8 Impressive Traits of a Truly Confident Person

1. They don’t give up easily:

Confident people will do what they can with their abilities to crack what’s in front of them. They keep trying and don’t call it quits easily.

2. They don’t Bully people Intellectually:

Intellectual Bullies don’t agree with anyone. They will never admit they are wrong. They have a blatant disregard for other's opinions and views. But confident people are not intellectual bullies. They accept when people or situations prove them wrong. They focus on “What is right” instead of “I am right”. It’s one of the defining traits of truly confident people.

3. They take Responsibility:

Confident people take responsibility for themselves, including their health and character. They take responsibility for the mistakes made. They apologize when needed.

4. Water Under the Bridge:

Confident people forgive and let go. They don’t hold on to grudges, judgments, negative criticisms, negative people.

5. They Listen:

Confident people don’t brag. They let other people express their thoughts and views. They show genuine interest in knowing and listening to others.

6. Not Intimidated:

Intrinsic validation matters to highly confident people. They don’t get intimidated by others. They don’t speak badly of others to make themselves look better. Also, confident people have a close circle of people who truly matter to them. They value and respect their opinions. They don’t worry about what others think.

7. They ask for help:

Confident people are not always “I can handle it all”. They will not hesitate to ask for help when needed. They don’t consider vulnerability as a weakness.

8. Live. Let Live:

Confident people are effortlessly cool and collected. They don’t show-off or make efforts to boast themselves. Confident people will let other people be themselves. Confidence flows even with their dressing and body language. They Live and Let Live.