The Role of Online Tuition in Student’s Education

The Role of Online Tuition in Student’s Education


In the environment of online learning, the students and tutors use computers and internet connections in this interactive method of teaching. Online tutoring is one of those innovations where the tutor provides tuition/class to students sitting in any corner of the world. Online tuition keeps the learners always involved and interested. The interactive learning approach is fun and students learn easily and effectively quickly.

This type of distance learning methodology which uses the concept of virtual learning is convenient for the students and tutors as well. There is a difference between online tuition and normal tuition. There are various interactive tools that are available online which can be easily used while providing online tuition. The prime objective of online teaching is to enable the students in lateral thinking, being more creative and independent in learning. There are some more benefits of online tuition that we cannot ignore, such as:

1. Easy Availability:

Today, every student wants the best education, whether be it in school or tuition. But the biggest problem is to find a good tutor. If found, they may be living too far away. Then, it becomes difficult to fix the time of the student, according to the tutor’s timing. The students get so tired and tense due to this tedious process that it becomes difficult for them to concentrate properly on their studies. The solution to all of these problems is Queryfloor which is available to students only through online tuition where students can study according to their timings and when they wish to do so.

2. Freedom to Choose a Tutor:

The biggest concern for students is, "Where will they find a good tutor?” Then the job begins to hunt for a good tutor who should be a good match for the student. At the same, in online tuition, you have the freedom to choose the tutor according to your requirements and above all within your budget. Sometimes there may be mistakes in choosing the right tutor. To correct this mistake, one can resort to online tuition, where the students have the freedom to choose and change the tutor.

3. Student’s Mental Gratification:

Now think of a student returning from school, eating lunch, playing in the evening and then taking a good education from a tutor. This can happen - just through online tuition. It is a mental gratification for students because they can study online at the comfort of their home and they can search for tutors with ease without having to look for tutors outside.

4. Relief from Tension:

If any student needs tuition in more than one subject, it becomes difficult to find 2-3 tuition tutors. Online tuition can be a great relief to such students in this case. Queryfloor is one such online portal which provides online tuition to students. You can register on the site and can search for tutors online. Online tuition considers every aspect while keeping in mind the safety of students, their brain development. Further, online tuition can be of great help to them and they can opt for it without any fear and anxiety.

If a student requires academic assistance or a study helper outside of the regular classroom, then going for private tuitions or hiring a private tutor seems like a viable solution. With the advancement in technology, online tutoring is not only as good as the traditional in-person tutoring methods but has even found to be superior in some cases. Learning is not merely about a teacher teaching concepts to a student. There are specific tools and techniques involved in providing a productive and creative learning environment in which the student's intellect can flourish.

Online tutoring is a new concept due to which most people fail to recognize its importance. Hiring a tutor seems like a convenient option at first. However, what if his temperament does not match with that of the student? This is where online tutoring proves that it is a step forward as there is always room for improvement. If an online tuition teacher does not meet your requirements, you can change the tutor without having to go on a hunt searching for the perfect match in every corner of your city. Let us take a look at how online tutoring is one step ahead of the regular teaching patterns. Here are some of the immense benefits online tutoring sites have to offer.

1. Comfort Zone Provided By an Online Tutor

A student performs the best when he studies in an environment that he is well accustomed to. Also, what better could it be than his or her own home? A student can avail full benefits of online tutoring services through the comfort of their homes. Even if your child joins one of the best private tutoring institutes in the city, a lot of time and energy is wasted driving from one point to another. In the case of online tuition, a student can study without any distractions with the help of Queryfloor. Online tuition classes play a huge role in improving performance.

2. No Abrupt Leaves

Unlike a home tutor or a private tutor, online tutoring is managed by a community of people instead of an individual. Imagine this scenario- the student's exams are nearing, and the tutor suddenly encounters health problems or personal issues and for some reason is unable to continue the teaching. Where does this leave your child? How will you manage to find another tutor in such a short span of time? Even if you somehow manage to do so imagine the trouble the student will have to undergo to make adjustments just before his exams are about to begin. Seems like much trouble, doesn't it?

If a tutor suddenly has to leave due to an emergency, finding a substitute can be really cumbersome. Not to mention, the unnecessary break in the tempo of studies in the duration of the search for a new tutor can adversely affect student studying. With online tutoring, this is not much of an issue. Since it is handled by a group of people, there is no shortage of substitutes if one online tutor fails to continue. There is a pattern according to which all the teachers work. So, your child will not feel that the sudden change is too overwhelming. Online tutoring will save you the hassle of going through all that trouble to find a new tutor.

3. Expert Assistance

Along with being highly qualified, an online tutor is really passionate about what he teaches. This passion is what contributes to their utmost sincerity when it comes to teaching the students. Knowledge is more than just passing exams and memorizing chapters. It is about what a student gains out of studying. Every online tuition teacher follows a knowledge-based teaching methodology along with online homework help and tips and tricks to score well in the examination.

The teachers teach online in a way that students gain maximum knowledge in a limited amount of time. The online tuition classes are definitely a step ahead when it comes to offering expert advice and assistance. Constant support is provided by a home tutor online in the form of various tools and techniques.

4. Versatility

Online tutoring services offer versatility in teaching methods, test series, as well as the study packages meant to be opted by parents for their children. Different tutors are needed to teach various subjects. Moreover, apart from teaching the tutor should be ready to help out the student with assignments and projects as well. On queryfloor, the parents can purchase a package, thus, giving their child access to a vast array of study material and an online private teacher for all subjects willing to help them out in various subjects, assignments, etc.

5. Empowering and Creative Techniques

Students, regardless of their age group love technology. You can find most students engrossed in their computers, smartphones, and tablets in their free time. Wouldn't that be great if their favorite technological devices became an endless source of learning for them? That is the basic concept behind online tutoring or private tutoring online. Be it online school tuitions or online college tuition, and a student can be benefited from creative techniques regardless of whether he is in school or college.

Unlike conventional classroom teaching, every online private teacher has developed creative ways of making students understand different fundamentals by utilizing modern technology in the most innovative way possible. There are many apps and games the student can download on their phones and instead of playing a bike or a car racing game they can play these creative educational games to increase their knowledge and have some fun at the same time!

6. Personalized Teaching

One of the most common misconceptions among parents is that online teaching is not customized and there is a set pattern that is mandatory to be followed. However, in reality, just like in-person private tutoring online tutors customize their lesson plan according to the convenience of the student. Sometimes one long session can turn out to be tedious for a student as there are so many different subjects to cover in a short span of time. Online tutoring websites allow students and their parents to decide their own duration for a particular study session. It also enables the students to log in at frequent intervals thereby allowing them to take short breaks in between to refresh their minds.

7. Study Aids and Tools

One of the many benefits of Queryfloor online teaching and online study is that both the teachers and the students can utilize a combination of the traditional teaching and learning methods and modern-day technology. There are numerous study aids and tools available online that not only act as a supplement to the regular studies but also improve the overall learning style of a student. Instant-messengers, graphing tools, group discussion, question and answer floor, text messages, shared whiteboards, Skype, shared files, etc. are some of the tools that help in establishing a better student-teacher connectivity along with enhancing the knowledge of the student.

8. Schedule

While finding a home tutor or private tuition the most common problem encountered by parents is the mismatched schedules. Even if they manage to find a perfect tutor at an affordable price, there is no 100 percent guarantee that the schedule of the tutor will match that of the student or the parents. Most of the time the student or the parents have to make compromises as they have to go along with the schedule comfortable to the teacher. Every university tutor is also prescribed time by the university authorities. This is not the case with online tutoring.

Online tutoring websites remove all restrictions regarding time zones, geography, and commuting and are super flexible. They readily adjust according to your schedule without any wastage of your precious time. Things become a lot easier when time limitations are removed. You have your independence when instead of relying on the tutor you can take charge and others adjust according to your routine.

9. Repetitions and Revisions

Since there are so many things to cover in the syllabus, it becomes a little confusing for the student to remember all the concepts. Even though notes might help to some extent, it is not the same as a teacher teaching the concepts. Schools have a prescribed duration for a particular subject or a topic. There is the equal emphasis given on each subject. However, what if your child requires repetition or revision of a specific topic. This does not sound difficult where there is a limited number of students. Now, imagine a situation in which each student in the class wants a different topic to be explained again. This is impossible in conventional education systems due to the time restriction.

In online tutoring and online study, the lessons are stored in various formats including documents and multimedia such as audio, video, text, etc. This provides easy accessibility to the student as he/she can flip through previous lessens anytime he/she wants. This way the concepts are not lost and revisions are easy and more convenient. Moreover, there is constant assistance in the form of video conferencing and instant chatting with the teachers if a student wants to clear any doubts. No university tutor is able to offer such facilities.

10. Affordability

If your home tutor or a study helper comes from a long way to your place, there are chances he or she might charge a high rate per hour. Some of them even take transportation charges if they are coming from someplace far. Since an online tutor does not have to travel in order to provide a study session to a student, the rate per hour of such websites offering online teaching is generally lower than that of home tutors. All in all, online tutoring provides high-quality services at an affordable price.

With the ever-increasing competition, the concept of online tuition from home is one of the best options out there. Online tutoring websites provide both online college tuition and online school tuition. Considering the multitude of benefits online tutoring has to offer, there is no reason why one should not welcome this step towards a better tomorrow with open arms. The perfect combination of digital excellence with expertise and a sincere approach can work wonders for a student if online teaching is efficiently utilized.

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