To get study success

To get study success


Find out as much as possible about what is likely to be in your test. An appropriate tutor you find in Queryfloor can help you to achieve success in your classes. The more you know about what to expect, the more comfortable you will feel about what you need to focus on. You can ask your teacher about what topics can be expected in the test. Later you can go over your study notes and chapters and write down questions you can clear up with your tutor from Queryfloor.

Study success

A little information will get you going in the right direction and greatly improve your study success.

Don’t start too early, but don’t start too late either

In order to get success in study, it is obviously important not to start too late in your preparations. This puts under pressure and study anxiety on you. Therefore, try and get a tutor from Queryfloor earlier so that you can prepare throughout the year rather than towards exam time when you may not have enough time to prepare.

Study by yourself

It seems like fun when studying with someone else, but at the end of the day, the important thing to note is how productive it was. To get success in studying, you must study productively as well as proactively. Studying alone you will be able to realize what topics you need more help in and when you go online or at home with a tutor you chose from Queryfloor you will be able to clean up these doubts.

Understand your study topics in your own words

To get success, it is important that you learn to explain in writing whatever you are studying in your own words. Memorizing the lessons will not help to get study success unless you make sure you understand the theory and can write in your own words.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

It may be quite difficult at times to understand a concept, theory or other information you need to learn. To achieve study success, it is important that you ask questions to your teachers or tutors from and clears your slightest doubt. Don’t be afraid of asking questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to studying and learning. You can ask your Queryfloor tutor the same question as many times you feel necessary to clear your doubts.

Create a study plan and set study goals

In order to achieve study success, it is important that you set your study goals and prepare accordingly. As the exam approach nearer, the more rigid your study plan should be. Planning and setting your study goals are important to achieve study success. You will feel very good about yourself to tick mark which goals you have achieved when you look back.

Quiz yourself

To get success, it is important to test yourself as to how much you understand the concept or the topic. You can practice last year’s question papers or you could set yourself or through your tutor on Queryfloor a study quiz to get an idea about your success rate. You can gain greater insight as to where do you stand in relation to what you have studied so far. Your tutor can point out to you areas they feel you may need to go over again on your own to practice.

During exam time preparation, you may have to give up some of your hobbies for a short time just to fit in the extra time needed for revision. To get success, it is important for you to factor in time to rest. Most of us lead pretty hectic lives and our bodies need regular opportunities to recuperate. Take this seriously. Overdoing it will make you ill eventually or make your brain very tired. You need to rest for your brain to work better. The above were some of the tips to get success in your studies.

The above-discussed points are indispensable if you want success in studies. Well, there are some more points that I need to add here. To get success in studies, you have to divide your studies into two parts and work on both the parts distinctively. In addition, you have to observe the qualities of some of the successful students and try to develop the same. In one of my previous write up, I have already discussed the study habits of successful students in detail. You can go through it.

In order to get study success, we have to observe our learning process very closely. There are two places of learning in our life:

(a) In the classroom

(b) Outside of the class or at home.

It is better to make a study success plan for both places. The plan must be divided in the following way:

1. Study habits for succeeding in the classroom

2. Study habits for succeeding outside of the class

(A) Study habits for succeeding in the classroom:

Be Attentive:

A student always has so many thoughts at the same time. If it is so with you also, it is quite fine. But the main difference between the successful students and the mediocre one is that successful students somehow manage to get control of themselves and pay attention in the class.

If you really want to succeed in the exam, it is necessary to pay all the attention in class. Some students ignore what happens in the class and think that they will pay attention during the tuition time. But is it fair? Why waste time? When anyway, you have to go to the class, isn’t it better to pay attention there so that you can learn new things quickly?

Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions (if you have any kind of confusion):

Asking questions is the best way to clear all the confusion. Teachers are in the school for this purpose only. The only thing to keep in mind is to ask the question at the appropriate time only. Don't interrupt the lessons, write down the question to ask later. Sometimes the questions trigger the discussion in the class and help all to learn the material better.

Develop a healthy relationship with your teachers and try to be in touch with them:

Fostering a good relationship with a teacher is helpful in many ways. It makes you feel loved and you don't feel hesitant to ask for some extra help. Some students make fun of students who have a good rapport with the teacher. But you should never get discouraged by it. Teachers are willing to help more when the student obeys their direction correctly.

Participate in all kinds of group activities:

Participation in any kind of activity enhances the experience in many ways. In class, participation is considered as the key to success. As discussed, you must ask a question when in confusion, but you must also give answers to the questions asked in the class. Active participation in the class helps to enhance the learning experience and develop a good relationship with the teachers.

Develop a habit to write down the notes effectively and quickly:

Taking notes is an art for some. Good notes writing skills help you to learn and revise the concepts quickly. It also helps you to keep engaged in the classroom. There is one more benefit of taking notes, as you jot down the notes in your own words, it helps you to learn and remember the material for long. This increases the accountability of the students in the class.

Keep aside all the distractions:

See, as a student, it is easy to get distracted by many things in the classroom like chatty friends nearby, craving for the food present in the bag, interesting magazines in the bag, some fancy thought that keeps coming in your mind. This distraction is detrimental to the progress of any student. I am not saying that a student must not talk with friends or eat food etc. But do all of this at the right time allotted for these activities, and not during the ongoing class or session. You can avoid these things by requesting your teacher to swap your seat. Take a break of some seconds if you are unable to concentrate to relax your mind.

Try to get some extra credit:

Taking extra credits help you in longer terms. As you get older, you get little chance to add any extra credits. So it is best to add the extra credits whenever you get a chance.

(B) Study habits for succeeding outside of the class:

Develop a practical form of the timetable:

Before each study session, you must prepare a rough outline of how you are going to approach the learning problems. The advice is to divide your study time in chunks of 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes each. You must be very clear in your mind about what you will study in the chunks of time that you have divided. You must be very clear about it. Whether you will take the help of flashcards, or revise the notes, or finish the writing assignment. This division of work helps to keep a student motivated.

Fit your lesson or study plan in the timetable:

As the saying goes, one shouldn’t bite off more than one can chew. Making a time-table is easy, but fitting all the study material and approach in the time-table is a difficult task. If you shed more time for extracurricular activities and social events, you will end up with little time to study.

How will you then manage to stick to the time table? Making time table is easy, but sticking it all the time is difficult. The best approach is to block of time to study. This helps you to plan the day accordingly. If you can’t do that, at least you must set a monthly calendar or weekly calendar to make sure that you are sticking to your goals and heading the right way to take out your best during the big exam.

Identify your learning style and then opt for a study method that suits you:

Every student is gifted differently. Different students follow different styles and patterns of study. It is necessary for each and every student to identify the learning style of his own in which he is comfortable. The benefit is that the student is able to tailor the study sessions and plan to suit their needs.

If you are a visual learner: charts, color-coded notes, diagrams, etc. will work best for you. If you are an auditory learner, you can learn best by recording your own voice, repeating what your teacher said in the class, reciting some written parts of your notes, etc. If you are a kinesthetic learner you can try tracing the words, memorizing notes while walking, associate the concepts with the things you touch while learning, etc.

Create a better environment for studies:

Some students like to study in silence, while others learn better in groups. Some like to study while lying on the bed, some likes to study by sitting on the table. Some like to learn at home, some find it better to learn in the garden or coffee shop. So different students learn better in different environments that attract them. Identify the environment that attracts you most and tries to develop the best environment around yourself. The environment has a deep impact on our learning.

Avoid all distractions:

We have already discussed it before. Be it a classroom or home, you need to avoid distractions at all costs. If you do not do that you may end up feeling demotivated that after spending so many hours on studies, you are unable to get the expected result. Distancing yourself from unproductive friends, mobile phones, a bad company of friends, gossiping around, etc. is expected and in a way necessary for you if you want to succeed in exams.

Take breaks in the middle of studies:

Do you know breaks are also sometimes key to success? No one can study incessantly for 8 to 12 hours. Not even the most dedicated ones. Your body and mind need some rest in order to work well. This has been scientifically established also. So, if you take breaks, it allows your mind to rest for some time so that it can get back to work with full vigor.

It is advised that one must take a small break after every hour or after 90 minutes. You have to develop your own method to give rest to yourself. Some like to lie in the bed with a closed eye, some listen to music, some chit chat with the family members to relax. The method and the way to utilize the break depends on you.

Utilize all the available resources:

The learning resources are many. For e.g. visiting a library, visiting a knowledgeable friend and discussing the material with him/her, taking online classes, fathoming the internet, dug out the old notes and papers, etc. If you really want to succeed in the exam, dug out all the resources and utilize them to their full potential.

Try to study in close groups or friends circle:

Studying in groups is advantageous for most. Some introverts may find it annoying, but if they can overcome their hesitation and fear, they will find that studying in a group has its own advantage. It may be that it doesn't work equally well for all, but for sure it is beneficial for the most. There are various ways in which it helps.

It helps you feel motivated, you feel a sense of belongingness, it teaches you how to socialize and work in groups, and it removes the hesitation and enhances the skills. So it is advisable that one must spend at least some time to study in a group of close friends.

Try to make study fun:

If one's approach to study is that it is a burden, it is sure that however hard he/she works, he/she will not be able to reap all the benefits of their effort. Take out times in between the studies or fun. Join a Yoga class, watch a movie with a friend in between the sessions, have a coffee with friends, relax by the side of a sea, relax on a bed. Take out time in between the study sessions or during the weekly study schedule for fun activities to keep yourself motivated and energized. This will not make you feel that study is something of a burden.

Keep all the above-discussed point in mind and follow the path shown, if you really want to succeed in exams and life. All things are important in life. Life is a balancing game. The more you are able to balance, the more you are able to enjoy life. Approach studies also with the same perspective. Balance out everything and you will be able to succeed in exams and life.

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