Why it feels good to say thank you - the key to happiness

Why it feels good to say thank you - the key to happiness


Say Thank You! Spread happiness! Today I would like to start with a real incident in my life. Once there was hotchpotch going on in the clinic. Some patients were shouting at the compounded, and some patients at the nurses to let them see the doctor first.

Even I was not in a good mood. I saw around ten patients in the same mood. After their check-up, they left, and this was all okay to me. But that eleventh patient turned towards me and uttered, "thank you, doctor."

I can't explain to you how I felt at that moment! I was gratified! ❤️ Gratitude factor keep enhancing your life through grateful feeling! You just can't imagine how our one word of gratitude can make the day for others.

So, let's talk about GRATITUDE.

► What is gratitude?

● What does gratitude mean?

● What does gratitude can bring in your life?

⭕ Definition:

1. Gratitude is the feeling of admiration felt by the person who received the act of goodness or some gifts, etc. And the feeling is a creator of new aspects of one's life.

It is your feeling that drags you to give your two hundred percent to achieve your goals. If you want to make out the meaning of gratitude, then firstly, you should start feeling it no matter what you have in your life. So, in light of how greatly gratitude can influence your life, it must be your priority.

2. Gratitude is the positive feedback or feel you have for others who helped you in any case or situation.

Being thankful to God, to nature, to everything can make your day! It has that power that can't be expressed by the word. For that, you have to live gratitude.

3. Gratitude is something that cherishes your mood and off course, others too. Gratitude is an astounding feeling to live up to it.

4. What do you think? Is gratitude an emotion?

Yes, it is in my sense because it is something that you feel or what you experience. Your way of expressing gratitude can make you mark you off among millions.

► Why expressing gratitude and thanks is so damn important?

⭕ Gratitude acts on the law of attraction. The more you will be thankful for whatever you have, and you will always get more.

⭕ Gratitude stimulates your subconscious mind and makes you feel good from the bottom of your heart.

And obviously, this is going to affect your health in a positive manner.

⭕ Gratitude makes you a tactful person. And being kind is the law of nature. Nature wants all its creatures to be kind and helpful to others. Believe me, when you start appreciating others, your subconscious mind activates and store this data as a good deed. And when people need the same help, your inner voice, nothing but the subconscious mind, orders you to do the same. Nature loves this helping behavior of its creature.

⭕ Gratitude is the miracle-making thing. It has the capacity to take a u-turn in your life. Gratitude can switch your entity through and through.

⭕ Gratitude is the key to power. This nine lettered word can bring power/ wealth/ happiness in your life beyond your imagination.

⭕ Gratitude is a great multiplier. It has unlimited phases that can bring joy to your life.

⭕ When we appreciate others, our body starts vibrating in the frequency which is required for happiness.

► How gratitude affects your life?

1. People who express their gratitude towards people are more social as compared to those who don't.

Being social keeps you away from the negative thoughts and hence help in maintaining the pace of your life. It will never let you down with depression, which is nowadays one of the major causes of mortality in the present world.

2. One who expresses gratitude gets more in his/ her life, and one who doesn't express loses whatever they have.

3. Expressing Gratitude makes you happy, which further connects you to exactly the same frequency of whatever you want. This is the same as the law of attraction.

4. Your gratitude expression follows you and inculcate positive vibes in your life. This may release hormones like oxytocin, which makes you happy.

5. Gratitude may help you in reducing the blood pressure. In this manner, gratitude affects your health.

6. Gratitude may help you to have a better sleep.

7. Gratitude may decrease the risk of depression or anxiety and the stress of our life.

8. Gratitude may help you in coping with the fearful and sad moments of your life.

9. Strengthen the bonds you carry with your beloved ones.

10. Gratitude may help you in healing faster from your bitter past.

People inspired by gratitude get their job or work done with flying colors.

► ‌How to write a gratitude journal?

Firstly you have to think about why you actually want to write a gratitude journal? What's the reason behind it?

Is it your inner wish, or you want to do it just because someone asked you to do so?

You must write it only if you are really grateful to something or someone.


◆ Make a list of things or people for whom you are grateful. (Preferably start with top-five, and then you can increase it day by day)

◆ Observe your list every morning and before you go to sleep. Believe me, this will help you be happy with whatever you have. Never postpone your happiness; live it in the present. It's great to have goals or ambition, but you should have them with a grateful mind.

◆ Imagine them exactly the reason for which you are grateful to them. Feel the importance of everything you are grateful to.

◆ Express these feelings to your beloved one. Tell them that they are a blessing in your life. Thanks, nature, for giving you all those reasons to be happy.

Follow these super easy steps and become optimistic.

► 4 Things gratitude can bring in your life

★ Happiness

'Thank you' is not just a word but an emotion. Saying this will bring happiness to your face, and the brain of your body will release the signal to produce neurotransmitters, which will keep your mood light and happy.

★ Satisfaction

Being thankful will develop a feeling of fulfillment, and our brain starts processing in a similar manner.

★ Energy to work more effectively

If you feel grateful for whatever you have, as said earlier, it will activate your body system. This is the reason that our body will work more efficiently.

★ Better life

Of course, all of this will make your life better. Better in the sense of happiness/ good mind-set.

➤ Best gratitude journal for men

Men are not so expressive; they avoid telling their feelings. So it becomes more important for them to know how they can share.

You can simply write thank you on a small piece of paper.

Hide it at a place where your beloved one may find it.

If you wish to do this for your mom, you may hide it in a kitchen rack;

For sister, you may hide it below her cell phone/ purse she carries;

For a wife, you may place it below her pillow so that she can find it early morning.

Your gesture may also deliver your feelings towards others.

Make a cup of coffee or tea for her/him. It is said that the path of a man's heart is through the stomach. But believe me, this is the same for women too!

You may express your gratitude by giving importance to your people.

This you can do by asking their opinion on a particular topic or by taking their views.

Speak out to your people and be happy always.

► Do gratitude works?

Yes, it does!

► Morning gratitude motivation

A good day starts with gratitude. Start your day with a positive mind, with the satisfaction of your life. Have faith in your self. Always believe that what you have might be the greatest wish for others.

Be thankful!

Go through the journal you made. Read the list you made. Thank God or the universe for giving you all those stuff. Feel gratitude, believe it, and you will see receiving it too.

❤️ Lord Buddha said that there are just two reasons for living our life.

One is to express gratitude, and others are to live life to its fullest. And, I think even to live life to its fullest, you have to express gratitude for others.

One letter of gratitude and appreciation can change your life and others too!

Gratitude and happiness go hand by hand.

► How to express gratitude in words?

1. Thank you!

2. You are the most important in my life.

3. You made my day.

4. You touched my heart!

5. I am always there for your help too.

6. I am blessed to have you in my life.

7. You helped me beyond my expectations.

8. Your help cannot be expressed in words.

9. I appreciate your help.

10. Thank you for your vision.

11. Thanks for helping me to a great extent.

Thanksgiving thoughts of gratitude are greatly powerful. That it can mold the hardest person too.

Word of gratitude to friend: "I am blessed to have you."

► How to express gratitude in writing?

1. Write a beautiful letter to whom you want to express your gratitude. It must be handwritten because it creates a different impact on a person's heart.

Make it simple but with lots of emotions.

Add those incidents in which you were really feeling amazed due to your person. Thanks, people, for this kind and humble gesture.

2. If you are fond of poetry, you can definitely add a pair of couplet there.

The things that are expressed in poems have more effect on the human heart!

A small note of gratitude can help someone to come out of stress or bad moments they are going through.

► Five minutes gratitude meditation

This is something which you must practice every single day.

Just follow the simple steps and get started:

×> Sit down with a relaxed posture.

×> Close your eyes.

×> Start feeling the inner world within your

body and you will notice the

experience of the outer world too.

×> Now keep on thanking God or Universe

or Nature for all you have.

×> Believe that you have everything that is

necessary for the survival of this

planet earth.

Practice it daily with a full heart.

And, you will notice changes in your mental health after a week.

► How to get gratitude?

Now, this is something which if you want, you must stop expecting it for your deeds. This is the only way!

Because if you help someone for the sake of getting thank you or any sort of gratitude, then you won't be able to do it with a pure heart. And, so your emotions will not be true ones.

Help the needy people.

► Debt of gratitude

It is as important as oxygen for our life. Express as much as you can.

► ‌Lack of gratitude

If you don't pay gratitude for what you have, you will never be satisfied. And, when you are not satisfied, you can't stay happy.

When you are not happy, your brain sends the signal to the entire body system. This leads to stress.

➡️ So, "Thank you" may change not only your mood but also your future!

Keep on thanking God or Universe from the bottom of your heart; if possible from the bottom of your lung, stomach, brain and what not.? {Tried to be funny ?}

Even this will just be the drop from the sea!

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