Simple things to be grateful for in life

Simple things to be grateful for in life


There are a couple of things to be grateful for in life. Being grateful simply means expressing thankfulness and gratitude to someone or something.

You tend to stay positive in life by practicing gratitude and being thankful for others and circumstances. You can also be thankful to your own inner self.

By being grateful, you feel a lot happier and less lonely in life. You sense that the entire world is available to rescue you in need of the hour.

Expressing gratitude is supposedly the simplest thing in life. You should know the things to be thankful for and gratify others because you would also feel happy at heart when you sail in similar situations.

Below you can find a list of things to be grateful for in your daily life.

1. Parents

Your life is the blessing of your parents. Without your parents, your life is meaningless and directionless. All your childhood, education, career, and family are all because of your parents. And therefore, you have to be grateful to them for every breath you are taking on this Earth.

2. Your finances in life.

Money makes the most of the things in this social world. Your personality, education, and career, and skills are all fueled by money. Therefore be thankful for the finances that come your way, of course, because of your hard work, though.

3. Family and loved ones.

To lead a successful social life, you certainly need the support of family and friends. Be grateful every day to your loved ones in life as they correct your path to progress from time to time.

4. The mistakes you committed.

Mistakes are the things to be grateful for. Therefore thank them. Because, when you fail, you give a comeback with double the energy. Your every bounce back helps you learn from your mistakes and move on.

5. Good health.

You are the best person to take care of yourself. Your health is in your hands. Therefore be thankful to yourself and obviously for your good health. Without a healthy body, your thoughts do not turn into actions.

6. Your personality traits.

All the personality traits you have absorbed in you are your efforts in tuning them for your well-being. Be grateful for what you have in you. Thank them for their return support in sustaining within you.

7. Electronics and gadgets.

Technology is pretty important in life. Because of these electronics and gadgets, you can shift all your hard work into smart work. They save a lot of time and are highly friendly in extending their support to helping you grow in life.

8. Social security.

Be thankful to the armed forces who protect you from intruders and threats stabbing in from land, air, and water. Thank your government and leaders for helping you in increasing the standard of your living.

9. Your role model.

You are inspired by someone in your life. Be thankful to your role model whether or not you get a chance to meet in person and offer your thanks. Because knowingly or unknowingly, you get to follow many aspects of their life.

10. Life skills.

Apart from the knowledge that you acquire as part of your education, you also acquire wisdom. Thank these life skills that you learn in life from other individuals or books and seminars, as they mark your self-reflection and self-esteem levels. Life skills also teach you how to be grateful to others in life.

11. Entertainment.

A monotonous routine obviously leads to boredom. This is why you reenergize and refresh yourselves by switching towards entertainment, music, movies, etc. These are a few of those so many reasons to be grateful as they revitalize you.

12. Nature.

By spending time with nature, you feel renewed in terms of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and actions in life. With fresh thoughts in mind, you set goals and strategies afresh. Your mind wanders for creativity, and you feel like living a new life. Therefore thank nature for blessing you with a rebirth.

13. Kids and pets.

I would be very grateful to learn a lot from kids. You learn a lot about life from pets as well. Therefore thank them and keep spending time with them in knowing your past and framing your future.

14. Your teachers.

You lead a stable social life because of your educational qualifications, skills, and talents, and the career you are pursuing. All this happened because you are walking in the path laid down by your teachers. Therefore thank them for helping you understand what you need in life.

15. Challenges in life.

Life is full of challenges, and you have to thank them, for they help you reap productive results. Every challenge comes with an opportunity packed in it. So be thankful for what you have. Understand this and move along in life.

To conclude, make it a habit to record in a book the answer for what I would be grateful for today. Think about how to be more grateful tomorrow. Repeat it every single day. You feel a sense of hope in life and tend to carry positive vibes with you wherever you place yourself.

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  • emma
    Emma Brown
    984 pts

    Grateful is the feeling of thankfulness to the world or to a person in specific. You feel grateful for the help someone has offered you. It is essential that you be grateful every day to the world around, for the kind of life you are leading today. You should also be grateful to god for meeting your bare minimum needs and fulfilling your other desires in life, which means a lot to you.

    You can be grateful in several ways, a few of which are quoted below for your ready reference. Having said this, each of us needs to make changes in our daily life to adopt gratitude and appreciate moments of others.

    1. Recollect the good moments you had in the past.

    Drive yourselves into the past and help yourself remember all the worthy moments in which you expressed gratitude. Be grateful for everyday, converse, and share with your inner self, the moments filled with goodness and gratitude. Doing so, you inject more happiness, care, and concern towards your environment.

    2. Thank your efforts for making attempts to add meaning to your life.

    Be grateful everyday towards your thought process and actions because you did so since your heart directed you to do so. And by following these means, you, in fact, begin to set a progressive direction and a meaningful path to life.

    3. Share words of gratitude when in a group.

    Always thank or express sorry when you are in a group. But if you have to give negative feedback, do it one on one. Be grateful for everyday by rehearsing and sharing kind words. You soon energize the other person in bouncing back towards work and life, productively and positively.

    4. Thank the ethics and philosophies you installed in your life.

    You must have added specific values and beliefs in life, which direct you towards your goals. Being thankful everyday to your philosophies and morals help you captivate in life. Because they let you think before you act in any situation. You thereby decide whether it seems legitimate to you or not and then move on.

    5. Look from others’ viewpoints.

    When you sail in an unfavorable circumstance, pause for a while and think about it from the other person’s perspective. We need to make changes in our daily life to adopt gratitude and empathy, embracing which we act wisely. You even tend to express gratitude, convincing that, only a bad situation encompassed in place of a worse or a worst one.

    6. Avoid saying something now that you will regret later.

    Don’t use irrevocable words that hurt others. Be grateful for everyday, as every day has new unrevealed stories and opportunities in it, and that you are blessed to witness, watch, cherish and move on in life.

    So, don’t just react over situations without understanding about it by educated means. Suspend your instant and abrupt actions. Because you never know if the mistake that happened was from your end or from any external source.

    7. Thank the difficulties in life and handle them with positivity.

    Life is loaded with difficulties. Have the patience to sit and solve them one after another by adopting a positive mindset. We need to make such negative to positive changes in our daily life to adopt gratitude in such difficult and tough times, as they help us learn and grow in life.

    8. Hug your buddy and say soothing words to relieve his pain.

    Express gratitude and give away a powerful, inspirational, and constructive feedback to your loved ones. Hug them, if need be. Sooth and calm down their pain. Build up levels of intimacy and trust. By being thankful everyday even for most of the ordinary things they do to you, you show them that you really care for them.

    9. Be grateful everyday to your health that is supporting you every second in life.

    Thank your health because you wouldn’t be able to succeed without a healthy body and mind. Thank it for caring about it. Feed it with favorites yet nutritious ones. Let it exercise. Take control of your health and tune it for its betterment and, obviously your growth.

    10. Live in the moment.

    Enjoy every moment of life. Be grateful for all the pleasures life gives you. By being thankful everyday for the annoyances, you teach yourself a lot of life lessons to implement in your or others' lives. When you understand what and how not to do, you obviously direct yourself towards what to do and how to go about it.

    Finally, if you develop and improve the habit of thankfulness, you tend to be a lot happier and healthier than those who really don’t. We need to make these changes in our daily life to adopt gratitude by telling the other person about strengths in him rather than what he lacks in him. By being grateful, you see happiness in everything and have the courage to face challenging situations.

  • karishma
    karishma Archana
    20,342 pts

    Writing is in progress...............

    Almost everyone in the world is not happy with themselves. Everyone thinks that they don't have enough what they deserve.

    The primary source of disappointment is yourself. You don't know whatever you have, might be, and someone else dreams of having that in their life.

    You will always see the children playing happily. They don't know what sadness or dissatisfaction is. You will see a beautiful smile all the time on their face. Have you ever thought, why is this so?

    They don't realize what they have and what they don't. They live in the present only. They are happy with whatever they have.

    You don't know how blessed you are. You have all those things that might other people don't have. For example, you are reading this post on your mobile or laptop. You should be grateful that you have these accessories; others might not be having it.

    There are many things in our life and society that we want to change. But, tell me, which are those things, you appreciate that you have. You appreciate nothing. Right!

    It is human nature; they want more and more. They are never satisfied with whatever they have. And, in the attempt of changing things, we forget appreciation of those things that we have.

    Many times, things don't go as you plan. Sometimes, they will be beyond your expectations, and sometimes, they will go worst. But, you will remember only the bad times.

    Complaints are easy to file, and happiness is tough to find.

    Yesterday, I was sitting enjoying my cup of tea. The weather outside was so good. Some children were playing. I was watching them, and a thought came to my mind.

    How happy are they? Without caring about what they have and what they don't, they all were enjoying.

    I realize, sometimes, I also don't respect what I have. And I analyze what I have; I should be grateful for it.

    In this article, I have listed a few things to which we all should be grateful. Please check out the list.

    1) Parents

    Parents are the most prestigious thing you have. When I see people who don't have parents, I feel bad for them. But, when seeing people who don't respect their parents, I feel like they are unlucky.

    They can not respect their parents because they don't understand the importance of their existence. You are in the world because they give you birth. So, don't lose any chance to show how much you love them.

    2) Family and loved ones

    Have you ever stayed away from your house due to any reason? If you have, then, recognize those days, when there were any function or festival, and you could not join your family.

    This is how the person might be feeling who doesn't have a family and a loved one. They don't have anyone to share their happiness or sorrow. So, be grateful for your luck that you have a family who loves you a lot.

    3) Good Health

    Have a tour of the hospital sometimes, and see how people are in pain. Many times, very young people die because they get detected by any severe disease. Put yourself in their shoe, and be grateful that you are healthy.

    4) Electronics and gadgets

    Have you ever thought about how the people would have survived before the invention of electronics and gadgets?

    For you, many things are accessible easily. Technology has made many things straightforward to perform. For example, look at your mobile phone. You are just one call away from your loved ones. And more on that, you have those electronic devices to you. So, you can use it anywhere anytime. So, be grateful for that.

    5) Your speech

    Think of the people who can not speak. I am not saying that speaking is the strength and the person who can not speak is less intense, but you have the advantage of conveying your thoughts efficiently to others compared to the people who can not speak. So, be grateful for your speech.

    6) Life

    Though life is so unpredictable, thank the blessing that you have got in the form of energy.

    Some say life is so long, few states it is short.

    But, life depends on how you live it. How you treat your life is essential. Always be grateful that you have this wonderful life.

    7) Entertainment

    TV, movies, cinemas, sports, and so many are sources of entertainment. Nowadays, the entertainment industry has taken a vital role in the lives of people.

    Not a single day, you can imagine without entertainment. Many people can not afford to have a TV or go to the movies every weekend or anything else. So, be grateful if you can do it.

    8) Your role model

    Life serves you with many obstacles. You have to deal with them, and without getting broken and thoughtless, you have to move continuously with tackling those situations.

    Someone might inspire you, and due to that, you find yourself strong enough to deal with the problematic situation.

    That could be anyone, your teacher, parents, or someone who has done very great things after so much struggle in their life. Then, be grateful for them that they inspired you.

    9) Nature

    Nature gives you happiness. When you are happy, sad, excited, nature plays an essential role in your mood. So, thanks to the character for its beauty.

    10) Kids and pets

    When you feel uneasy, go and play with kids or pets. You will forget the reason for your disappointment.

    We become a kid when we play with the kid. Likewise, pets also give back you the same love you give to them. Then, definitely, you should be grateful to them.

    11) Your teacher

    A person is a lifelong student. But when you were a kid, your teacher has played an essential role in creating you. You know how you are. If you can read and write today, it is just because of your teacher. I know you have not said them thank you ever. But you should be grateful to them.

    12) Challenges in life

    No one's life is perfect. Everyone has so many challenges in their life. Imagine, if you have a bunch of sugar daily, you will forget the taste of other things, either you won't like sweet anymore. Challenges are the same.

    They are like bitter medicine in your life. They will make you healthy. So, you should be grateful to them that they are making you healthy.

    13) Your house

    Many people don't have a roof on their heads. They live on the road. You should be grateful that you have a home. A home is the only place where you can be yourself. And no one is there to judge you. If you have a house, you are lucky that you have a very prestigious thing.

    14) Drinking water

    Imagine you are stuck in the desert alone. You can not find anyone far away. You don't have anything for you. You are walking in search of help. And you can't find anything. Now you are thirty, and you don't have water to drink. If the imagination is so scary, how would be the reality then?

    Grateful for the water you drink every day. It is an essential component of life. You just waste it often because you don't respect it either; you don't realize its importance.

    15) Food or meal

    I am the kind of person who needs something to eat every-hour interval. But many people are out there who don't have food to eat. They struggle for it every day.

    Before wasting a bite, think of the people who don't have food to eat. And feel grateful that you have food and you don't struggle for it.

    16) The internet

    Nothing is far away from you. The world is in your hand. You can reach the destination only by searching the route. You can search for any information on the mobile with a click. Even you are reading this article because you have the internet on your mobile.

    The Internet has put things together very near to you. You have easy access to the minute details of the world. So, thank the internet and grateful to it.

    17) Your friends

    Only one relation in the world that is created by us. Friends are not being given to us by God. We choose our buddies. We choose people to make our friends with.

    Friends are the only people after our family, whom we trust so much. We sometimes share our deepest secrets with them, even we don't share it with the family. So, grateful to them for their support.

    18) Your situations

    As life will serve you with various situations. They will not be the same all the time. Each situation teaches you new skills. Good situations will fill you with excitement, and bad situations will teach you courage.

    Everything that happens in life has a reason. So, don't get upset with the situation and be grateful for it.

    19) Your courage

    Recognize those situations in your life where you are supposed to be broken. Many times, life shows you such phases. You don't understand what to do and how to deal with the situation.

    But congratulations, you are so courageous. You crossed those stages calmly. Be grateful for your skill.

    20) Your strength

    Yes, you are very strong. You might not be aware of your strengths, but, trust me, when the conditions come across you and your success, you will face them full of your strengths.

    Be grateful for your strengths.

    21) Your mind

    You remember every detail about you, your family, and so many things. It is all stored in your mind, and your mind has taken the responsibility to store them for times. Be grateful to your mind for keeping all those memories safe.

    22) Your heart

    Although the heart is just an organ that works continuously to keep you alive, it has many other functions as per human psychology.

    You are very well known for Love. Though, that is just a feeling. But, it is not just limited to the feeling. Heart plays a very important role in your life. Be grateful to your heart to keep you healthy and alive.

    23) Your belongings

    You have many things in your life. Your clothes, jackets, favorite chair, your bed, shippers, and so on. You are like bound to them.

    Your slippers make you feel so comfortable. Your clothes, you are used to it. Your favorite chair gives you a different level of comfort.

    So, be grateful for all your belongings. They contribute a major role in your life.

    24) Your tears

    Tears! You might be surprised seeing this thing on the list. But nothing can be as true as the tears.

    When you are happy, tears tells your emotion. When you are sad, tears rolled out. Tears can not lie. And also, tears are not bad either. Feel grateful for your tears.

    25) Your mistakes

    Mistakes are the teacher. Until you make any mistake, you can not learn. The mistake is like a ladder.

    You make a mistake, after realization, and you make it correct. And forgetting that, you move on. Mistakes are the associate with your success.

    And till now, you have made many mistakes and learn through it. So, don't call it a mistake, but a lesson. And be grateful to this teacher.

    26) Your enemies

    You can not please everyone so that you will have friends and enemies too. But don't bother because of your enemies and be grateful to them. As your strength decides your enemy. And if you have so many enemies, then congratulations, you are very strong.

    27) Your body

    You are you because you have a healthy body. Be grateful to your body. If you did not have your body, you would not be you.

    You can roam the entire world because you have a body. You do all your work with your body's collaboration.

    28) Your siblings

    You might often fight with your siblings, but it's an unchangeable fact that you love them a lot. You know, they will stand with you in every situation, where you need them. You learn many things from them. They are a backbone to you. So, be grateful to them.

    29) Your name

    Your name is your identity. The entire world knows you with your name. And it is not at all a small thing. So, be grateful to your name for giving you an identity.

    30) Your eyes

    When in the night, the power cuts off, and you don't find any candle or touch, and the darkness you feel at that moment is what the world without eyes. So, be grateful to your eyes, as you can see the beautiful world.

    32) Your school

    You had many lessons, academically and personally. You met some best teachers in the world in your schools. You are successful today, just because of your teacher. So, if you have never done it, then it is the right time to be grateful to your school.

    33) Your hands

    Imagine your life without the hands, and right now, be grateful to your hands. Even when your hand has any injury, you can not do your work. Feel blessed when you have it.

    34) Sadness

    Sadness is also a part of our life. Every time, you can not be happy. Either life doesn't let you be happy all the time. But, sadness too teaches many things. So, be grateful to your sadness, as, in that phase, you get to know the inner you.

    35) Oxygen

    You have been alive since your birth, only because of oxygen. Oxygen is the most important aspect of life. As if oxygen was not there, you could not have any other things, not even your body. Oxygen deserves your gratefulness. So, don't get late.

    36) Rain

    You can not have your meal; you could not see the greenery around you if there was no rain. Be grateful to it. Not only this but, the rain has many more benefits, you know them very well. So, appreciate it, and be happy.

    37) Your mobile phones

    Don't leave your mobile phone, even for a minute. It had become essential in everyone's life. The entire world has come to you on a mobile phone.

    Your every loved one is one call away from your mobile. Well, you know, the rest of the functions and importance of your mobile, so, be grateful to it.

    38) Books

    One book is better than 100 friends. Books can be the best friend to you. It can be a guide, the mentor, the teacher, and everything. What to explain about books, as, you know, how important they are. So, be grateful to it.

    39) Music

    It is a saying when you are happy, you enjoy the music, and when you are sad, you feel the music.

    You can relate the music to yourself. There are millions of songs in the world. And only one is your favorite, as it reminds you of something or you find it close to you. So, you should be grateful for it.

    40) Your bed

    Bed! Ahh...the only place where I get relaxing in the true meaning. I love my bed. And I know, you too. Bed relaxes you from your daily work out, from your tiredness. So, be grateful to it.

    41) Your best friend

    The only person who knows you may be better than you. You don't generally say it to them, but be grateful to them. Only, they are the person who stands with you in every situation in your life.

    42) The earth

    In the whole universe, till now, nothing is found as beautiful as earth. You are because there is the earth's existence. So, be grateful to the earth for this wonderful life.

    43) Happiness

    Happiness deserves to be grateful to you. You all want to be happy. And when you are happy, you forget to appreciate it. The reasons for happiness could be anything. But don't ever forget to appreciate it.

    44) Pain

    Your pain is your strength's reflection. You can figure out your strength when you are in pain. So, don't take pain as a bad idea, but take it as a supplement.

    45) Disappointment

    Disappointments are the route towards your satisfaction. They are essential in your life. Until you get disappointed in your life, you can not know what do you want in your life. So be grateful for your disappointments.

    46) Your failure

    Failure is a necessity in life. They make you strong. So, whenever you get to fail, don't get upset with it. Try to figure out the reason for it and get the solution to it. Don't forget to be grateful to this teacher.

    47) Your legs

    You can walk, run, only due to your legs. You can not imagine your life without your legs. Either you don't realize its importance in life. But, without the legs, you would be like a tree whose roots are inside the ground, and you would be unable to move here and there. So, they deserve your appreciation.

    48) Sense of touch

    A human completes when their every sense is working correctly. A sense of touch is one of them. So, be grateful to this sense as it is working actively.

    49) Electricity

    You can not spend your life without electricity. The TV, the Charger, fridge, fan, and so on, everything needs electricity. I know you have not ever thought of that, but it is essential in your life. So be grateful to it.

    50) The Sun

    The day comes with new hopes and new energy. And the day starts with the Sun. Or the Sun is the reason for a day to start. So, be grateful to this source of your enthusiastic energy source.

    And that's it. I will stop here. But, this list is not finished. There are many more hundreds of this you should be grateful to. But to the instant, I would like to give a short summary of the things I listed on the list. So, go through it, and be grateful to it.

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