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1.) Do 5 minutes of revision every day

2.) Read through a page of class notes at the end of each day

3.) Write down your homework at the end of each lesson

4.) Self-monitor your learning

5.) File notes in the right place every day

6.) Read one online article to supplement your classroom learning every day

7.) Review your day


10 habits of successful students.png

Establish goals and work towards it

Stick to the goals, tweaking minute changes only according to situations that arise at various points of time. 


Start off with a small time block say 25 minutes.  Focus and do not deviate in that time.  Give a 5-minute break and then study again for the next 25 minutes again.  You can increase these time blocks as you go on through your semester.


Give more of your time and attention to weak areas and you find that your exam grades will automatically move up. 

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IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR STUDY TIME: Spend a good deal of time on the most difficult parts to know it fully well. 

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Right Mindset.png

To create the right mindest that will ensure your success. This entails accepting change and aiming to grow and improve constantily. 

Importance of a positive attitude in life.png

Positive attitude brings out the creativity in thinking and you will get new ideas for improving the subjects. Positivity will also help in finding better solutions to the problems. Even in the school or college project or assignment, a positive attitude will bring out better results. It will also help in keeping your mind relaxed and calm in negative situations.

Having a positive attitude will attract more people to you. You can be the leader of your group and lead people to follow a positive attitude in life. You can remove the negativities in yourself and others too. It will improve your life to a large extent. With a more positive attitude, you will get more able to solve any problem in life.

Optimism always leads to success. Positivity will give more enthusiasm to work which will result in promotions and increments. This is the reason why people with positive attitude become successful in later life.

A positive attitude will gain more friends. It is because negativity will reduce the self-confidence and you will get discouraged. People will like staying with positive people. Positivity will spread happiness and joy all around the place.

Here are the ten steps that can help you to have an effective listening: 

1.) Face the speaker and always maintain an eye contact. 

2.) Pay attention, but be relaxed. 

3.) Have an open mind and listen to them without judging them. 

4.) Carefully listen to the words and try to understand what the speaker is saying. 

5.) Never interrupt the speaker, nor impose your thinking on them. 

6.) When the speaker takes a pause only then ask a question. 

7.) Never ask things unnecessarily, only ask to have a better understanding. 

8.) Try to feel what the speaker is feeling and communicating. 

9.) Try to give simple and regular feedback to the speaker. 

10.) Focus on the non-verbal cues like facial expression and gestures.