What is Productivity in Business?  Productivity in Business is attributed to 15 Factors

1. Optimal utilization of Resources:

No under-usage. No over-usage. But, optimal usage of resources guarantees productivity in your business.

2. Proper Utilization of Human Resources:

Business Productivity improves with the optimal utilization of its human resource. It starts with allocating appropriate roles/responsibilities, good work timings, flexible work practices, improved workflow, etc.

3. Giving Back to the Environment:

Save Energy. Don't take natural-resources for granted. The biggest business productivity in recent times is about giving back to the environment.

4. Cost Factors:

Reduce/Cut unwanted costs. Save where you can. Business productivity boosts when there is cost-effectiveness.

5. Increasing Customer Base and Loyalty:

The most important external factor for business productivity is gaining customers and their loyalty.

6. Bringing Profitability:

Business Profitability is not just in revenues. It is in overall well-being like enhancing employees, management’s, and taking care of every other who support and sustain your business.

7. Better than the Competitor:

When compared to your competitor, if you could deliver good service, quality products at a reduced cost, you become successful and productive.

8. Employee Wellbeing:

Give a comfortable and positive workspace. Take care of your employees and they take care of your business.

9. Improving Employee Morale:

Employee’s good morale increases your business productivity.

10. Reviewing:

Look for areas to improve. Productivity improves when you 'review' and 'renew' your business practices.

11. Growth:

Look for growth chances and opportunities.

12. Good Customer Services:

Spend more time in taking care of your customers and their responses to improve. Give more value to customers.

13. Good Engagement:

Engage with your employees and customers. It helps you increase your business and productivity.

14. Invest in Technologies:

Technologies can improve business productivity and work quality.

15. Service and Quality:

‘No compromise in quality’ and ‘Good Service’ guarantees successful Business productivity.


Every one of us wants positive productivity in our business. Here are some tips that can really be helpful for the output of your businesses.

1. Hire good and creative employees.

2. Avoid looking for the same categories look for different talents in your employees, while hiring.

3. Compose meetings once in a month or so that the employees and your product ideas can be brought forward.

4. Because you do so you can use the most effective resourcefulness in your business and grow the productivities of your business.

5. Use the latest technologies.

6. Track your time: are you really working on something that can help you in your work productivity.

7.Set deadlines for every task.

8. Be concerned about your services if your work satisfies your customer you have more chances of positive outputs.

9. Avoid performing several tasks at once time, it can result in a loss in productivity.

10. Avoid expecting perfect tasks a complete task is enough. If you think there has to be some more improvement take your time and do it in your free time.

11. Expecting so much can lose you in your productivity sometimes, so avoid it.