Top Time Management Softwares, Tools and Apps

Top Time Management Softwares, Tools and Apps


Time management is a virtue. Everyone is not blessed with the skill. With practice and patience, you can master time management. To be at the peak of your career, you need to understand the importance of time management. Today's world is much more competitive than we ever can imagine. There is no point in time for lagging. To mark your identity in the office or your business's excellence, it is you who needs to work on productivity and efficiency.

Productivity and efficiency get tossed lots of times because we do not find enough time to complete our work. Then it causes stress to us and hampers our working skills.

To be a step ahead of our competitors, with new ideas, we also need to use our time to get most of it.

With some important changes in our attitude and habits, there are a lot of techniques and technologies to help us fighting the never-ending battle to run faster than time.

Here I have listed some important software and tools of time management.

Best Time Management Softwares


This software comes with all the important tools that are needed for a working person who wants to master his/her time management skills to get the best result for a career.

Features: You can track your time, report your work, update your partner for project progress, sales performance, email invoice to clients, etc.


Asana Time Management Software is important when you are working as a team. From framing a project roadmap to processing through its timeline, this software can be your reliable virtual assistant.

Feature: The unique features that come with this software are storage systems, collaboration with a medium-sized team without emails. You can review your project milestones and check if the team is working with the required speed and efficiency.


Trello Project Management Software is the most efficient visual way to collaborate with teams. From startups to companies, this software is one of the must-have tools for time tracking.

Features: It allows you to create an unlimited task list, to share files and images within the team. Trello is famous for visualizing project tasks on a cardboard-like dashboard, which is excellent for managing short and quick everyday assignments.


Clarizen Time Management Software is a cloud-based project management software that will help you to take your business further.

Features: You can customize the software according to how your business works. It offers repeatable and automated processes, workflows in an unlimited number of projects. From social collaboration to budget expenses and management, you will have everything important here.


Toggl is a hassle-free time management software. It will collaborate with your existing tools to make you more productive throughout your working days.

Features: You can track your time, both online and offline. Report team progress to actual-time tracking in unlimited projects, Toggl is the perfect add-on to your list.


Replicon time management software used by large companies is a multi-features solution to track the time spent on work and bill their clients for finished working hours.

Features: Companies send multiple billing invoices for their different clients. From tracking time usage to budget expenses, the software offers all the much-needed features to make employees more productive.


Timecamp Time Management Software helps users in time-tracking for billing clients and paying employees at the end of the month. Timecamp makes it easy also to calculate income based on time worked in a particular project.

Features: Automatic billable & non-billable time tracking and integrated payment gateways are the most interesting features. You can track it from PCs and mobiles.


Bill4Time is a very comprehensive cloud-based time billing software. It helps to simplify your billing, to recover your lost revenue, and lets you track time and expenses from anywhere.

Features: Track billable and non-billable time with Bill4Time. You also get daily, weekly, and monthly work summaries.

It comes with invoicing and online payment options and extensive reporting on accounting, projects, etc.


Nutcache is an all-in-one project management tool. It is mainly meant for small teams of around 20 members to bill their clients according to their estimated spending time on projects.

Features: You can easily track your time and plan for efficiency in working. It offers to track your expense management.


Bric is an analytic time billing software. It also calculates what the future may hold to create budgets, and monitor how people should spend their time.

Features: Configurable time tracking and with user roles & rates and tracking time utilization reports of employees, Bric has come with all these interesting features.


Harvest is one of the best time and billing tools available in the market. With Harvest, you can focus on a single thing to do your best at.

Features: You can track estimated spent times on projects and bill your clients accordingly from any browser, Mac, iPhone, or Android.


Avaza Time Management Software is a time tracker. You can start a timer on your phone when you start a project and stop it on your tablet or any other device after finishing it.

Features: You can track the hours spent on a particular task. It offers time tracking and time entries on invoices and timesheet approvals.

Active Collab

ActiveCollab Project Management Software provides features for team collaboration and real-time communication.

Features: It allows us to create a task for teams and track creative projects for the shared team. You can customize it according to your requirements.


ClickTime helps you in your business and gives you more insight into your usage time than any other tool.

Features: To control over total project budgets, receive accurate online timesheets, reporting employee performance, time tracking, and billable time rates, ClickTime is a project profit software for companies.

Remember The Milk

Starting as a grocery list management tool to a highly effective time management app, Remember The Milk has come a long way. You can use this focus booster app while offline too.

Features: With this app, you can create an unlimited tasks list. Then you can break the tasks into subtasks. Also, sending emails and the remainder via social media has become hassle-free. Your team of assigned tasks gets an automated progress report. Multiple device synchronization is one of the top features of this app.


This app has proven highly effective in business. This deadline reminder app allows more than ten users to synchronize at the same time to increase the productivity based on real-time.

Features: This cost-free app allows you to assign projects to groups headed by an admin. It sends real-time deadline remainder of all the to-do activity lists. Easy for collaboration and evaluation of employee working reports have become much easier and error-free. Prioritizing and organizing tasks is no more a hectic job now.


Do not feel like waking up and go to the office? Are you feeling too lazy to complete day jobs? Kiwake is here to help you on every no-mood working day.

Features: This app has a powerful design to awake your body and mind so that you could not waste your day by sleeping or lying on the bed. It continually stimulates your body and mind. Thus you get the chance to maximize your productivity as you can't sleep on office hours. It is keeping doing things, no matter how small it is. This app perfectly sums up the idea.


This software designed for desktop works as mind mapping software. For organizations, it is something that gives them the real-time mind acuity of employees.

Features: This free mind mapping software accurately visualizes users thinking processes. That's how an organization also evaluate if their employees' skills are improving or not. It allows us to organize tasks and to create and to edit to-do lists.


Dropbox needs no introduction. This old of its kind app has proven itself as an effective time management app over the ages.

Features: With this app, you can send larger multimedia files to any device. This is a full cost-free app. You can share data with your team and easily collab with your clients.

Tomato timer

This is a Pomodoro app with a fun touch to make you feel lively throughout your hectic working day.

Features: You can set time limits for any task and reset it if you want to. Organizing tasks and breaks them into shorter divisions are some of its interesting features. You also can plan your work breaks as per your working schedule, and you even do not need to remember that. This app will remind you on time without any fail.


When a team is working on the same project in different aspects, it becomes very important to collaborate. ProofHub is that much-needed software of collaboration within the team on the digital platforms.

Features: You don't need to call anyone for a team meeting. ProofHub sends a notification with real-time alerts. It also indicates the progress of each stage of a project where more than one person is working. It continually updates its database when and how much work was completed on which stage. With its help, the team gets clarity about who are the people working on which platform. It has innovated the old school teamwork with some new technological touches.

21 Best Free Time Management Apps

1. RescueTime

In today's world, the internet is the biggest help as well as the biggest time waster if not careful enough. This free time management app will detect exactly where you’re spending your time and how much you’re wasting to find a healthy balance of productivity and relaxation.

2. Wunderlist

Use Wunderlist to keep ideas close at hand. Everything from daily to-dos and favorite recipes to in-depth strategies for taking over the world, Wunderlist is BFF for your ideas.

3. Microsoft To Do

This is one of the primary time management apps. You can use Microsoft To-Do to create task lists, manage projects, plan an event, or set reminders to increase your productivity. You become able to focus on what matters to you. It allows you to connect through apps. Whenever you switch between apps, Microsoft ToDo quickly retrieves data and lists from past usage. You become more organized in less time.

4. Focus To-Do

This Pomodoro free time management app is available for different devices. You can break your long work in small manageable time frames and control your complete focus on that. It helps increase your motivation by adding your productive apps to your whitelists. It also has features of all platform synchronization. You can manage it from wherever you want to.

5. Loop - Habit Tracker

This is a completely ad-free app. If you want to be a more successful person and want to analyze your habits, then it is one of the must-have apps. For maintaining good habits for a long period, Loop offers detailed statistics to track your improvement inhabits.

6. Freedom

This computer application helps you to be away from social media and internet distractions for 8 hrs at a given time. Thus it helps you to be more productive.

7. Noisli

If you need something extra to concentrate on work due to the environment, then Noisli is your sure-shot help for that. When you are too busy to meet the deadline, and you can't concentrate fully, Noisli plays a particular sound to calm your mind. This helps to increase your productivity.

8. DeskTime

This time management app offers a free trial for its users. It mainly analyzes your habits by the URLs used by you. It detects every productive and unproductive site analyzing your internet behavior. After that, it closes all those sites for you to save your time. It is used by even larger companies to manage their projects and analyze the progress of the team.

9. Shift

Shift offers its users access to 70+ mail accounts in a single click. You do not need to send separate emails to your clients or team members on different platforms. Without wasting your time organizing a cluttered mailbox, you can focus on real work.

10. Forest

It is a unique way to save time and contribute to the environment. When you use this app, it plants a tree, and for every uninterrupted full-grown tree, this app gives you one coin. This coin can be used for planting trees and saving mother nature.

Do we need any other reason to use it?

11. TimeTree

Whenever you need to access multiple calendars for work-related events or family planning, TimeTree coordinates between appointments and scheduled meetings. You don't need to waste your valuable time organizing your calendar. And it is completely free of cost.

12. Slack

If you could not be able to communicate with your team on time, your productivity would not grow. With no improvement in productivity, there is no improvement in career too. This time massaging app connects you with your team with a single click. You can send files, store data, collaborate with any number of members. Thus you do not need to make times for face meetings.

13. Float

With Float, you get to know when and on what stage your team members are working on a specific project. You get analysis reports of their work done. For tracking resources, this app is famous for companies, businesses, etc.

14. Clockify

Among all the time management apps for teams, Clockify is the only one that is completely free of cost. With this app, you can invite your team, assign them specific projects, manage tasks without even a single board meeting. You can calculate the hourly rate of real-time working hours of your clients and compare real-time with an estimated time limit for projects. For making invoices or payroll or profitability, you also can export file reports with this app.

15. Any do

You can organize your to-do lists with this app's help. You can collaborate with teams on specific tasks. It sends real-time remainder according to the task's schedule. It syncs between phones and desktops easily. To keep your to-do list always up to date, it has a daily planner and focuses mode.

16. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a to-do list with a way to easily and accurately track time. How much time you spent on each activity throughout your working day, it tracks everything. It's designed to track all activities in real-time of an individual.

17. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a cloud-based time tracking app with GPS monitoring used by thousands of large companies. It has features like employee timesheets and payroll with an online dashboard and real-time reports. You can play any other app with no interruption while Hubstaff is on the background.

18. Tick

TickTick is a simple and effective task manager app to make a schedule, manage time, stay focused, remind about deadlines. You become organized in life. From collaborating with clients to tracking habits, TickTick is very effective in every term.

19. Boosted

Boosted gives you real insights about how you use your time by viewing intuitive statistics of your daily spending hours. You can organize your tasks and allot at a particular time. Then you can track your spending hours on projects. You can use analysis of detailed reports of your spending time. Thus you get to know if you are improving to manage time or not.

20. aTimeLogger

Every person who wants to control and optimize his time, aTimeLogger is an easy solution. You can set goals to reach and also can pause or resume according to the situation you are in. You can export reports of time tracking in different formats. It also allows the user to work simultaneously in different other apps.

21. Brain focus

This is a Pomodoro technique-based app. You can start work sessions in different categories. You allow yourself to take a break after every work session. This app also sends you a reminder before the deadline. So there is no chance to miss it. You also can assign tasks at a group and monitor them.


Now, you have a clear idea about all these tools. Use these technologies to win the race against time. With effective time management skills, you can complete every urgent task that is important for your career. All the best.

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