Factors to consider choosing the correct tuition provider

Factors to consider choosing the correct tuition provider


Queryfloor as a tutor matching service provider is a much practical approach for parents who desire to provide sound education to their children. To begin with, tuition is effective for all types of learners. Fast learners get the additional boost needed to sustain their interests in studies, while slow learners obtain the help they need to improve their academics. While tuition may be costly, as it is an additional expense for education on top of the regular spending for school, its long-term benefits far outweigh the cost.

Finding a tutor

Finding the correct tuition provider is not an easy job. There are a lot of factors that parents should consider before making a final decision regarding their choice of a tuition provider. Some important factors are mentioned below, which parents should take into consideration while looking for the correct tutors for their child.

Queryfloor is one such marketplace where freelancers and independent tutors join to provide their services. Not only this, you get tutors and institutes listing service. Opting for their services ensures that your child receives the most comprehensive possible instruction that will help them to achieve excellent academic performance.

Teaching Methods and Strategies:

Before going to look for the correct tutor, the first step as a parent you should do is to inquire about the center’s teaching method and strategies. Are they going to make use of innovative approaches for the presentation of materials and content that your child finds difficult to comprehend as presented in schools? Are they creative enough to customize the presentation of lessons, concepts, and ideas in a way that will grab your child is attention? As a parent, you have to remember that you are looking for tutors that can help your child with his / her difficulties in school. It means that the teaching strategies they use should be interesting otherwise, you run the risk of making your child bored and not interested in learning at all.

Transparency in Policies and Procedures:

While looking for tutors, one must look at the educational qualification of the teachers and their expertise in a particular subject. This will give parents a better idea and judgment to choose the tutors that would be a good match for their child. Apart from that, the hourly rate of the tutors must also be known earlier. Queryfloor maintains good transparency and is very clear and of its terms and conditions.

Tuition for only those subjects in which the child is weak:

Usually, the child is weak in only one or two subjects. In this case, the parents should hire teachers for only those subjects in which their child is weak. Queryfloor helps the students to understand the subjects inexpensively.

Whether your child is a little behind in that physics class or needs some extra focus on his grammar, opting for a tuition provider is a great option when it comes to accelerating the learning of your child. High school and college years are the peak time of a student's academic life, and your child cannot afford to be left behind in this fierce competition.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a tuition provider in order to keep your child at par with the current study scenario. You will definitely witness a significant improvement in his skills provided, and you choose the right tutor. Let us take a look at the most important factors to consider while making the crucial choice. After all, your child's career is at stake.

The question to ask a tutor on an interview:

Since the decision of hiring a tuition provider directly affects your child's career, you need to be extra cautious during the procedure. Here are some things you should ask for.

1. Specialty

Every tutor has a different specialty. Some are focused on building the self-confidence of a student along with studies, whereas some are completely devoted to finding new methodologies to tech. They approach different areas of your child's personality development in their own unique ways.

Don't forget to ask your tutor about his specialty. This will help you come to a positive conclusion when you are trying a match a tutor according to your child's requirements.

2. Familiarity With The Examination Board

It is important that your tutor follows the same board as that of your child's school. The syllabus of each board is available online. If you manage to find a real knowledgeable tutor for your child but he is unfamiliar with the board followed by the school, he can familiarize himself with the curriculum available online.

3. Previous Testimonials

One of the best ways to find out about how the tutor can benefit your child is by taking a look at the reviews given to him by previous clients and students. If many students have been benefitted from this tutor in the past, it can be considered safe to take a step further.

4. Tutoring experience

For school teaching, the more the experience of a tutor, the better it is. Experienced teachers have learned a lot in many years of their teaching career. They know how to tackle academic issues and raise your child's confidence more than anybody else.

However, don't base your judgment solely on the experience. There are some inexperienced tutors out there with outstanding teaching skills. For instance, consider a tutor who has just passed out of college. For a degree level course, such a tutor would be more helpful as he is familiar with the latest trends.

5. Tutor Qualifications

It is necessary to examine the tutor's qualifications in detail in order to test his core knowledge of a subject. Higher qualification is a plus in case the tutor is being hired for teaching a college student. On the other hand, for a school student, a combination of basic qualifications and in-depth knowledge would suffice.

Scrutinizing The Teaching Methodology:

One of the most important aspects of a child's learning is the methodology used by the teachers to explain the basic concepts. Be it a school or a college teacher or a private tuition provider, and he should customize his method of teaching according to the student's level of understanding, progress, and capabilities.

While looking for tuition services, it is important to take into account the methodology used by the tutor to impart knowledge to the student in order to make sure that your child is going on the right track.

1. Arrangement of Resources

It is important to know whether the tutor will provide the study material or the parents have to make books, resources, etc., available. Some of the tutors offer their own study materials such as a print out of notes and frequently asked exam questions and include the costs in their fee. If they do not, take into account how much it will cost you to arrange the study material combined with the tutor's fee.

2. Duration Of The Lessons

Make sure that you ask your teacher for the duration of each lesson. Your child has to study multiple subjects, and it is necessary to divide time accordingly. In case the same tutor is teaching multiple subjects, it is better to know the duration of the teaching of each subject in advance.

Don't forget to include breaks between study sessions. No matter what your child's age is, there is an attention span which when crossed, leads to monotony. Talk to your tutor about giving breaks for snacks and refreshments. Half an hour to one-hour study sessions is sufficient. This way, the student's concentration is not diverted, and the attention is not lost.

3. Engagement During The Lesson

One of the best ways of learning is an interactive session. If a teacher knows how to engage with the student in between lessons, he can track the child's progress and make the study session more interesting. A good tutor will quickly grasp how to maintain proper engagement during lessons so as to make study time a fun time!

Some tutors also use visual aids or handmade models to stimulate the student's interest and curiosity. Such methods not only break the monotony of study hours but also help students to retain important concepts in their minds for a longer duration as compared to traditional teaching methods.

Tracking The Progress:

In order to test out both the effectiveness of the teaching method adopted by the tutor and the understanding level of the student, frequent assessments should be carried out. They also give an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of a student and in what areas some extra effort is required.

1. Tutor feedback

Different tutors give their feedback regarding the student in different ways. Some give out written reports or even email the parents, whereas some prefer speaking to the parents directly about the progress of the student. Talk to your tutor about what works the best for you. Also, discuss the frequency of feedbacks or meetings.

2. Tutor availability

Ask your tutor whether the student or the parents can contact him regarding any doubts outside the teaching hours. Some of them are only part-time tutors and have other jobs too.

3. Method Of Assessment

Ask your tutor how they assess the performance of the student. Different tuition providers opt for different methods. Some prefer written tests, whereas others think that frequent question-answer sessions would do the trick. Some use a combination of discussions, quizzes, and written mock tests. Since every student responds differently to various methodologies, it is better the tutor adapts to a way that benefits your child the most.

4. Homework help

It is important for a tutor to keep track of the student's school homework so that he can give his own work according to that. This way, the student will not get overwhelmed and will have plenty of time for self-study.

5. Help With School Assignments

School assignments seem like a big enough burden for your child. If the tutor is willing to help out the student with such assignments, it is definitely an added advantage. In addition to the study sessions, it is a good idea to allot a portion of the teaching time to aid your child in school assignments so that he is not left behind in class.

Duration Of The Tutoring Relationship:

When you are interviewing the tutor, make sure that you are clear on the duration of the tutoring. Some parents are looking for a full-time tutor who is willing to take complete responsibility for their child's academics. They want him to be there to assist with various school assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, etc., while the parents sit back and relax. Not to mention, these kinds of services cost a lot.

On the other hand, there are some parents who just want the tutor to strengthen the basic concepts of the student and guide them through the rest. Sometimes, the students just need some help with a few topics before the exam. A part-time tutor would suffice in such conditions.

Some Additional Tips:

1. Talk To Your Child

Most of the students seem to think that if their parents are hiring a tutor, their children are weak in their studies. It is your job as a parent to make them realize that a tutor is meant for polishing the skills of a child and to assist the child.

2. In Case Of a Learning Disability

Students suffering from learning disabilities need special attention. In this case, get a tutor who is known to have specialized in dealing with students with disabilities.

3. Support

Provide a supportive environment for your child as well as the tutor to enhance the study sessions.

Finding a good tutor does not mean it is the end of responsibility for parents. The best thing to do is to build a good relationship between the tutor, child, and the parents and collaborate to help the student excel. While parents vary in their reasons for availing tutors for their child, they must see to it that the factors discussed above are considered before hiring a tutor.

It is necessary that you choose the best tutors for your child. There is so much to be gained from availing the services of a good tutor. Queryfloor can help you achieve this easily and inexpensively.

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