Things to Draw When Bored - simple ideas

Things to Draw When Bored - simple ideas


We’ve been scribbling and drawing since we were kids. And, upon growing up, all the boring classes and lectures have turned us into an artist we didn’t know existed before.

Drawing is a part of us. Not just the aesthetics, drawing is a therapeutic, engaging activity for our brains. You can easily turn your boredom into an interesting time with drawings.

So, what are the things to draw when you feel bored? Where to start?

Let us help you.

Here’s a set of interesting, fun, relaxing, and cool things to draw when you feel bored. The list we shared with you here will make you start right away.

Interesting Exciting things to Draw When Bored:

1. Paul Klee inspired drawing

Paul Klee is a German-Swiss artist. His artworks are amazing. It’s full of abstract lines and patterns like circles, squares, rectangles, boxes, triangles, etc.

Google “Paul Klee inspired drawing patterns” or “Paul Klee inspired drawings” or “Paul Klee abstract drawings,” and you can find his wonderful works.

You can find YouTube tutorials too on Paul Klee inspired drawing techniques.

Klee inspired artworks and drawings are one of the best things to draw when you feel bored.

Try it.

2. Storyboards

Storyboard drawings, comic strip drawings are a great way to spend your time. Even if you can’t draw, some tutorials teach you how to draw simple storyboards and comic strips. Storyboards and making Comic Strips are interesting, fun, and cool.

3. Mimicking/Re-Creating Artist works

Mimicking is simple. It’s a fun thing to do. You see an artist’s work, and you try to paint it or draw it. Starry nights, Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh tops the list among the most re-tried, mimicked artworks.

Google or YouTube “how to draw starry night” or “how to draw café terrace at night” or “easy drawing of Vincent van Gogh” etc.

Vincent Van Gogh’s work is just an example we gave for you to get the idea. The artist and the artwork can be your choice.

4. World-famous cities

We can’t hide the excitement about world-famous cities like NY, Paris, Venice, Rome, etc. Is it? Something about them inspires us and excites us.

We can see how people hang their favorite cities (through different artworks) in their rooms.

Why don’t you try to draw “world cities” when you feel bored?

You can find many artworks and cool interpretations of famous cities through Minimalism, calligraphy, abstract, watercolor, oil color works, etc.

Google “NY city drawings,” “Paris Drawings”, or your favorite city. You will find tons of artworks.

Try it.

5. Double Exposure Scenery Drawing

The drawing is about depicting the same scene during the ‘day’ and at ‘night’. YouTube is a great place to find easy double exposure tutorials than a Google search.

6. Wonders of the World Drawings

There are tons of artworks, cute doodles, fun sketching, and minimalistic artworks depicting wonders of the world. Get inspiration from them. And start drawing yours.

7. Floral Wreath drawings

Your imagination is the limit here. You can come up with your own floral wreath designs, wreath doodles, etc.

8. 3D drawings

If you want something interesting to draw when you feel bored, try 3D drawing tutorials.

9. Shape-Fill Type Drawings:

You draw any shape like a square, rectangle, circle, and triangle. You fill it with artworks like doodles, patterns, sceneries, landscapes, watercolors, etc.

You can find a lot of inspiration from the internet.


Cool things to draw when bored

1. Fall/autumn inspired doodles

We all love fall, the chill winter, and the hot coffees, right?

Autumn, fall-inspired latte doodles, fall-inspired clothing doodles; autumn doodles are cool things to try when bored. Not just autumn, you can go for summer and springs too.

2. Illustrations type drawing

You read a story. You come across any situation, places, or landscape from a book/movie. Depict it in your drawings. This is a simple illustration-style drawing.

3. Acrylic painting techniques

You can find beginner tutorials about acrylic painting techniques using bubble wraps, Vaseline jelly, stencils, dry brushing, toothbrush, toothpicks, threads, ribbons, etc.

They are cool. Try these drawing techniques when you feel bored.

4. Learn “Blending Colors”

Color blending gives your drawing a surrealistic effect. If you don’t feel like drawing, try doing “color blending techniques” when bored.

5. Urban Sketching

It’s one of the most sought-after cool things to draw when you are bored. Google “Urban sketching for beginners,” “Urban sketching examples,” and you will find lots of inspirations. Learn the technique and try them.

6. Camping / Trekking/ Mountaineering related minimalistic drawings.

Camping drawings in minimalism is fantastic. People love them so much that you can see them on t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

YouTube “Simple Camping doodle”, “Mountain camping minimalistic drawings,” “Mountain doodle for beginners,”, “Mountain/camping doodles.”

7. Nostalgic Drawings

It is about doodling/drawing things that represent the 90’s, 80’s. It will be cool and interesting to draw when you feel super bored.

8. Minimalistic Drawings

You can represent a scenic campfire, a big mountainscape, a life-story using simple strokes of lines and little doodles. That’s the beauty of minimalistic drawings and artworks. Minimalistic drawings are cool. Try them.

9. Tribal Arts/Patterns

There are lots of tribal arts across the world like Madhubani/Warli Folk paintings, Japanese drawing styles, African tribal patterns, African Mask drawings, etc.

A Canadian artist Jennifer Adomeit’s indigenous artworks are amazing. You need to look into it. All the native/tribal arts around the world are inspiring. Try them.

10. Rough sketching of what you see

Sketching and drawing what is in front of you or what you see is a simple thing to try when you bored.

11. Roadside scene drawing

You can find many inspiring drawings and paintings about scenes along the roads.

12. Lighthouse scenic drawings

Lighthouse landscapes are beautiful. Draw them and color them with watercolors or oil pastels for beautiful realistic effects. You can come up with lighthouse doodling, pencil-sketching lighthouse, acrylic lighthouse drawings, etc.

13. Shorelines/ seashore drawings

Beach, sands, seashore lines are beautiful sceneries we shouldn’t miss. Start drawing. Sealine/ Seashores are an easy thing to draw when you feel bored.

14. Try “How To” Drawings

You can find “How to draw realistic eyes,” “how to draw a girl,” “how to draw a castle,” etc. If you go for one, you will find tons of suggestions coming your way. The “How to” type is an interesting thing to draw when you are bored.


Easy things to draw when bored

1. Simple watercolor drawings. Try with different trees, flowers, leaves, etc.

2. Draw cartoonist figures of people, homes, buildings, sceneries, etc.

3. Planet drawings.

4. Simple landscape using a watercolor.

5. Cityscapes/City Building line drawings.

6. Bottle drawings – draw different types and shapes of the bottle. Fill it with flowers, leaf drawings, patterns, lines, etc.

7. Quotes drawing.

8. Different styles of banner/photo frame/ Polaroid frame-border drawings.

9. Different styles of sun and moon.

10. Number/Alphabet to Shape/Figure Drawing.


Cute things to draw when bored

If you like to try drawing something nice, subtle, and cute, here are some ideas for you.

1. Succulent/Cactus doodles.

2. Leaf doodles.

3. Flowers doodle.

4. Anime character doodles.

5. Superhero doodles.

6. Different Cakes/Cupcake doodles.

7. Coffee cup doodles.

8. Anime Character doodles.

9. Favorite TV show/Series related doodles. You can find a lot of doodles inspired by Netflix, GoT, LOTR, and other famous characters and shows.

10. Minion doodles.

11. Boat doodles.

12. Cartoon character doodles.

13. Cute monster/dragon doodles.

14. Penguin doodles.

15. Emoji’s doodles.

Apart from the above,

Whimsical trees, leaves, flowers are our top picks for cute things to draw when you feel bored.

Example: Google “whimsical tree drawings,” and you can find your inspirations.

You can try themed doodling like Halloween, Vacation, festivals/holidays you like. Doodle what represents those holidays/festivals.


Relaxing/Therapeutic things to draw when bored

1. Mandala

Mandala is a relaxing therapeutic drawing to try when you feel bored. They are made of geometric patterns. Drawing a mandala or coloring a big mandala becomes like a meditation. You can stay calm and focused for a long time.

2. Zentangle Drawings

Zentangles are interesting in every way. You draw any picture like a mountain, a bird, a quote, or simple letters and fill it with beautiful patterns/strokes/lines.

The Internet is loaded with Zentangle drawing inspirations for us. Find them and start drawing Zentangles. They are relaxing and enjoyable.

3. Texture/Patterns/Strokes Drawing

You can draw unique patterns like a diamond, honeycombs, pentagon, patterns from nature, etc. Pattern drawings will be therapeutic. You can try complex patterns easily through a few minutes of online tutorials.

4. “Drawing the Breath” technique

Take an un-ruled notebook.

When you inhale, let the curve go up and when you exhale, let it come down.

Draw your curve based on how you breathe your inhale and exhale pattern. Do it slowly. They call this the “Drawing the Breath” technique. You can find tutorials on YouTube. It’s a therapeutic drawing to try when bored or when you feel angry or stressed.

5. Coin Drawings

Outline a coin. Keep drawing coin outlines side-by-side. Fill the page. In those circles, you can fill colors, Zentangle patterns, mandala designs, stripes, etc.

They are easy relaxing things to draw when you feel bored and the time is short.

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