9 ways to be good to yourself right now

9 ways to be good to yourself right now


Be good to yourself literally means to love yourself the way you are. Believing in yourself irrespective of the weaknesses you carry with you. You feel good about yourself by exercising control over your thoughts, ideas, opinions, emotions, and actions in life.

You feel good about yourself when you build the necessary confidence in facing the world. Your attitude, behavior, and personality traits reflect what you truly are. These are the aspect that you are actually feeling good about yourself.

Below is a list of 9 ways in which you can actually feel good about yourself, despite the situation you are sailing in.

  1. Always do the right things. Also, do things right. Never exhibit a fake you. Your fake appearance will not last long. But the impression it carries on self and others keeps haunting and chasing with negativity for years together. Therefore mind yourself. If you sense that you are not likely to deliver the desired results, ask for help. Train yourself in that particular subject matter and try to perform again. Seek more opportunities, refine yourself, and move on. But be yourself and be good to yourself.
  1. Be true to yourself and honest at your work. When you execute things that are genuine and when they reap successful results, you are obviously bound to feel good about yourself, no matter the negative energies spinning around in life. Therefore, be in reality. Think practical. Know yourself as who you really are and what you have done thus far in life. By being honest, you may not be liked by a few people around, but still you have the self-satisfaction of being good. And such principles usually work in the long run.
  1. You are unique in yourself just like any other individual around you. Therefore do not compare your work and results to those of others. You have to be competing against your own skills and achievements. Grow with your experiences and talents in a way that reflects your inner self to the outside world. Your competence with self improves your personality and the overall well-being, which ultimately drives home the feel-good factor into your heart.
  1. Do things that you love the most. You rarely get this chance. Utilize to the optimal extent. Take out time to list down all your potencies. In fact, make the list as exhaustive as possible. Exhibit your self-esteem and work on your strengths to feel good about yourself. Alternatively, you may also choose to accept what comes your way but make sure to love whatever you do. When you give your one hundred percent ability, you are sure to reap successful results. Thereby you feel good about yourself.
  1. Understand that life is both a bed of roses as well as a lawn of thorns. You experience both good and bad times in all the phases of your life. It is therefore important to both working hard and working smart depending on the circumstance. You could also add to your routine, both meditation and exercising regularly in life. Spin all obstacles into opportunities. You will begin to feel and be good to yourself in no time.
  1. When in a problematic situation or a controversial conversation, do not take things too personally. Give up on the attitude of showcasing your perfectionism. Grow with the good times. Also, learn to grow with bad times. Accept yourself as you really are. If the error is from your end, accept it with courage, and move on in life.
  1. Donate to charity. Involve yourself voluntarily in social help activities. You get an incredible take a way of goodness at heart. Offer help to those in need. Extend support to strangers. You find needy people all around you. Identify and pitch in to assist. Take out time from your busy schedule for gracious activities in life.
  1. Cherish all your good times from the past. Travel back into times, into a journey to be good to yourself. You must have done a couple of incredible tasks for which you were awarded and rewarded in your earlier times. Sit in isolation and recollect all those moments and live with these moments for a while. You feel a lot good about yourself and would even want to grab more of those now and way forward.
  1. Know where you stand in a personal and professional front. To understand yourself better, learn from your intuitions. Sit in isolation and talk to yourself every now and then. Besides, also seek feedback from others around. Positive or negative, accept the feedback the way it comes to you first. Convert the negative feedback by figuring them out from an encouraging perspective and in a constructive manner.

Finally, feeling good doesn’t necessarily mean spending time with your inner self. To continue feeling good, tag yourself with good words to describe yourself. You should also align yourself with these good words that describe your nature to step into a social world. Spend time with your loved ones, engage in conversations with the eternal world. Be good, kind, and honest in your thoughts and actions. By feeling good about yourself, you also tend to do good to society in one way or the other.

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