15 things mentally strong people don’t do

15 things mentally strong people don’t do


You have to be mentally strong to handle any kind of situation with peace in mind. Your mental strength defines your abilities to control any circumstance. Irrespective of the worries and distractions that keep bothering you, you behave normally. This happens when you are mentally fit and strong.

Your mental strength is what helps you showcase your talent, skills, and abilities, and your confidence in tackling any situation. You should have the mental balance in life to respond to situations rather than abruptly reacting to the odds.

There are, however, a couple of things you should avoid doing so that you can train yourself to be mentally fit. Below is such kind of a list of 15 things mentally skilled people don’t do.

1. Showering sympathy on self.

You may well understand that troubles and sorrows are part of life. But still, you pause to shower sympathy over self. You feel sorry and anxious for others as well, who are in problematic situations.

2. Waste time as it is available in plenty.

You waste time believing that you have another day in the life. You spend time on unreasonable and unwanted things in life, which means nothing for you, personally and professionally.

3. Push the blame at something or someone.

If you are mentally strong, you will approach a problematic situation by understanding the underlying reasons and causes. You do not just irrationally fix the blame on someone or something else.

4. Highlight your weak areas of performance.

As a strong person by the brain, you may be knowing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. But, you do not highlight your weak areas when you know you are sure to underperform. Do not provoke others to look at your grey and difficult to protrude skills.

5. Refrain from change.

Mentally abled individuals do not relax in their comfort zone. They do not hesitate or take a step back in accepting or facing new challenges. They do not fail to experiment on new tasks or refrain from joining contests or engaging in talks with individuals of varied capabilities.

6. Inability to understand your excellence.

Worry about the aspects which are beyond your control. Understand that it makes no sense when you worry about things over which you do not have any domination. You cannot control the external forces life throws at you.

7. Keep comparing.

Compare your achievements and results to those around you. If you are mentally strong, you do not compare yourself to others. You will then automatically gain the willpower in feeling self-secured and defining your success in your style. You do not do something to impress others.

8. Present the false you.

Please others by your fake behavior towards others. Create a false impression in the mind of others by posing your best for the moment. You are usually not honest in approach and hesitate to show the true self to the world. You waste time for no cause.

9. Cribbing and worrying over the past.

Cherish worse moments from the past to even worsen the present. Revive over ruminating sick experiences you had earlier. Let your misfortune from the past dictate your present. You thereby destroy the moment and fail to plan for the future with your carelessness.

10. Keep repeating mistakes.

You may mistake and keep repeating them over and again. You do not bother to learn from them. In fact, learning from mistakes needs you to be courageous to look for new strategies to become better, which you fail at. You do not have time to promise yourself that you will not repeat the same mistake all over again.

11. Just give it up attitude.

You put an end to your journey soon as you face failure or an obstacle in life. You stop moving at all. You, in fact, even give up your goals for a silly cause as this.

12. Impatience to wait.

You expect things to work overnight. You are so desperate that you do not even apply common sense in judging how long it takes you to lead to your goal.

13. Expect to receive after giving.

For the help you have rendered, or you are offering now, you wait for a return help from them. You dispense your skills and resources because you know that you can ask them back at any moment.

14. Give up reading.

You read only what is required. If something doesn’t need your attention or is not under your subject area, you just ignore it. You rarely read as you are lazy in interpretation and evaluation.

15. Look forward to applauds.

You wait in your journey, anticipating appreciations coming your way. You can’t pick and move onto the next task without being applauded for your present results.

You can build mental strength. Just that you need to train your brain. Develop self-esteem. Wipe out the destructive intuition in you. Curb down the feelings that prevent you from expanding your horizons and reaching your full potential. Work on the areas that you need to strengthen even further. Develop healthier habits and keep building on your mental strength.

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    Strength has various dimensions. There are mental, physical, and spiritual strengths. To deal with your mentality needs extra care. To survive, you need to be mentally strong. Overcoming various hurdles is the milestone to be completed. So, you need a proper guide to make this possible. Here are 7 things you must avoid to be mentally strong.


    Guilt is a strong feeling that can change you forever. It digs your mentality, making it hollow. Therefore, if you waste your precious time in this, you'll be affected. We are mortal humans, and mistakes are inevitable. At times, we may have made serious mistakes in the past. Ironically, we have no authority to change those.

    Spending much time on feeling guilty will be a fatal blow to your positivity. Yes, you must realize your mistakes for once. However, that is not a big deal. To waste time is the most foolish act one can do. Change your course of thinking and move on. This is because nobody on the planet can revive those lost times. So, foremost, never waste time in getting guilty.

    2. GIVING UP

    Winners never give up. However, it is easy to make this statement verbally. But, turning this into reality is the main task. There will be instances where you won't see any ray of hope. Even standing firm on your feet will be a challenge. In such cases, giving up will seem the only option left. That will be the time that will decide your faith.

    When you are facing hard times, don't panic. Rather, you must be excited during this period. This is because you're allowed to decide your faith. The moment you breakdown mentally, you lose. Therefore, don’t let this opportunity go in vain. This is time to take the correct advantage of your anger. Recall the embarrassing moments you faced your line. Stand tall, and face the toughest situation.


    It is merely impossible to please everyone. However, you do not have to. There will be a huge wastage of time and energy in pleasing others. One many wonders about its relevance to a strong mentality. This is quite complex to understand and grasp. We please others, only to get praised.

    Therefore, people who are hungry for applause do it. They think they will get to hear praises about them. Unfortunately, this does not work all the time. Those people are filled with high expectations. If they don't hear as expected, their confidence gets torn to shreds. This is why expectations are the root cause of all misery. However, it’s very difficult to regain lost mental strength. Hence, never try to please others for applause.


    Evolution is the fundamental characteristic of all life. Only the dead never change. On the contrary, many refuse to change. This is because of their futile perceptions. Some people feel shy to change. Well, this impractical idea is quite humorous. They give more privilege to what others think. This leads them to think about their status in front of them.

    However, you must note that people aren't judges. You won't be rewarded or demoted by them. Another impractical reason is their ego. The crown their ego as if it's a huge milestone. Such people think that change dissipates originality. However, this is not true at all. Every living being is changing, maybe unnoticing. Whether we wish or not, change is inevitable.


    Ignorance is a quality of the foolish. This leads you towards the darkest regions of life. People can be ignored because of many reasons. However, the ego is a major reason in this case. Ignorant people already have their self-generated conclusions. They firmly believe their ideologies to be true all the time. As we know, the universe is changing every second.

    Therefore, our ideologies must also evolve. Try to lower your ego as much as you can. It is your worst enemy. Another reason for ignorance is fear. When we are afraid, we avoid many things. This avoidance is nothing but Ignorance. People think that avoiding everything will be fine. However, this isn't the case every time. Ignorance can also make our fears come true. That is why mentally strong people are more conscious. Hence, you should avoid ignorance to be mentally strong.


    A mistake something that happens opposite to our wish. It can be seen in many ways. However, different people perceive it in various ways. A large proportion of people classify mistakes as a failure. They don't want to bear the weight of a mistake.

    However, this is inappropriate to do so. Only a few people see mistakes as an opportunity. They often describe the beauty in it. Mistakes are beautiful because it allows you to modify and upgrade. Committing one will leave an unforgettable memory in your mind. Ignoring this memory won't be a wise decision. This is because you will be the one in the loss. So, to remain mentally strong, never repeat the mistakes.


    Last but not least, expecting more is a big no. The expectations of many people are unrealistic. To fulfill them is as tough as walking on a rope in mid-air. Therefore, it would be wise not to expect anything from anyone. Your self-confidence will be drastically hampered by expecting more. In turn, this leads to depression and anxiety. A mentally strong individual doesn’t expect more. He knows about the consequences he’ll face in doing that. Similarly, once you are aware, you won't expect.


    Everybody possesses mental strength. However, their potential may be low or high. People with lower mental strength suffers the most. There is a saying, “Before the battle of the first, comes the battle of the mind.” Your mental strength is the last line of defense for you. Therefore, to strengthen, it is your duty. All you have to do is to avoid these 7 acts. This ultimate guide forbids you from doing so. In turn, you'll be the one achieving success.

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