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I) Importance of Non-Verbal Communication:

Do you know that the effectiveness of non- verbal communication 55% depends on how the audience perceives the presenter? Surely you can now understand that your body language, appearance, eye contact is more important than the matter you are communicating. To communicate effectively, you must adopt these physical cues. 

II) The need for Over-communication: 

This means communication something more than required. Whenever you are having more number of the audience, there are more chances of less effective communication. Over-communication thus helps you out in this kind of situation. 

III) Take Feedback & learn from there: 

It comes only if you don’t stop to learn. Perhaps the best way to learn is to take feedback from your audiences. Be it your senior manager, colleague, junior, or team members, feedbacks, especially the negative one, are the most constructive if you want to improve your soft skills. 

IV) Minimal use of Visual Aids: 

Much use of visual aid may divert the attention of the audience from you towards the slide/ visuals. Your body language, approach, voice modulation, appearance, and words should be the point of attraction. Not the visual traits. So if not necessary, avoid using them.


Critical writing means to clearly present with the support of evidence or reason at the end. You must have a definite reason why you accept a certain thing to accept or reject it. Let us discuss how to improve critical writing skills:







Google is the mother of information in the present times. You can get the solution to every problem from Google. All you can do is to type the statement and hit search and get the ocean of facts on Google. 

In addition to that, you can also get many sources that support your ideas, beliefs, and arguments. You can also read blogs and articles.

Winning in an argument is never easy without proper evidence or fact. You need to explain the world with concrete and perfect evidence of why you support a particular statement. It is then possible to gain respect and cooperation from employees, friends, and other people in any place.

Why do people respect critics a lot? It is because of the opposite perspective. It is important to think from the point of the opposite person. The best opinions are the ones which raise controversies. You must think why people have contrary thinking?

It is important to have a look at the viewpoints of all the people and then understand. You may get a better solution to every problem through such behavior.

Every argument is supported by good and bad evidence. You must avoid bad evidence and false points. In an argument, there is information and misinterpretation, and you must learn to see the difference between both.

If you learn to see the misinterpretation in any argument, you can avoid bad evidence and win over people who disagree with you. Knowing fallacious arguments will keep you away from manipulative persons. This will boost your critical thinking, and you can find the most relevant evidence.

The first thing you must do to support your point is to present the available data. You must find factual information about a topic as much as possible. Now again, there may be certain beliefs and things which people think opposite to that of yours. 

You must find the facts that support your arguments. Finding information and evidence will give you an idea between the fact and beliefs. You can know how people changed the truth over time with beliefs.

When you see some information or data supporting a point, you should not choose it blindly. You should find additional information about the topic you want to prove. Finding more data will give you a complete idea, and you then get the right conclusion.

Further, you can talk to friends, relatives, or other people who support your point. They have similar thinking to yours, and that will help you to come with a better idea.

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