the verge of losing your temper, immediately switch your attention. Count from 10 to 1, or read from December to January, or try to run yourself from Z through A. Think of other aspects that interest you. Play your favorite game. Cherish your fun-filled moments. But just kick that impatient thing out of your mind.
  1. Before you actually burst out of your impatience, you always get a trigger. Understand at the first place all those triggers that let you out of control. Either find alternate ways to avoid them, or accept that such situations will continue to repeat despite you being impatient. You cannot control everything on this Earth. The only thing you can ever control is your own self. So, watch your space properly and gain control over your emotions and senses. Stabilize your mindset.
  1. If you fail to learn and master patience on your own, it is ok to learn from others. Have a keen eye on how others deal with the situation. Try to work those ways into your lifestyle, and you will soon find results so refreshing and rewarding.

The bottom line is you have to think about the bigger picture in life. Accept the fact that you cannot change most situations in life. You do not have access to everything outside you.

By being patient, you not only keep yourself healthy but can also focus on your goals. You gradually turn in to a go-getter and are highly approachable. You will also have the ability to add new skills to life. With stronger mental health and emotional intelligence, you are sure to drive home success.

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