6 tips to improve your public speaking skills

6 tips to improve your public speaking skills


A skill is something that you do well. If you perform a task with perfection and expertise, it means you are skilled. Without having to wait for preparing, if you can do something instantaneously, it means you are skilled. Understand that skills can be mastered at any stage.

A skill is primarily categorized and recognized as your personality trait. Skills you attain over the period can either be grouped as being functional skills or personal skills or knowledge-based skills.

When you carry out actions to perform a specific task that you deliver to different functions or industries, they form your functional skills. If you exhibit traits of performing a work-related to your personality, then they form your personal skills. And if you contribute to knowledge on specific subjects, procedures, and information necessary to perform particular tasks with regards to these subject areas, they form your knowledge-based skills.

Public speaking skills referred herein represent your personal skills.

Speaking skills in specific are your conversational skills or the so-called soft skills. With your effective speaking skills, you make your viewpoint reach your target audience. Your speaking skills are your one very primary differentiator from the rest of the people. It is how you drive home your thoughts and ideas.

Speaking skills are quite important when you are in an interactive process of exhibiting your linguistic knowledge in the actual communication space. When you understand clearly what to talk and what not and also ensure that during the process, you are not misunderstood by those who are listening, it means you possess effective speaking skills. You will be able to convey your message and thought process in a much passionate and convincing manner. Needless to say, you derive speaking skills right from your age of education at school.

To make sure that you have and deliver good speaking skills, you have to focus on areas of not just the language and vocabulary, but also the way you pronounce, the usage of your grammar and how fluently you express your ideas and opinions, especially in a problem-solving the situation.

Depicted below are a few ways in which you can improve your public speaking skills. Deploy one or more into your inherent ability and welcome success coming your way.

  • You may already be up to some mark on public speaking skills. If you imbibe self-confidence and add it to your presentation, you are sure to drive home your thoughts. To attain that level of self-esteem, you need to practice and practice a lot until you master that subject or topic to a much acceptable level.
  • You can begin by addressing small groups. Go public in smaller groups initially. Slowly, with the lapse of time, expand your audience's strength. Be confident about the subject matter by doing a lot of groundwork. You will surely master this skill of presenting to a larger set of audience.
  • You can also try by choosing an audience who are new to the topic you are going to present. Since they will have just about fair knowledge in that area, and since you would have already mastered that subject, it will be easy for you to present them with your public speaking abilities.
  • You can write down a list of bullet points that you wish to present. Keep going on these points one by one. Don't search for words; prepare yourself thoroughly. However, use catchy yet simple jargon that would grab the attention of your audience.
  • You may also try to capture yourself a video on your public speaking skills by sitting in isolation in a peaceful area. Watch your video multiple times, till you feel comfortable in going public. Write down all your areas of set-backs and work on them. Test your skills in isolation, but when you present yourself live, ensure, and understand that it is not a time to test anymore; rather, it is the time to perform.
  • Estimate your ambiance. Mind your body language. Train yourself on the body postures and eye contact traits as well. Organize your essentials beforehand, and avoid rushing for petty things around, in the eleventh hour of your presentation. Make it a point that you arrest all your emotions and worries. Keep away all the gadgets that distract you unwarrantedly. Gulp a glass of warm water. Wear a pleasant outfit. Behave like a professional. Keeping all these in mind and with full confidence in your inner self, and by carrying a pleasant smile on your face, just go for the public talk and come home with bundles of self-satisfaction bagged by success in your lap.

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