What is Procrastination Worksheet? How can I use it to overcome my procrastination habit?

Procrastination worksheet helps you to self-analyze and identify the actual reasons behind your procrastination. And it helps you see what techniques would work for you to beat your procrastination habit.

The most popular Procrastination Worksheets are:

Worksheet Type #1 – The Self-Assessment Exercise

This worksheet type has three main columns, namely:

Column 1: My Irrational, Unnecessary Thoughts

Write all the negative, irrational thoughts that come to you when you are about to begin a task. Write about how you feel when new tasks are assigned to you. Write whatever unnecessary negative thoughts that come to your mind regarding a task.

Column 2: Why am I getting it?

Under this column, write about why you are getting such negative thoughts about a task. You may get it for reasons like “you don’t like the person assigning the task”, “the task is not worthy for you”, “you don’t like to work with this team-member”, “The task is too demanding for you”, “this task makes you feel undermined” etc. By writing the reasons that bring you negative thoughts, you will identify the root of the problem.

Column 3: Ideas

Write about what you can do to overcome your thoughts and problems. For Ex: if you feel you are being undermined, then write what you can do about it. It can be solutions like “I like to talk to my senior and let them know I’m capable” or “I will show my capability through quick completion and quality outputs” etc. Write your version of ideas about what you can do. Instead, don’t show your aversion through procrastination.


The Self-Assessment worksheet has helped many people to identify their root problems and overcome them. The only condition is, be genuine in filling up the columns. It is how this procrastination worksheet works.