Team Building Activities for improve work performance

Team Building Activities for improve work performance


When you work in an organization, it is bound that you need to work in groups or teams for different projects. However, a team can only bring out the best work forward when they are in sync with one another. The team members must have good communication, rapport, and understanding of one other to put forward the best results. Team building activities are essential to bringing out the best work forward and solve the problem quickly.

Here are 13 team-building problem-solving activities that you can try.

1. Scavify

This game is sure to bring out the best in teams. The game helps build a good rapport amongst the teammates. The scavenger hunt involves a lot of fun, interaction, friendly interaction, and problem-solving.

It is one of the most simple best team building activities. The game can be played through a browser or a mobile app. Individuals and teammates can participate in the scavenger hunt. The game requires them to snap photos, answer questions, taking videos, scan QR codes, provide honest feedback, and much more.

2. The Escape Game

You might know about the great Escape Game with tons of adventure. Now you can play them in a virtual mode as well. These are the most exciting remote team building activities online that you can get your hands on.

You can play the game by getting on a Zoom call and guiding teammates in the fun game. This activity helps to build great relationships within a team.

3. QuizBreaker

This fun online game will help with team-building related activities. When each member of your group signs up, they answer ice breaker questions like "Your favorite TV show?" and similar questions.

It is quite a simple game that will help you know one another in your teams and build a happy working environment. You can download this game, which also has a free trial.

4. The Go Game

The Go Game offers a virtual team-building platform that has tons of games and virtual events to help build a good rapport with team members. The platform is very user, friendly, and vibrant.

The game offers authentic connection and interaction among members. It offers great activities for teammates.

5. Type Fight

Nothing brings out the best in people when it comes to competition. Here competition means a healthy one to boost the confidence and morale of teammates. It is a typography design contest.

In this fight, two members start with the face-off of the same letter. Then the remaining members vote for their favorite ones. This is one of the best team building activities to produce good results as a team.

6. Nerf Battle

This game actually turns your workplace into a battleground where you and your teammates must work together to avoid any mistakes of any kind of doom. It is considered to be one of the most powerful team building activities online.

7. Board Game Marathon

This is an old school kind of team activity that will help communication and connection with teammates. Though online games or video games can be great fun, however, there is nothing that can beat board games.

Make it a practice to play board games at least once a week. There are a total of 10 board games that you can choose from.

8. Culture Jam Sessions

The main purpose of team building is not only socializing but also bonding over reinforcing shared company culture and shared values too.

This platform allows people to come together and start a creative way to celebrate cultures. This allows them to connect not only on a professional level but also on a personal level too.

9. The Buddy System

There are two main points in the Buddy System. The first being when a new hire is selected, they are welcomed with open arms. Similarly, they are made familiar with all the surroundings.

If the new hire has any queries or questions, the people will be ready to help and lead him/her. Additionally, it also encourages leaders a chance to develop their management skills.

10. Magic Cane

This game usually is a simple team-building activity that displays how teammates communicate with one another. Additionally, it also tests how they solve problems together.

The game is wherein a group of 6 or 8 lowers a helium stick to the ground. Make sure the teams are in even numbers. The group must make two lines on both sides of the stick and face one another.

The stick should be horizontally lying in the middle while the group members balance it with their index finger underneath it. The teams must start with having the stick at the chest level and slowly lower it. Members must work together to ace the game.

11. Bridge Build

Make two groups. Each group must build half of the bridge with the available materials. The goal of the game is that both the bridges that are built should be similar to one another and fit well into the other.

Here the challenge is that both teams should be kept at different locations so that they cannot see what the other group is making. But they should be able to communicate verbally and make identical bridges. This activity builds communication and rapport.

12. Electric Fence

In this game, you create an imaginary electric fence. Here groups must try to cross over, making sure they don't touch it. You can create a fence by using a rope or other objects.

The rule here is that teammates can't go under the fence, and they should be touching another member at all times. This activity helps people to brainstorm and develop ideas together.

13. Blind Drawing

This game is usually played in groups of two. You simply need a pen or marker, paper, an eraser, and a whiteboard. Then two members need to sit back to back.

Only one member is supposed to have the drawing materials. The other member is given a picture which the second member should not see. They are then given 60 seconds to describe and draw what they had seen in the picture.

Once the time ends, compare the drawings. It is very fun and exciting to play. This activity displays communication skills and how difficult it is to make others understand.

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    10 Ways to Handle Difficult and Challenging Team Members

    Here are a few easy and successful ways to handle a difficult and challenging team member. Follow the ideas we shared here, and you can find it easy to deal with difficult people in your team.

    1. Identify the Difficulty:

    It’s important. Identify the difficulty faced by the team members. Listen to what the team members have to say. Difficulty can be due to negative team members, any other form of harassment, or emotional disturbances.

    It can be due to anyone belonging to the categories of difficult people that we listed here. Act accordingly. Find methods accordingly to handle difficulties.

    2. Observe:

    You cannot identify a difficult team member in one go. They can make themselves look good from time to time. You have to observe. Watch how the team members are as individuals for some time.

    Watch how they behave with the team. Conclude who is difficult to handle after good observation for some time.

    3. Team Member’s Perspective is important:

    Allow your team members to come forward when they experience difficulty in dealing with other members. Let them admit that there are people causing trouble and difficulties. Your standpoint and observation can be different when compared with the team members who are working with them.

    4. Do Not Open with an Attack:

    The First step in handling a difficult team member is this point. Don’t start with an attack. People will get defensive instead of realizing their mistakes. There will be no space for them to explain themselves. So, don’t begin with an attack mode.

    5. Set the Ambience:

    Before you call the team member and address their behavior, set the stage first. Make sure you speak about it somewhere private. Start the conversation with casual talk about what you are going to do. Let the person be in a better-composed state.

    The reason is if they are already agitated, then there will be no use in pointing out their behavior or mistakes. It aggravates them further. They will not listen to the queries raised.

    6. Don’t Quote Anonymous Source:

    Don’t start with “we have heard some issues about you from an anonymous source.” The anonymous source can either be true or false or have any motive behind it. It’s not the right approach to handle a difficult team member.

    7. You can show any Customer/Client Feedback:

    It will help them understand the situation better.

    8. Don’t Damage the Team’s Reputation:

    Handling difficult people in the team without damaging the team and its members as a whole.

    9. Tolerance:

    We are all humans. At some point, the tolerance level goes out without saying. Handling difficult team members will become even more challenging when we lose tolerance. Avoid such situations.

    Address issues as early as possible if you are sure that they are the ones causing trouble for everyone.

    10. Addressing is better than Confronting:

    Confronting their bad attitude or behavior will not be fruitful in handling that team member. Address the issue directly. Confrontation will make them more defensive and argumentative. No good will come out of it.

    Handle the situation in the form of ‘addressing’ rather than ‘making them confront to.’ Use confrontation only when the situation demands.

    In summary:

    The ideas we discussed here to handle difficult team members are general approaches. At the time, they can look unsuccessful. Adopt different strategies by keeping the 10 ways we discussed here as the basis. Always keep in mind that ‘moving forward’ should be the end goal.

    Arguments or confrontations of mistakes are not the goals. It is important while handling such difficult team members. The 10 ways to handle difficult team members are effective in covering all your difficulties in handling a challenging team member.

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