The Benefits of Starting a Tutoring Blog

The Benefits of Starting a Tutoring Blog


With the unprecedented technological advancement, tutoring or teaching is not confined to the classroom or one place. Tutoring has become an international phenomenon nowadays mainly due to the internet. Now students need not go out of the home to study or any other sort of assistance for their studies.

By sitting in the comfort of their homes, they can be in touch with many professional and capable tutors who can help them with their studies.

Wider Readership:

Blog writing has thus proved to be a blessing for educators, academicians, and tutors who can write unique and educative content for the benefit of thousands of students situated in different parts of the world.

The benefits of starting a tutoring blog are innumerable and many. You may have come out of the box ideas but how far can they reach if as a tutor you remain confined to one particular area or region.

Blogging will enable you to spread your ideas on variegated topics to far-off places and foreign lands. You will be having readers belonging to different countries and cultures.

Tutoring blog can provide you a much-needed platform that will trigger your growth as an educator and make you reach all across the world if you have something new and interesting to teach.

Blogging is a Cheap Affair:

Maintaining a tutoring blog does not require lots of money but the commitment and good writing skills. You must have great ideas to share so that you get noticed by the readers. The content you write on your blog has to be grammatically correct and unique so that readers keep visiting your tutoring blogs again and again.

If your tutoring blogs are not interesting enough to captivate the readers, you will have a hard time prospering as a blogger. Make sure you revise your write-ups as many times as possible before uploading them as posts in the final form.

Make sure that you set a schedule for posting your blogs. Readers will have an interest in your blogs only if you keep coming up with something new and engaging to keep alive the interest of your readers.

Own and Control your Write-ups:

Tutoring blog provides you with a platform that belongs to you. You can incorporate all your writings in your blog and readers living in different parts of the world will be able to read. This way your writings will be internationally recognized. This is indeed a major benefit of going in for a tutoring blog. The best way for you is to choose a user-friendly platform like which allows you to manage your posts as per your needs.

You can see your growth as a teacher with the passage of time. Tutoring blogs allow you to see how many visitors went through your posts and which of your posts received maximum visits. This works as an encouragement to write error-free and high-quality posts for your tutoring blog.

Enhanced Teaching Skills:

Tutoring blogs can help you enhance your skills as a teacher and educator. You may be excellent in classroom teaching, but a tutoring blog requires you to enhance your teaching skills so that you can attract students from all over the world.

You must aim at understanding the needs of the students and readers you will meet through your blog. You must cater to what they want from you as a teacher and educator. You can have countless visitors as students on your blog if you are capable of explaining complicated things in an easy and comprehensible language.

A teacher must be efficient enough to adjust himself as per the requirement of his students. Your posts should be for both the professional and the ordinary readers.

Enhanced Creativity and Thinking:

By contributing to tutoring blogs on a regular basis, you can boost and enhance your creative faculty and be thinking prowess. Blogging requires you to write down your inmost thoughts and ideas which boost your creativity and thinking. The vague ideas can be translated into words by earnest reflection. You become skilled at developing an idea into a long passage by virtue of your commitment to delivering brilliant write-ups.

Network Building:

Tutoring Blogs will enable you to make a chain of teachers and students who can communicate and share their ideas on diverse topics which further enlightens them about the ideas being discussed.

You can share your ideas on a particular topic with different people, and it is the interaction with them that brings you face to face with their thoughts and ideas. Feedback given by the readers will boost your confidence and provide the much-needed spark for self-improvement.

Tutors get a chance to make themselves heard all over the world by writing what they feel and by thinking about a particular issue. Your ideas can certainly make a change only if you succeed in building a team or network of students and teachers hailing from different countries and cultures.

How to Make a Tutoring Blog Post?

You must know how to create and design your tutoring blog. It is the content that matters and however attractive the design of the blog may be, you cannot impress others without quality and unique content written in an impressive and persuasive style.

The best site for you to create your tutoring blog is as it offers a number of handy features that are user-friendly and easy to use. Both teachers and students can easily handle this platform for the furtherance of their motif of the exchange of knowledge. It allows you to manage your blog as per your requirement and needs.

Always keep in mind that you must write about something you are fully aware of with all its pros and cons. If you just go on writing haphazardly without prior thinking, the readers will start doubting your credibility as a tutor and will stop visiting your blogs.

Platforms like Queryfloor offers you the convenience of managing your content as per your requirement. You can not only export your content but also get to know how many visitors went through your posts.

Before you start writing, do visit a few tutoring blogs on Queryfloor to acquaint yourself with its variegated features which will certainly keep you interested.

So take the initiative and get yourself registered in Queryfloor by signing up and create a blog title that showcases what you may be writing about.

You can follow the format given below to write an impressive blog:

1. Create an out of the box headline and start by startling your readers.

2. Make use of persuasive words written in grammatically correct sentences.

3. Insert bullet points for a greater effect on the readers.

4. Use catchy subheads to sustain the interest of your audience.

5. Put down the content with conviction and persuasion.

6. Select such images as are engaging and relate to your topic.

7. End your write up in an authentic and open-ended manner.

What Makes a Successful Tutor:

A successful tutor is one who adapts himself to the changes taking place in society. A tutor has to keep working towards acquiring more and more knowledge for his growth as an educator. A tutor has to go beyond the classroom teaching and explore online teaching through tutoring blogs to establish himself as a successful tutor.

While maintaining your tutoring blog, you should write on different topics in a clear and impressive style by using simple language. Tutoring blogs are meant for students, therefore what you write here must be simple and easy to understand. Never make the mistake of showing off your learning and command over pompous language as that will only do more harm than good. Place yourself in the position of your students and understand what goes through their minds. By keeping in mind the mental level of your students, you should write content for your blog.

As a good tutor, you can turn your blog into a place for a serious discussion about different topics. You should answer the queries in the form of comments of your students and welcome criticism as a chance to remove the shortcomings of your blog. Your success as a tutor depends upon how you encourage your students to participate in the open-ended discussions to assess their understanding.

A successful tutor keeps in mind his target readers and their needs. His style of writing changes as per the mental level of his audience. One must keep in mind the taste of the readers and then write the posts for your tutoring blog. Don't give vent to your whims in the posts as that will affect your career adversely in the long run. Make sure that you write keeping in mind the taste of your students.

The content of the blog is what matters the most in establishing you as a successful tutor. Always write about the topics or subjects on which you can write with expertise and confidence. If you keep on writing without having the proper knowledge of the subject, your reputation as a blogger or educator will be adversely affected.

For example, if you teach English, your blogs may contain the interpretations of the poems you have been teaching in the class as these are the topics on which you can write accurately. An ideal teaching blog has to be about 1500 words long. This way you can help to improve your reputation as an online tutor and blogger.

A teacher who is accessible and approachable is loved by his students. Even while blogging, a tutor has to be available to answer the queries of his students.

A successful teacher always works towards self-development. He keeps himself abreast of the latest innovations and technologies that may help him with the task of tutoring. His success largely depends upon his willingness to keep pace with the changing times.

The above-quoted prerequisites are indispensable to succeed as an educator and teacher.

Start Your Teaching Blog: Resources, Advice, and Example:

New and innovative teaching tools and methods have evolved to make education a revolution in the present era. Blogging has emerged as an increasingly used tool for the dissemination of knowledge and learning. Its potential to bring the whole world together has been duly recognized and acknowledged. Tutoring blogs have proved to be a blessing for both the students and tutors. Both have benefited immensely from blogging.

Major Decisions Before You Start Your Tutoring Blog:

Writing blogs with a view to educating others can be a great experience if done with devotion and commitment. If you want to make your blogging experience a pleasing one, you need to keep in mind the following points in the very beginning:

Who are You Writing For?

The first and foremost point to be kept in mind is the target audience. Keep in mind the audience for whom you are writing your blogs. You need to ask yourself who your readers will be. Will they be teachers or the parents of your students or your students or any other person who might be interested in the topic? Considering the taste of your audience, you should write your blog posts in an informal and conversational style to strike a chord with the readers. The readers should identify themselves with your thoughts which will help you a lot in the long run.

The Title of the Blog:

Deciding the title or name of the blog is an even more tricky or daunting task. You need to have a fresh and unique title for your tutoring blog, or else you will find it difficult to get prospective students. If you want your blog to be read by readers belonging to other countries, you should select a title with a more general appeal that is expressive of the subject itself.

The Content of the Blog:

The content of the blog is of utmost importance in establishing your name and fame as a blogger. The content of your posts has to be comprehensible, well-written, and easy to understand. Be careful enough to choose the topics for your posts as they have to be as per the liking of the audience. Besides, your blogs must be thought-provoking and open-ended so that there is scope for more discussion and interpretations. You must welcome the ideas of the people who visit your blogs and who may disagree with your views. A patient attitude will help you go a long way in your tutoring blogs.

Contribute Periodically or Regularly to your Tutoring Blog?

Your tutoring blogs will witness the maximum number of visits and shares if you write good quality content and keep your blog updated either periodically or on a day-to-day basis. It will be worthwhile to keep a sort of calendar or chart for when to write.

Keep a Watch on the Visits to Your Posts:

Most blogging platforms allow you to keep track of how many readers have gone through each of your posts. You can even know how they have found your writings by the comments given by them in the comments section. Not only can you know about their place of living but also about whether any of your posts have been shared by the readers or not. This way you will come to know which of your posts are most popular. You can increase the number of visitors to your tutoring blog by writing the kind of posts which received the most likes or shares from the readers. This way you can improve the quality of your posts.

Promote your blog:

If you want your tutoring blog to be visited by students from far and wide, make sure that your blog receives the maximum visits. You can achieve this feat by contributing great write-ups to your blog which get an appreciation for their originality and freshness. You can also request others to read your posts. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your posts which will gradually establish you as an educator and blogger.

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