5 Common goal setting problems


Five common goal setting problems are:

• Setting unrealistic goals. Do not set unrealistic goals. These are not going to lead you to the life you always wanted. So set realistic goals and work for it.

• Focusing on a few areas. Focusing on our weaker part is good but ignoring the things we know can bring huge damage.

• Not appreciating failure. We always learn something new from our failures so always appreciate the failure. Note what you learned from the experience and apply it next time to gain success.

• Underestimating the completion time. Giving time to your work is necessary. But delaying your work can lead to a huge mistake in your life.

• Note reviewing progress. Reviewing your progress is very important in goal setting. It helps us to note whether what to achieve and how to achieve. Reviewing it can also help you to identify the unachieved goals.

What are unrealistic goals and realistic goals?


Your goal becomes unrealistic when it requires more energy, skills, abilities which are not available to you. Abilities and skills and be developed but time cannot. The requirement of money can also be the factor for unrealistic goals. There are many parameters that set your goal as unrealistic.

The necessary requirement for work time can also become a factor. Some goals require maximum working hours and some do not. Setting unrealistic goals does not lead you to the target.

Your goal becomes realistic when it requires the necessary energy. Skills and abilities. These are the goals which you can complete by your abilities or sometimes you need to develop them. These goals give you a sense of achievement and a direction to work. This will lead you to a better future.

So here’s the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals, so choose the realistic goals and work for it.

How can I improve my goal setting?


Improving your goal setting has become important. We usually set unrealistic goals which lead to us nowhere. So it’s important to set realistic goals initially and tackle them first. After completing your goal, you can set a new goal. It gives you a purpose to live and work.

Process for setting a goal is as follows:

• Identify your goals. Note them. Be realistic and specific.

• Breakdown the goals into small targets.

• Note every possible obstacle between you and your goal.

• Note the possible way to tackle those obstacles.

• Build a schedule for your goal.

• Give some necessary time.

• Work for it.

This is the process to set a goal. Try this out and tackle those into parts. Proper time management and schedule will have an important part in completing your goal. Do it now!