Courage is fire and bullying is smoke -Benjamin Disraeli

"Cyberbullying" this word has many more aspects than it seems to be. This is something we should take in a very thoughtful way. Even though cyberbullying existed during the old days, it has become more prevalent and serious nowadays, serious means uncontrollably serious. It's like a new trend.

So what is "Cyberbullying." Every person who uses the internet or uses social media should have experienced this even once in their lifetime, which is a sad truth. Cyberbullying contradicts bullying through any kind of electronics like mobile, computer, etc. But it is not something that can be reduced to just one sentence. Cyberbullying is as important and crucial as any other bullying.

Cyberbullying mainly includes insulting through words like online comments, offensive text, stalking, trolling, offensive messages, etc. This can affect the person more than you think. The worst scenario of this is the person bullying you won't even know who you are, and you don't even know that person sometimes, not even their face.

Most of the cyberbullies are just a bunch of people who hides behind a screen without any identity. So we may think that "what is there to worry about something a faceless man tells." Human beings are provided with emotions, thinking capacity, and the ability to respond to their surroundings.

So when there is chaos in the stable surroundings, humans will respond to it. This bullying can be considered as such chaos. And the response to it will be in different ways like rage, anger, emotional damage, suicide temptation, becoming pessimistic, self-doubt, trust issues, depression, etc.

We may not be able to digest the fact that cyberbullying causes worse problems. But for the victim, the scene will be different. So "Cyberbullying" is a legitimate offense, and the bullies should be brought down.

Just remember to live and let live.