Top self-help blogs to inspire your personal growth

Top self-help blogs to inspire your personal growth


1. Learn from Blogs

LFB blog is more than just a couple of self-development blog posts and opinions because they let you grasp, learn, and grow in life. It offers a commendable knowledge sharing platform that readers that quickly embrace and put things to practice. You add meaning to your life by associating with the LFB blog.


● Shares acts of kindness ideas that you could follow to succeed in life

● Helps you cultivate acts of gratitude for your own self and people around too

● Suggests ideas to improve your routine habits and tuning them for your betterment

● Explains you the why and how to create, face, and handle the challenges in life

● Enhances levels of your mental state of mind along with rebalancing your body, and soul

2. Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is one of the world-famous authors and speakers on personality development and self-help mastery. On his self-help blog, he shares the uncommon insights of tasks that help you give your best.


● Resources are made available for personal excellence.

● Cultivating skills needed for being a world-class leader

● Improving your creativity and productivity

● Crafting a life that can set a trend

● Being a high performer in life

3. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

This site answers almost all of your questions pertaining to self-help, with exclusive science-backed theories. It also throws an insight into personal development blogs that lay the path for you that is just awesome as never before.


● You get to learn the secrets to be your best self, by still being lazy in life.

● Talks about the rituals that you need to practice to ensure being embraced by happiness all along

● Things that you ought to do day in and day out

● Talks about the secrets to grow mentally fit and sustain the same for a lifetime, despite come what may

● Helps you sustain emotional balance and still drive towards the call for inner peace

4. Thrive Global

The blog works towards helping you understand the priority aspect of your well-being, against all the odds. It helps to burst out the stress and factors causing it, offering you science-based solutions to enhance your lifestyle.


● Guides you with healthy living habits.

● Trains you on the micro-steps that you need to follow through in challenging times.

● Presents self improvement articles by way of its inspirational and real-time stories

● Helps you with techniques to overcome anxiety and stress, above all, uncertainty too.

● Presents statistics, data, stories covering the entire gamut of a lifetime journey and ways to handle the normal situations and beyond as well

5. Purpose Fairy

The blog's primary mission is to inspire people and train them ways to empower them to achieve the desired goal. They percolate personal growth articles that help you nourish your body from within, nurture your mind and soul to become everything in life you want.


● Train you how to execute deep breathing exercises to instantly calm down your state of mind

● Help you clear the clutter stagnated in your thought process.

● Tour you towards fulfilling life by spending time with nature

● Tell you how to establish a strong and perfect daily routine.

● Bring to light life-changing lessons worth cultivating to become a better person, thereby leading a much meaningful and fulfilling life.

6. Personal Excellence

This is an incredible personal development blog that guides you towards success. It helps you enjoy the pinnacle of your highest potential in life. The team strives to domesticate the art of how to be and how to live the best in life.


● They help you groom the way you present yourself, verbally, and by gestures.

● They take you through the journey of life, confining to the worldly aspects though

● Train you as to how you can establish robust relationships in life

● Teach you time management and stress management skills

● Showcase the mastery of gratitude towards self and others

7. Success Consciousness

This blog is from the hands of Remez Sasson, who is in the continuous curve of improving your life and helping you achieve your dreams. His personal development blog posts the requisite skills and tools needed to create success and prosperity in life, sustain a positive attitude, and inner peace.


● Helps you tackle with stress, both at the workplace and at personal space

● Highlights the reasons for self-improvement and ways to work them out

● Tells you how to be happy all the time and acting with positivity at heart

● Promotes ways in which you can bring in home wealth piped through success

● Helps you understand life from a positive perspective and highlights moments worth celebrating each day

8. The Positivity Blog

This self help blog is baggage of posts that tours you through a happier life. It is a resource of the abundance of ways in which you can improve your self-esteem and confidence. Thereby, you become more productive and sociable by acts of simplicity and positivity.


● Tells you how to be happy in life and doing what makes you feel so

● You learn ways to motivate yourself and mark an end to the laziness in you.

● Tells you how to cross the odds and uncertainties and move on in life

● Curbs the inferiority complex in you and guides you on how to deal with disappointments

● Highlights ways to stay positive and also make others happy by overcoming frustrations

9. Planet of Success

By exploring this blog, you can kick start your life and structure it the way you want, by understanding the underlying secrets of success. You grow as a person and begin to live life the fullest by adopting the resources placed and made available for you in this personal development blog.


● You learn how to get lost into the seamless nature unleashing the inner you.

● You get to know about how to be happy with every incident that passes by you.

● You take a step forward in designing not just your life, but also your loved ones.

● You lean towards the law of love and overcoming the struggle that comes packed with it.

● You burst out the laughter from within and spend time chatting with your solitude.

10. The Emotion Machine

This self development blog is the effort of Steven Handel, who has been adding flavors to life by his blogs. The blog also talks about being rich at heart and true to yourself. Therefore, you improve not just your personality in general, but also the ethics and beliefs you cultivated thus far.


● Aids you in how to break your monotonous routine and thereby breaking free from life

● Helps you understand the logic behind your habits, tuning you towards self-fulfilling

● Shifts your mundane perspective by being the change you wanted to see yourself in life

● Tunes you towards aspects that align you in the direction of happiness.

● Nurtures you by calming down your senses and handling pain in general

11. Marc and Angel Hack Life

This space provides you with personal development blogs portraying original articles on productivity, positive living, health, happiness, inspiration apart from life hacks.


● Knowing how to start afresh after a failure

● Understanding how to embrace change for better

● Learning the steps to flip your embarrassments

● Handling relationships better and in a healthy way

● Examining facts and offering gratitude for overall well-being

12. Mind Body Green

This blog is exclusive for the audience who embraces happiness, understanding the underlying fact that happiness directly correlates to your routine habits in life. You get to read many self improvement articles and reap joy by choosing the right kind of diet and workout, which is portrayed here.


● Helps you connect your soul to science-based facts

● Guides you with the primary food habits most essential to balance your thoughts with actions.

● Grooms your immune system and throws light on nutritional facts

● Tells you how to stay fit and healthy – outside and inside

● Trains you to add flavors of variety in your mundane tasks

13. Personal Development

The exhibits here are more about mastering skills portrayed over personal growth articles, health, and hygiene in life. It also lays emphasis on how to elevate your levels of knowledge in a way to face success using original no-cost resources.


● Guides you on the rejuvenating fact of traveling and gaining experiences.

● Tells you why and how to learn something new each day

● Promotes specializing in stress and anger busting programs

● Helps you understand your priorities and how to go about them

● Offers tips to enhance your mental ability and levels of emotional intelligence

14. Sources of Insight

As the name states, this is a self development blog whose posts give you an insight into your own self. They help you handle matters related to your emotions, gestures, finances, and relationships too. You become more sociable and interactive, joining their search for bringing out the better and the best.


● Helps you think and act differently, think big and out of the box too

● Probes your inner self and brings you alive in your focus areas

● Tell you how to be strong and tough and still giving your best

● Guides you with areas of showcasing your potential by holding on to your beliefs.

● Let you be a better listener than before and stronger than ever.

15. Productivityist

The blog's primary motto is to help you stop ‘doing’ productive and start ‘being’ productive. A self-help blog helps you generate more efficiency levels and empower you to move on to the next level in life.


● Help you understand why and how to handle every single moment, narrowing down to your focus and strength, of course.

● Guide you with the steps to be taken to be more productive

● Let you carefully examine facts and respond in a meaningful manner.

● Assist you as to how to maintain a work-life equilibrium

● Tell you the importance of goals in life and how to travel on that path.

16. Live Bold and Bloom

This is a self-improvement blog delivered from the able hands of Barrie Davenport. She is not just a certified coach, but also a published author and a personal growth article writer and seeker too. Through this blog, she extends a helping hand to those who aspire to grow in life.


● Helps you in maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships

● Guides you on How, when, and why to say a polite ‘no.’

● Provides tips to stop feeling sorry for yourself

● Elaborates on the various personality types and help you choose the best basis for your beliefs and values in life

● Suggests you how to stop overthinking and worrying, thereby letting you grow

17. Unfinished Success

The blog's mission is to help you reach your full potential by improving yourself day after day. This personal development blog also guides you in helping yourself by understanding the grey areas and transiting them for betterment.


● Shares tips on mindfulness and how to better yourself today

● Let you switch your negative vibes into positive thinking.

● Inspire you by mirroring the best in you that actually helps you grow constantly

● Provides tools that you need to succeed in almost all walks of your life

● Offers you with an ultimate guide to executing meditation day in and day out, guaranteeing your betterment

18. Your DOST

This personal development blog is loaded with articles of self-improvement and self-esteem. They motivate you to develop your overall personality. They also offer a wide range of choices of tips that you could choose being a kind, a teenager, or an adult.


● Provide you tips to erase the identity crisis running in your mind

● Offer tips to handle unforeseen and unfavorable circumstances.

● Let you get rid of your inferiority and depression, making you feel good and better.

● Suggest you how to maintain social relationships

● Cultivate habits of positivity and regain acts of self-discipline

19. Steve Pavlina

This is a world-renowned self help blog with posts rich in personality development. The blog also targets to help its stakeholders drive towards the path of success. The work contributed here is coupled with ways to improve yourself and add meaning to your life.


● Guide you to engage conversations with your inner self

● Helps you with the first few steps that you ought to take to succeed in life

● Let you know your strengths and weaknesses and how to groom them for the betterment.

● Suggests approaches to building relationships and buying healthy conversations

● Helps you in handling cross-talks and play your best spicing up with positivity at heart

20. The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project is in original a book, which later came over on this self development blog. It talks about testing your happiness and employing tools for personal development. The blog also enlists setting positivity and rerouting them towards happiness in everyday life.


● Shows you the path to improving life towards happiness

● Encourages you to talk to your inner self and interact regarding your habits

● Gives ideas on simple life hacks that are worth reaping productivity in life

● Reveals secrets on how to present your best self and lead a healthy life

● Transforms and declutters your worries and paves the way for an organized room filled with joy and serenity

21. See Through Hearts

This blog reroutes you towards the path of spirituality. The posts made awaken the soft skills in you, directing you towards success. They motivate you through their self improvement articles that incline you more towards your heart and inner feelings than being carried away by negative vibes running around.


● They drive you to be determined to deliver your best by staying motivated.

● Help you understand that medication isn’t the end to everything and that they guide you on how to be mentally strong.

● Teach you to control your anxieties and worry, causing thoughts

● Guide you to be sociable in nature and not falling for praises or curses

● Motivate you towards acts of gratitude, towards self and others

22. Early to Rise

This blog encourages personal growth articles that drive your passion for leading a richer and fuller life. They also help you elevate your productiveness, balanced life with work, despite showering dedication. They assist you in enhancing your financials too.


● Guides you on switching from hard work to smart work.

● Helps you increase your productivity by showcasing your potential

● Refines your strengths and capabilities, tuning up your monetary aspect

● Suggests ways to reap peace of mind by delivering your best

● Percolates ways of self-mastery, clarity of thought, and self-discipline, yielding joy

23. Abundance Tapestry

This blog is from Evelyn Lim’s portal. You can access articles ranging from self help blogs to self-love on this portal. The blog is also related to abundance and mental focus, letting you do what you want to do, in the best possible way.


● You will get to know the secrets of transforming your life from nowhere to somewhere.

● Help you grow mentally and spiritually, thereby driving you to the path of peace.

● Teach you how to let go of your worries and replace them with positivity

● Help you overcome fears and rejections.

● Train you on prioritizing your tasks and working with a systematic plan in place

24. Arts Awareness Expressions

This self development blog helps you open up new possibilities in life. It talks about how to value reflective thinking and deep cleansing from within. It also assists you in looking at life from a different and uncommon perspective.


● You learn the pros and cons of being a perfectionist.

● Tells you how to kick start a new idea and deliver a job better at least cost

● Trains regarding skills of learning life in-depth

● You sooner build effective relations with acquaintances as well as strangers.

● Teaches you how to move on in life despite facing unfavorable situations

25. Develop Good Habits

This blog drives you towards choosing between good and bad. It nurtures good habits in you and helps you build a great life. You will begin to think positively and approach with a healthy mindset. You offer chances for personal growth and over this self help blog.


● Offers you with a range of choices for your morning routine

● Helps you learn something new each day

● Guides you how to adopt a new habit that is not just good but that also sustains

● Takes you through the process of focusing on life for good and planning your footsteps

● Encourages you to create a personal space between you and your inner self and talk to know yourself better

26. Aha! NOW

Aha! NOW is a daily reckoner of solutions that help you transform your life from better to even better. You work with a soul filled with inspiration and mind filled with personal development blogs that direct you towards your goal post. You tend to improve your overall well-being.


● Suggests you how to keep your body fit and healthy, and strong from within

● Helps you handle tough and heartbreaking situations and turn them to your favor

● Brightens the way you handle relationships in general

● Assists you with the reasons and triggers points of happiness and lets you overcome obstacles on the way.

● Guides you the daily routines you need to follow for the betterment of yourself.

27. The Self Improvement Blog

If you want to do better and help yourself overcome hurdles on the path to progress and accomplish even further, then this blog on personal growth articles is worth giving sight of. They help those who seek to grow with curiosity in life.


● Help you understand the key to happiness.

● Offer varied tools to improve yourself.

● Tell you how to present yourself to the world around despite the pitfalls and weaknesses you have in you.

● Walk you through stress-busting techniques and transform your day, making it big, brighter, and better.

● Exhibit ways that elevate up your productivity

28. Be More with Less

This blog meant primarily to simplify and create a life that turns a stressful life healthy and happy. You also yield more joy and peace of mind, saving an incredible amount of time via these self improvement articles. You grow happy by body and mind too.


● Trains you on acts of gratitude and simplicity.

● You tend to create more space for establishing robust relationships and self-love.

● You organize your space by decluttering the tangible surroundings and the intangible worries within

● You care more about building your strengths and health and sustain the same.

● You challenge and compete with your own skills and tune your life for the betterment.

29. Growth Guided

This blog showcases personal growth articles backed by powerful tips that lead you in the path of self-improvement. You also tend to empower your life by giving your best against all negative vibes and transform towards being a better you.


● Offers tips to all age groups in setting directions and goals for them

● Suggests you ways to establish cordial relationships with others in society

● Helps you in extending acts of forgiveness and gratitude

● Trains you to love and improve your own self, from deep within

● Shifts your thought process by directing you towards positivity

30. Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is dedicated to representing the ideas and thought process of its readers and stakeholders by means of the self improvement articles it posts. This thereby helps you to meet your self-improvement needs in life by way of-

● Handling a situation while sailing through tough times

● How to address and learn from your own mistakes

● Organizing your love life and balancing with the rest

● Understanding the pulse of the people around

● Setting yourself a safe and peaceful state of mind.

31. Brain Pickings

This blog is beyond just postings in black and white. It has a resourceful content that can add meaning to your life. It teaches you how to live and how not to live. The blog helps you with personal growth articles, thereby leading you towards a good life beyond your imagination.


● Helps you in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships

● Composes varied tips on self-nourishment and self-love

● Grooms you the type of personality traits you need to employ to succeed in life.

● Tells you how to feel happy in every walk of your life

● Trains towards positive attitude and behavior

32. Dumb Little Man

This feeds database is popular in terms of self improvement articles that offer practical tips that you ought to attempt in life to unlock the doors of happiness and prosperity. You grow not just by age but by mental well-being and emotional intelligence too.


● Tells you how to exhibit your talent and perform your best

● Helps you understand the flaws in you and transform them into strengths

● Suggests you ways to be financially strong that, in turn, encourages self-improvement

● Explains techniques of effective time management

● Guides you through the process of streamlining your tasks to succeed in life

33. Warren Wong

This blog encourages you to move on in life by reviewing its self improvement articles. It motivates you to enjoy your life to the fullest by first loving yourself and your priorities and goals in life. With the clarity of thought, you gain mental focus and become better, with winning chances on the go.


● Guides you the step by step procedure to taking control over your life.

● Helps you explore beyond the opportunities that come your way

● Makes you think differently and in a great way

● Reroutes your thought process to dictate and direct life the way you wish to develop

● Offers you tips to put an end to your worries

34. Addicted 2 Success

This space shares stories of self-improvement and self development blogs, taking them to the next level. You not just grasp motivational content, but also get to know more about the interviews' real-life experiences that this blog posts.


● Explains you the skills needed for gaining personal and professional success

● Tells you ways to overcome fears and rebalancing your life

● Suggests you ways of identification of your inner power and strengths

● Advices the qualities you need to inherit in life to drive towards self-improvement

● Motivates you to get back to the track of progress whenever you slip from the path

35. 4-Hour Workweek

This blog is more about escaping from the monotonous and routine daily tasks and still balancing life with work. It also helps you live anywhere and join communities and gathering online that enable you to scale up in terms of performance, productivity, and happiness too.


● Helps you understand what is correct and what isn’t, so that you can pick the right one

● Offers you techniques to excel in your performance

● Encourages you with new hobbies and activities taking you towards continuous self development blogs from which you reap results

● Explains you the step by step procedure to transforming your life towards your goals

● Suggests you tips to overcome failure and brings in the courage to face them

36. The Start of Happiness

This blog works awesome in the sense that you get to choose from a wide range of articles relating to personal development blogs. You will be able to understand what to do and what not to do in life to sail in the boat carrying happiness. You incline towards improving yourself and being better.


● Offers you loads of volume on personal development that you can cultivate

● Provides you the self-assessment tool basis which you can reroute your life towards good, better, and overall well-being

● Encourages you to establish healthy and peaceful long-standing relationships in life

● Introduces you to your inner peace of mind, thereby directing you towards your best self

● Gives you clarity for your unwarranted doubts running in your mind and sets you free

37. Agile Lean Life

The Agile and Lean Life Blog is for those looking for a guide to have all in one note regarding self-improvement and personal performance. These personal growth articles help you succeed over your weak areas by implementing agile methodologies and lean in day-to-day life.


● Guides you with techniques on time management.

● Helps you how to deeply care about yourself

● Motivates you to give your best and result in improving your productivity score

● Declutters your mind free from unwanted negative energies

● Teaches you how to ignore and what to ignore to self-improve in life

38. Michael Hyatt Blog

Michael Hyatt is a personal development blog poster who is a famous online mentor. Through this blog, he helps you achieve success and gain confidence. This will ultimately tune you towards the path of success. He also offers you tools that aid you during the process.


● Puts light on how you can win at the workplace apart from succeeding in life

● Encourages ways of sustaining work-life equilibrium

● Helps you how to handle pressure and pain areas

● Loaded with bundles of books that tune you moment by moment for growth

● Supports you in understanding the practicality of the situation and promotes self-improvement in various responsibilities that you shower every day

39. Life Goals

You take a tour through a totally varied perspective on self help blogs as this. You not just get motivated but also turn to be a learned person when it comes to mastering self-improvement. Your path to progress looks far easier for you now.


● You can easily align your goals and visions in life and head in that direction.

● Assists you with tools on wellness, self-care, and mindfulness

● Suggests you ways to reap the best of the productivity you can

● Encourages tips for long-lasting habits for your growth

● Offers you tips as to how you can inspire others by your lifestyle and routine

40. The Inspiring Journal

This portal is exclusive for personal enrichment. It is dedicated to motivating you towards self development blogs by educating you on the aspects of motivation and inspiration. This ultimately leads to the overall development of your mind and body.


● Exhibits a library of books that inspire towards self-help and improvement

● Guides you ways to think positive and be positive towards situations and people

● Suggests you how to handle stress and still give your best even under tight deadlines

● Offers ways to keep yourself healthy by body, mind, and soul

● Inspires you with quotes that let you go beyond your boundaries and comfort zones

41. Pick the Brain

This database is a vivid collection of self improvement articles that articulate how you can gain self-esteem backed by motivation and enhanced productivity. You also get to know the ways and means of educating and tuning your own self towards the path of progress.


● Emphasizes how to upkeep your health

● Guides you towards the path of self-improvement

● Offers tips on enhancing productivity at both personal and professional space

● Motivates you in growing your mental ability and responsiveness

● Tells you how to self-love and self-care and cultivate the same in your daily routine

42. Zen Habits

Zen Habits strives to exhibit ways of simplicity and mindfulness in your everyday life. It lets you clear the clutter and organize your life by working on your priorities and focusing on aspects leading towards happiness. It also brings to light self improvement articles that are worth employing in life.


● Makes suggestions using which you can clear the clutter in and around, for self-improvement

● Suggests you ways to spend time qualitatively in life

● Explains how you can flip an unfavorable to a favorable one

● Helps you how to prioritize your works and start executing them

● Exhibits techniques in which you can wipe off the distractions from your mind

43. Reddit

Reddit thought talks a lot about self-improvement; it primarily focuses on personal growth articles and men's grounds. It helps men conquer their worries and paves the way for improvement on both professional and personal front. It also lets you establish strong relationships.


● Explains to you how to handle the feedback you receive in the day to day life

● Suggests self-improvement techniques for men

● Tells you what to ignore and how to say a polite ‘no.’

● Helps you with techniques in leading to your destined path

● Showcases the things and empowerments that you should always carry in life

44. The Dream Catcher

This self development blog is such a space that guides you on how to turn your dreams to realities for betterment in life. It offers you loads of wisdom backed by strategies and tools, all of which drive to ensure that you succeed in life. It extends guidance all along, making the world a better place to chase your dreams.


● Gives you an insight into living your dreams and still making a difference

● Tells you how to create opportunities when you can’t act on one

● Let you discover the purpose and the meaning of your life.

● Helps you how to overcome rejections and pitfalls in life

● Offers you tips to get rid of fears and the triggers that cause them

45. Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Living is one such unique self help blog that glides unto a different approach in terms of self-improvement. It not just motivates you but also holds your hand in the journey to present your best. It posts content relating to personal development for overall well-being.


● Guides you towards conscious, healthy thoughts and living apart from critical thinking.

● Helps you flip negative energies into positive

● Suggests you the spiritual style of leading a life fullest

● Offers you tips to be organized and create space for every good happening in life

● Provides you a road map of techniques for formulating beneficial habits

46. Forward Steps

This is an inspiring self help blog that articulates a lot about personal development and self-improvement. This blog also suggests you step by step and in-length focus on life, letting you free your distractions and move on with positivity in life.


● You believe that you are unique and special and create your own path and opportunity for leading life fullest.

● Offers varied books on personal development that you can hang on to and get inspired

● Let you explore beyond possibilities and mundane life tasks.

● Helps you stick to the attitude of positivity

● Guides you ways in which not just you, but your loved ones too grow in life

47. Growth Evolution Development

The blog content is majorly about working towards growth, success, and harmony in life. This self development blog sets on you this path by improving on grey areas that bother you, relating to mind, body, and spirit. You get motivated and work for the fulfillment of the same.


● Apprehends you in self-improvement by displaying your best

● Helps you identify your inner potential and drives you in the path to progress

● Motivates you towards self-love, self-help, and self-actualization

● Assists you in deciding the definition for your life

● Trains you with smart strategies that let you grow and live the fullest

48. Positive Provocations

This blog claims to mark the first step towards a positive and happy life for all, which is evident from the self improvement articles it casts upon the world. The blog believes that love, care, and concern, backed by attitudes of gratitude and positivity, all of these direct you to achieve even the toughest task and beyond.


● Tours you through the healing process that drives positivity in you.

● Shows the path towards spirituality and understanding yourself

● Makes you spend time in isolation and speak to your heart

● Let you rediscover life towards a meaningful path.

● Inspires you to reinvent yourself and lead a happy life

49. Simple Mindfulness

This write-up is accumulated with simple steps that lead you to a happy life. This blog swirls around personal growth articles and on the concept of mindfulness and happiness. It covers aspects pertaining to health, finance, relationships that lead to a fulfilled life.


● Offers tips for a healthy and happy life

● Encourages you towards the simple and step by step mindfulness practice

● Let you shower acts of gratitude.

● Helps you overcome hurdles crossing your way

● Promotes aspects relating to busting of stress and handling uncertainty

50. The Success Elite

This is a self-development cum self help blog that emphasizes strategies and skills requisite to driving home success. The blog also offers innumerable and exemplary tips and advice that you can ponder upon to motivate your inner self to achieve what you desire in life.


● Helps you expand you're through the process by inflowing ideas that let you think from varied perspectives

● Helps you understand the inherent strengths in you

● Guides you the types of goals you need to set and the path leading towards them.

● Suggests you think out of the box, over and beyond, thereby inspiring creativity

● Guides you through the process of establishing healthy and long-standing relations

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