The 70-25-5 Principle to Achieve your Goals: Explained!

What is important to achieve a Goal?

To reach your goal successfully, you need to be strong in three things. They are, knowing your strengths, willingness to improvise and accepting weaknesses and correcting it. If all three are set, you can easily reach your end goal. By spending most of your time on your strength and improvisations, you reach what you want. The 70-25-5 principle is to take care of these three attributes to make you perform better.

What is the 70-25-5 Principle?

The technique is:

  1. 70%: Spend 70% of your time to work in your strongest areas.

  2. The 25%: Give 25% time to working on things you want to improve.

  3. The Balance 5%: Spend 5% time working on areas of weakness.

How to use the 70-25-5 principle to achieve my goals efficiently?

Here’s an example.

Your end -goal: Complete the Assignment by Month-End.

Step 1:

The strategy suggests that, if an individual spends 70% of their time in areas of their strength, they easily progress towards goals.

Ex: If your strength is in doing quality-research and taking crisp notes, then you need to spend 70% time here. By doing so, you gain a solid base to start your assignments.

Step 2:

And, by spending 25% of the time on areas to improve, an individual gains consistency. It becomes easy to move forward.

Ex: Your improvisations can be good time-management, prioritize topics to write faster, improve writing style, etc.

Step 3:

The balance of 5% is tricky. It is about spending the last 5% time to work on a weakness. Only when we accept our flaws, we begin to correct it.

Ex: Weakness here can be distractions, procrastination habits, etc.


70-25-5 is a simple strategy to follow to achieve your goals. You can use it every day.