12 things you need to get out of your head

12 things you need to get out of your head


Your mind is very mobile in nature. The mind always keeps wandering around good and bad thoughts in life. Your thoughts can vary from anywhere personal to you, or generic in nature. You might think about family, money, health, work, or anything else within your sight. With social media always hanging out with you, you could also perhaps be thinking about something which is in no way related to you.

All these thoughts and many more distractions cause you to feel sick for something or someone, resulting in leaving you in a confused state of mind. It is, therefore, necessary that you need to get this and so much more out of your head. Because you have to give yourselves a way that you work with a clear state of mind. You have to mind your focus and work towards the path of your success.

12 such things you need to get out of your head are stated below for your ready reference.

  1. Sack your enemy out of you.

In you, there is both a good attitude and a bad attitude. While the good one in you helps you approach life with a positive mindset, the bad one distracts every now and then with its negative energies. Your negative mindset is your enemy. This enemy misguides you all along. You get demotivated, depressed, distracted in whatever work you pick to do, just because of this negative attitude.

  1. Put an end to overthinking.

If you think for a cause and narrow down a problem towards its solution, it is good for you. But if you keep thinking too much over nothing, then you also tend to move in a direction away from your path to progress. So just get this overthinking hat off from your head.

  1. Never let negative shadows cast upon you.

You are always surrounded by individuals of varied nature. Have the ability to assess carefully all those who cast negative spells around you. By involving in discussions with them, your mind also tends to think negatively. It is therefore necessary that you drive them away from your path.

  1. Erase embarrassing moments from the past.

Lock all the bad experiences you had in the past. Don’t think back about them and spoil your present and future. Understand that past is a history that can never be changed.

  1. Reduce your cravings for addictions.

Try to get rid of the bad habits in your life. Every bad habit provokes to align with it all the time. Therefore it is highly important that you reduce your carvings and fascination towards these bad habits and additions.

  1. Never be idle.

Always keep doing some of the other productive tasks. If you sit and do nothing, your mind will wander in search of unwarranted thoughts. Just be occupied doing some useful stuff in life.

  1. Don’t set unrealistic goals.

Unrealistic goals as the name states are either difficult to achieve or impossible to achieve. You may have a passion for something, but wait for a minute and check yourself if it is really possible. Fine-tune your goals by making them realistic in nature, so that you don’t have to scout for nothing in nowhere.

  1. Don’t live in an unorganized space.

Always keep your surroundings organized. The more clutter you mind or your ambiance is, the more trouble you are giving yourself.

  1. Bust out the negative energies like stress etc.

In the pursuit of maintaining work-life balance, you are stressed at times. Adopt stress-busting methodologies to kick such negative forces out of your head, else you will be in distress in handling situations.

  1. Don’t put yourself in a space where you are not wanted.

Not everybody needs you and your opinions in all the situations. Understand that and act wisely. Don’t welcome unnecessary anguish. Respect their privacy.

  1. Get the emotional imbalance out of your head.

Practice meditation for mind and exercises to unleash your body. Gain control over your senses. Don’t react abruptly to circumstances. Just respond sensibly.

  1. Do not carry the worries of others in your head.

Don’t pitch into other problems and keep bothering your mind and body. Refrain yourself from the worldly worries. Apprehend that not everything in this world is under your control.

Understand that when your mind wanders in a direction away from what you are doing, you are a lot less likely to be happy. So it is always better that you need to clear such distractions away from your head, as soon as abnormalities trigger your mind. With a positive state of mind, work for the betterment of self as well as surroundings.

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    Thoughts are nothing but information. It is the data that you collect by your senses. They are not built genetically. With an exposed to the surroundings, it can be achieved. In many ways, thoughts can determine your life. Even the very chemistry of your body can mind can be altered. If the chemistry goes wrong, it will be a problem for you. Therefore, you must be possessive about your thoughts. So, here are 5 thoughts, you need to get rid of immediately.


    Yes, agreed. Failure can be very embarrassing at times. With many critics, things go worse. Well, this is what an ordinary man thinks. Nothing in this universe is a waste, not even failure. A successful man makes a profit out of failure. He thinks failure to be an opportunity. An opportunity that can change the foundation of success. The term ‘failure’ helps you to know your weaknesses. Once you are aware of that, you can modify yourself. But at first, you must make yourself understand. So, next time you face failure, him a hug.


    Well, this is a social parasite. As we are a social animal, we have to live in the society. We get ourselves introduced to newer norms of the society. In this process, we put our privileges to people. However, this is not socially bad. But allowing people to determine your mood is bad for you. Suppose there is a group of 50 people living in your society. Those 50 people may utter 50 different opinions. Therefore, remember, that other’s opinion is only good for reference. Use that reference effectively while planning your future.


    The human body is nothing but flesh and bones. So, we will have to face some acute or chronic ailments. Whether your ailment is major or minor, you mustn't think about it all the time. By doing this, your mind will be pre-occupied with unnecessary thoughts. In a major situation, it may be difficult for you to resist thinking. However, you can also consult your doctor, seeking his advice. He will tell you to rest, as it will heal faster. And if your ailment is acute, there is nothing to be worried about. Rather than thinking, engage yourself in activities like gaming and reading. Therefore, never think about your ailments, if any.


    If you are going to get indulged in any act, think wisely. Before action, it's genuine to think about the consequences. But, you should never do it during action. During action, focus on what you do, not what you get. Being goal-oriented every time, won't be that effective. Rather, it will deviate you from your goals. You won't be conscious about the activity you should have done. Many tend to concentrate only on the goal. Remember, use your goal only for inspiration. Only if you concentrate on your acts, your efforts will show color. Therefore, never think about the results during action.


    Thinking about your weaknesses is also a weakness. You must try to avoid that at any cost. However, you will lose all self-confidence in no time. This can be very embarrassing, as this can lead you towards depression and anxiety. Instead of thinking about it, work on it. Being human, our intellect is our greatest strength. Therefore, try to innovate ideas to work on your weaknesses. It is also important to keep our weaknesses hidden. On thinking more, your mind will try to share these with your closed ones. This can be extremely dangerous, as there is no guarantee of loyalty. So, to prevent all these, never think about your weaknesses.


    It is extremely difficult to train your mind. The mind is as strong as an intoxicated elephant and unstable as a money. However, training the mind is an art. Many spiritual leaders and monks sacrificed years in mastering this art. It requires years of practice in resisting a single thought. Therefore, the above-mentioned ways might seem impossible and impractical to many. However, it may be difficult but not impossible. Your mind is like the charioteer of your life. An honest charioteer will lead you in the right way. Otherwise, it will lead you towards the dark world of negative thoughts. Just a thought about these terms might turn life to a mayhem. Therefore, you must know about these forbidden thoughts to the fullest.

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