“The chances you take, the people you meet, the people you love, the faith that you have. That’s what’s going to define you.”
- Denzel Washington

I am the result of my faith, my decisions, the chances I took, and people that I have in life.

The more good decisions I make and the more positive people I have, the happier my life becomes.

If I don’t have the decent fundamentals to become a good human being, then what am I? Let us all ask this question to ourselves once in a while and get back on track.

Social status, the power, the money, and the Ivy League education is not what defines anyone. If that is what matters to you, think again. External factors like them can only contribute to a bare-minim percentage of your life.

What’s important is how you are on the inside.

What happens when I lost all of it or some of it? Will people move away? Genuine people will not! Others will definitely go away when they no longer benefit from your money and everything else.

Some People stay with you no matter what happens. It’s because there is some fundamental good in you that is making them stay amidst all your life’s troubles.

Faith that I have clearly defines me. People who have faith towards humanity, hope, courage, confidence, and goodwill will always cherish the surrounding life.

Faith in good things will make the life we live beautiful and meaningful.

Once again, remember. External factors are not going to define who you are.

Good faith, positive decisions, and good people that I have earned in life defines me the most.