What is success?

Success is "To laugh often and love much".

Says the first line of the poem written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a known poet, essayist and philosopher entitled "What is success?" Reading by the line, success then is anyone can have.

True enough, though. If you love someone, without doubt, give your faith to that someone and believes that person with all your heart, would you be able to laugh carefree? Of course, you can and you will, Loving a person wholeheartedly can help you create a sound, harmonious relationship with him or them. It will make you comfortable that laughing often will come naturally.

If you love without limits, you'll be able to find friends easily. Friends you can trust and friends you can laugh hard without worrying about what will they think of you after. If you love without expectations, then you can accept things openly hence be able to resolve conflicts critically.

As long as you can love, you can laugh at every storm cast upon your way. Success then means a life without worry.

Success is being able to overcome life. And after each struggle, you can still love and laugh with all your heart.