A review on Zenhabits.net

What comes to your mind when you think of Zen? It’s the subtlety and minimalism. This site is just that. The site is minimal, simple, and pleasant without any distractions.

Article Tone is conversational, interactive, and friendly. The site offers life-training programs offered and interested people have enrolled in it. You can get regular updates by joining yourself in their mailing list.

The posts are crisp, clear, useful, and to-the-point which is great. It appeals to everyone like skimmers, quick readers, and patient readers.

Go to the ‘Archives’ and you can find a lot of articles to pick for. The ideas, answers, and suggestions they give us are relatable and applicable.

Overall, zenhabits.net is a great site that gives an insight into things connected to our lifestyle and work.

9 Rules for a Simpler Day


1. Know what's important

2. Visualize your perfect day

3. Say no to extra commitments

4. Limit tasks

5. Carve out un-distraction time

6. Slow down

7. Mindfully single-task

8. Batch smaller tasks, then let go

9. Create space between

How do I become more positive and Zen?
Here are some actions you can take:
  1. Practice mindfulness of your feelings and self talk.
  2. Be accepting of your mood.
  3. Learn what puts you in a positive mood.
  4. Find encouragement.
  5. Be mindful when you miss a couple days.
  6. Take small positive steps.
  7. Be forgiving.
  8. Find joy in every step.