8 Different Types of Love: according to the Ancient Greek

8 Different Types of Love: according to the Ancient Greek


Love! The most beautiful feeling in the world. Those people are fortunate who have sometimes felt this feeling.

I think Love is the only feeling that connects two people. The world is so beautiful; the main reason is Love. Love is the common thread that binds every two strangers to live together life long.

In a family with generation gaps, the difference in thoughts and habits stays together because each family member loves each other. Even you and your friends are so close, the reason is, again, Love.

So, you can imagine how Love is essential in everyone's life. Imagine the world without Love. It is scary, right. It will be like a horror movie, where everyone just hates each other, and hate is the reason for destroying everything.

Have you ever felt Love?

How was the feeling? Was it warm and fuzzy inside? Or you experience any pain and suffering due to Love. What is your opinion about Love?

Well! Love comes with multiple emotions. Love takes hardly a second too spoken out. It can take your life to be understood. Love will please you some time, and sometimes, it will take you to unbearable pain.

I have heard many times from the people in a relationship, 'Relationships are tough!' And always been unsatisfied with this experience. I don't think that relationships are hard. Instead, people make relationships hard.

I think the foundation of Love is trust and respect. If you can trust your partner, respect your partner, and your partner's choices and decisions, you would agree that relationships are not at all hard.

Relationship asks for Love, and Love demands care and understanding. When two people don't understand each other, they would surely end up with an unsuccessful relationship. And, then, people blame Love for their relationship failure.

However, many people associates love with romance and physical attraction. But it is not valid.

You can also say that Love is an addiction. Once you start to experience it, you won't be able to come out of this addiction. When you experience love, your brain releases a hormone, so you felt overwhelmed by the positive feelings and want it more and more. You can not detach the person from yourself; you are in Love with it.

I am sure you don't know that there are eight different types of Love.

However, Love is Love. You can not calculate it, you can not see it, or you can not distribute it. This feeling directly comes within you. And if the feeling is genuine, nothing can be more beautiful than this.

But, yes, there are various types of Love - love you share with your partner, love you share with your family, love you share with your friends, and so on. You can not share the same feeling with each of the people you are living with.

This is today's topic of discussion. In this batch of the sentence, I will tell you eight different types of Love, which you might unaware of. So, let's get ready to know something exciting today.

Eight Different Types of Love

Each type of Love has a different effect on us. Love is like a bouquet of multiple flowers. It gives you pleasure and calmness to our eyes, but each flower has its unique characteristics.

Ancient Greeks studied Love. And they found out the various shades of Love and named it different Greek names. Let's meet each of the types!

1) Philia- Affectionate Love

Philia is a Greek name, which means affectionate Love. This love feeling we usually share with our friends and family. You can also call it brotherly love. In this feeling, both the persons in a relationship share similar respect and value for each other.

Ancient Greeks thoughts this kind of Love much better than the eros love, as, in these feelings, two people represent themselves on the same level.

2) Eros- Romantic Love

Eros is associated with the people who see themselves in a relationship of marriage and physical connection.

Eros is the term of a Greek God of fertility and Love. Ancients were a bit fearful of this kind of Love, as, in this feeling, there is a big chance of losing control. They also believed that this kind of Love could be dangerous.

Eros includes the physical affection between two people and consists of hugging, kidding, holding hands, etc. And it is not limited here.

3) Ludus- Playful Love

What is playful Love? This kind of Love you might have shared often between very close friends or the early stages of relationships.

This kind of Love consists of playful motions, teasing, and laughter between two persons. This Love is widespread between old and new couples.

You can say this Love is infatuation. It is just like butterflies in your stomach, and the feeling of always wanting to be with the person.

4) Mania- Obsessive Love

I would say it is the most dangerous type of life, as it is obsessive. Whenever there is an obsession with something or someone, it gets more dangerous.

Mania can take someone to the feeling of jealousy, madness, and anger. And this is the primary reason for the imbalance of Eros and Ludus.

This kind of Love includes more fear. And due to worry, the person goes crazy and not in a state of understanding things. Mania should be under control always, as it can be destructive in some cases.

5) Pragma- Enduring Love

Pragma is the opposite of Eros. Pragma is an enduring love, and passion is physical Love. Eros includes passion, and pragma is a love which is matured and grown-up with an extended period.

A great example of the pragma is old married couples as they are together since teenage and still are in love and hold hands.

But, unfortunately, this kind of love is rare to find nowadays. People are more likely to Eros in the present situation.

6) Storge- Familiar Love

Storge is a Greek name, which means familiar love. I know it is strange to hear.

I would say storge is more likely to philia. In this kind of Love, the feeling shared is just like the feelings between two friends.

Storge is a profoundly emotional connection. You can say it is Love like a parent and a child shares. Unlike in Eros, there is no physical attraction, but yes, storge has a kinship, strong bond, and familiarities.

7) Philautia- Self Love

In a simple language, you can define philautia as a selfish love. The self-obsessed person or in Love with the self is prevalent now a day. But, the Greek ancients do not mean self-love negatively.

They express self-love with a positive intention. They said everyone must be in Love with the self. Everyone should be able to give and take love. You can not share things that you don't have. So, when you don't love yourself, you can not give love to anyone.

8) Agape- Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is nothing but selfless Love. A love where you don't expect anything in place of your given Love.

I would say agape as true love. And the real definition of love is explained by unconditional love.

But, this kind of love is also rare to find nowadays. Some people would define agape as spiritual love.

Love Languages

We all know the typical two types of languages, viz., verbal and nonverbal language. But love has its own language. Your actions will speak many things about your feeling for anyone. Have a look;

1) Receiving gifts

Some people can value their gifts, and some don't even care about them. So, if you consider the love by the gifts given by your partner, then your love language is receiving gifts.

2) Quality time

If you measure your love based on how much time you and your partner have to spend together, your love language is quality time.

3) Words of affirmation

Some people are very used to listening to ‘I Love You’ or any other flattering compliment from their partners. If they don't receive it, they feel unloved.

4) Acts of service

Act of service will include cleaning someone's house, giving a back rub, or changing someone's oil, which ultimately means helping someone.

5) Physical touch

Some people measure their love with the physical contact of their partner.

Love languages speak more than you talk to your partner. So, you can say, love language plays an essential role in the relationship. If both of you can share the same love language, it can keep your relationship healthy, and, if it differs, it can be harmful to your relationship.

Instead, if you or your partner can understand the love language, it is not essential to share the same language to keep your relationship healthy.

I think, today, you have got the information about a fascinating factor. You share this feeling daily with many people in your life. So, I hope it will help you a lot.

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    Today I am going to talk about LOVE!
    A feeling which is amazing and great that can not be defined in words. But I will surely try my hard to describe it.

    So let us begin!

    What is love? We often get confused about the relationship and love. We feel that I am in a relationship with someone, so I love him too. This is not necessary.

    So what is real love? If I can see myself in you and see you inside me, then we will call it true love!

    For this, you do not have to be in a relationship. Where it comes, at that time, your love does not remain love; it becomes just a relationship. It is not necessary that you also have a relationship with the person you truly love.

    Or it is not necessary that you should also love someone with whom you have a relationship. So today, we will see what true love is!

    ‌⭕ WHAT IS LOVE?

    Love is a feeling of fulfillment, an unconditional feeling for someone or something.
    Nature can not exist without love!

    Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. -The Dalai Lama


    How many types of love are there?
    What kind of love?
    What are the different types of love?
    According to Greek ancient, there are a total of eight types of love that exist in the world or say nature of a human being.
    1. Agape — Unconditional Love
    2. Eros — Romanic Love
    3. Philia — Affectionate Love
    4. Philautia — Self-love
    5. Storge — Familiar Love
    6. Pragma — Enduring Love
    7. Ludus — Playful Love
    8. Mania — Obsessive Love

    Let us read this in brief.

    1. Agape — Unconditional Love

    This type of love is selfless and sacrificing love. Very few people can feel this kind of love for others. This love thinks for other's happiness first. It is of spiritual type. This is unconditional love. Some believe that Jesus has this love for the world.

    2. Eros — Romanic Love

    This type of love is generally associated with passion and physical connection. This love is very powerful but usually does not last long. This is romantic love. You may experience this love with your romantic partner, passionate love. Here you may also experience a loss of control sometimes.

    3. Philia — Affectionate Love

    This is a type of love that you feel for your friends. This love is considered the purest by many people. Here two partners are considered equal.

    4. Philautia — Self-love

    This is the kind of love that you have for yourself. People may call you selfish and narcissistic but never focus on them. Because you can not achieve your goal unless you love yourself and understand the importance of your own existence.

    5. Storge — Familiar Love

    This is the love you share with your family. It has a strong bond with one whom you are in love with.
    Mother and child have this love.

    6. Pragma — Enduring Love

    This love develops along with maturity. You may see this love in the old-aged couple who are together for so long. They do not require much effort to keep on their relationship, and there exists a different understanding!

    7. Ludus — Playful Love

    This playful love is the one that makes you feel and react strangely. This you may notice at the starting of your love! As they say, " butterflies in the stomach."

    8. Mania — Obsessive Love

    This is an obsession you have for others, not necessarily a person. It may be any non-living thing too.
    This will end up in jealousy and difficulty in a relationship.


    Having a feeling of winning someone is lust. Expecting your person to change in the way you want is not love at all.
    If your partner asks you to change anything about you, then, believe me, this is a desire, not love.

    Love is the absence of judgment. -Dalai Lama


    1. Overthinking

    You continuously think about the same person.

    2. Imagination

    Always imaging about the situation where you can meet him or her.

    3. Being happy

    You always feel delighted. Full of joy and happiness.


    What is true love for you? Does it really exist? Having merely good compatibility and understanding is not love. This is a partnership, in my sense.

    Loyalty, understanding, honesty, and many more are required for a good relationship but not for love. If you are in love with someone, then you never worry about what he or she feels for you; yes, that is true that you may expect the same from her or him.

    If at all the person you love the most is unable to fulfill your expectations, will this stop you from loving them? If yes, they my friend, it is love! Because if you are in love, you just can not stop it!

    Let us again discuss a situation.
    There was a middle-class boy who was just completing his degree. He had no job, but there was a girl whom he loved very much, love that has no limit. The girl was equally in love with him. But because he did not have a job, she always used to taunt her that you do not have money, you cannot give me branded clothes, you cannot give me branded cars, and so on.

    One day the wedding proposal for that girl came from a very rich family. That boy, who was supposed to marry her, was also the owner of a company.

    That middle-class guy was very shocked to know all this. The biggest shock was that the girl had said yes to marriage. Now the girl left his life. But did that end his love for the girl? No! Not at all! He still loves her as much as he was today.
    So, this is true that you never expect the same from others.

    True love cannot be found where it does not exist, nor can it be denied where it does. -Torquato Tasso

    If you want to see true love, then observe this nature; you will definitely find one!

    1. Your parents

    This is the best example for all of us of true love. Our parents fight, shout at one another but never leave their love!

    2. Mom and child

    This is the most selfless love you can ever see. A mother starts loving the child even before his or her birth. This is beautiful, isn't it?

    3. A bird in the nest

    Have you seen them? The Bird brings small grain in her beaks and tries to feed her children. Even this is love.
    You can see this in friendship love too!

    This nature is to fill with love! The only thing is that do you have eyes to catch them? Try to find it out and start to enjoy your life!

    True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked. -Erich Segal


    Types of love psychology. There are many which can not be discussed at a point. Love creates a sense of wellness in your mind, which makes you feel happy. And if you are happy then you can give your more than a hundred percent in your work too.


    There is no exact way of expressing it. Sometimes it can be done with merely a gesture, and at a time, even your words are not enough to express your love!

    1. Gesture
    2. Saying I Love You
    3. Always be there with your partner
    4. Give gifts


    What are the different types of love languages?

    1. Words of Affirmation

    Simple I love you may changes one's days or mood.

    2. Acts of Service

    Help your loved ones by simply doing their work. You may help them in the kitchen, and you may make a cup of coffee, etc.

    3. Receiving Gifts

    This is the most important. For gifts, you do not require expensive ones. Even a red rose may do your work.

    4. Quality Time

    Okay, this is not something to tell. I am sure you all know this. Spare some time from your busy schedule for your beloved ones.

    5. Physical Touch


    I guess it does not require any explanation. It can be understood by the following quote.

    Love is not a product of reasonings and statistics. It just comes-none knows whence-and cannot explain itself. - -Mark Twain

    Love keeps you feel full and happy!

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