Tips and tricks to change your thoughts and transform your life

Tips and tricks to change your thoughts and transform your life


Thoughts are your flow of ideas that lead you towards a direction in life. The way you transform your life depends on the way you think, perceive, and act.

If you wish to transform your life for releasing a better version of yourself and yet stuck in the way you think, then check on the below exhaustive list of tips and tricks to change your thoughts from good to better and from better to best.

1. Travel to a new place. Understand the local lifestyle, clothing, culture, and food habits. Explore the hidden secrets and the specialties of the place. Your approach towards your own life will begin to change for the better.

2. Set positive affirmations and boost your willpower. Motivate and train your brain to meet success in life.

3. When your worries keep bothering you on and off, make it a point to control your mind and arrest any further mood swings that can develop more misfortunes.

4. It is ok to change your workplace if you often fail to sustain the work-life balance.

5. Give away the old stuff that you no more need. Replace them with new and affordable things that appear worth buying.

6. Add a sense of spirituality to your lifestyle.

7. Volunteer to extend a helping hand to those in need, especially strangers.

8. Involve yourselves in charitable activities at least once a year.

9. Shuffle your routine and try to do the same things differently. Change your approach to work.

10. Develop a new habit that can partner your progress.

11. Set clearly defined and actionable goals in life. Put up a chart displaying them, including your action plan road map.

12. Accept and face new challenges. Try something scary today.

13. Learn to say a polite ‘no’ if the situation demands and also make things clear and transparent for the other person to rely upon you.

14. Appreciate all the efforts that yielded your desired results in the past. Do take out moments to fill with celebrations reckoning them.

15. You might cherish an elderly person at home who is no more sharing space with you. Put down all that you know about the person in writing. Write all the experiences you shared and stored in your treasure box of thoughts. Try to put one or more of these values into practice.

16. Eat healthy foods and get yourself more active in life. You will feel a lot healthier in a very short span of time and work towards rebalancing your life.

17. Spend enough on your own self. Wear your favorite outfits. Spend time and money for saloons to groom your physical appearance. You get to feel more confident in looking at yourself in the mirror. If you like yourself, you will automatically push yourself to go public.

18. Get the right amount of rest and breaks to make your upcoming moments healthier. Add a bonus of power nap for about 12 to 15 minutes during the day. You will find yourself more refreshing and work like you are newly born to conquer the world.

19. Understand the people you are surrounded by. If required, change your friends and those who influence their negative thoughts over you to those who understand you better.

20. Read a lot of life-changing books that generate a source of inspiration. Read autobiographies of famous personalities and deploy visions and creativities into your life.

21. Tame a pet that pulls your attention. Spend time with it so that you stay fit and healthy. With the increase in your activity levels with your pet, your stress and anxiety levels go suppressed. You will be promoted towards laughter and affectionate behavior.

22. Make a promise to yourself that you really aspire to do something concrete and constructive, and productive in life. Leave space for zero excuses.

23. Involve yourselves in activities that need your physical attention and involvement. Do just keep watching shows that turn you more passive and let you miss your path to follow your pursuits.

24. Give up any bad habits or addictions you have. It is easy said than done. However, if you gain control over your senses and work with total focus understanding the pros and cons, you are sure to find a way out. That very day and very moment mark a significant transformation in your life.

25. Finally, understand that it is your very own life that you want to change. Keep reminding yourself because you are the best person to take care of yourself. Therefore, don’t just wait for things to happen; bell the cat and learn to make the most of the time you have. Change your thought process and transform your life as you are the master and you are the slave too, for your own life.

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