Useful skills you can learn within 5 minutes

Useful skills you can learn within 5 minutes


Skills are your abilities to carry out specific actions with determined results. Skill is the infusion of expertise in delivering a difficult task. When you utilize your knowledge effectively and are ready to perform right away, it means you are skilled.

Mastering skills can vary anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of months. Depending on the field or the area you want to expertise, the training time differs.

Basically, you have to understand the fact that life is a journey that needs fueling by learning. Right from your birth till you grow old, at different stages of life, you get to learn a lot of incredible, new, and different skills. An investment is a skill is really worth it. You may choose to use it for yourself or preach and train others.

Listed below are a couple of such cool and useful skills that can be learned in just about a few minutes.

  1. Gaming activities.

Technology is so advanced that applications have become very user friendly. You can download many new applications and games from the web and start playing instantly, by giving a quick run-through on the instructions. Within minutes, you will also be surprised to see your name tagged in the leaderboard list.

  1. Organizing wardrobe.

You will be surprised to see various videos posted on social media with regards to laundry management, tying a tie, or even folding clothes like a t-shirt within a few seconds or less than even a minute. They really add value.

  1. Car Maintenance.

You keep washing a couple of things day in and day out, apart from your hands or body. Similarly, washing the car's outer body or the dashboard and steering, vacuuming the interior, pumping air into a flat tire are all a few minutes’ jobs. Besides, mastering to do jump start for a car battery is no pretty big a deal to do in less than a few minutes.

  1. Cooking cuisines.

Even though you may be a rare visitor to your kitchen area, you can master to make a mouthwatering hot soup, make a half-boiled omelet, prepare a delicious sandwich, cook noodles, make a fruit juice, or even prepare easy snack items of like, in just about minutes. You can find many videos and content posted on quick cook ideas. You just have to view and jump to work. You will be surprised to track your own pace.

  1. Portray a drawing.

You may not be good at arts or crafting work. You can still put down the drawing of the imagination running in your mind. You will hardly take about any time if you already have reasonably okay pencil skills. And even if you don’t, you can still portray a drawing driven by your thoughts and ideas, making it unique of its kind.

  1. Operating Fire Extinguisher.

You may not be working for a fire station, you may not have seen specialists putting down the fire. But yes, if you read the instructions written on the fire extinguisher cylinder, you will hardly take less than 4 or 5 minutes to understand carefully how to operate the same. It is just that easy to even perform on the spot.

  1. Doing CPR.

CPR is an acronym for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. A CPR can save the life of a person in case of a cardiac emergency. CPR is a medical first help given to a patient-facing difficulty in breathing or experiences pain in the heart. CPR is when you pump breaths into the mouth of the patient and/or pump the chest using your palms in an attempt to reactive the breathing function, till such time the patient is taken to the hospital.

  1. Go Viral.

In this fast-paced world, you may have adjusted yourself as per the social requirements by now. You, just like millions of others, maybe on social media on various platforms. With this kind of social networking in place, it is pretty much simple for you to share, re-share, post, or forward a piece of information to a large database of an audience in no time.

  1. Introduce yourself.

You would love to answer the most interesting question when facing an interview, that’s ‘please introduce yourself’. Answering this will hardly take you less than a few minutes unless otherwise, you don’t have a lengthy list of qualifications, and an added list of work profiles.

  1. Physical workouts.

From kids to aged people, you must understand that physical workouts like walking, running, jogging, gymming, dancing, skating, swimming, etc. are very easy to adopt in life. Depending on what fascinates you and what your body can support, you can master these skills in just about a few minutes.

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