How to know if I am Procrastinating? 6 Clear Signs of Procrastination

Have you thought about “How to know if I am procrastinating or not? Everything seems normal and justifiable to me? Sometimes we don’t know if we are procrastinating or just feel lazy and no-energy to do stuff. Let’s identify the common Signs of Procrastination here.

1. Worrying constantly?

You may be constantly worrying about the work you have, tasks to finish, assignments to do. But you are not taking efforts to get things done.

2. Distracted Regularly?

Do you feel you are being regularly distracted while working? Do unimportant and non-work related activities interest you? It means you are procrastinating. You don’t focus on your work, but you are interested in social media, checking emails, notifications, etc. Checking phones might seem normal, but when you do it often by halting your essential tasks, you are procrastinating. Or, you might daydream, overthink, feel aimless, etc.

3. Feeling Pointless?

Do you feel like “I don’t see a point” often? You could be procrastinating. You are avoiding the tasks by saying that it doesn’t have any value in your perception.

4. Everything Last Minute?

You are procrastinating when you leave all things to the last moment to execute or take care.

5. Not Good Enough? Don’t like doing tasks?

Disinterest and No-Motivation are common signs of procrastination. As a result, we either don’t like doing it or we don’t feel like it is good enough.

6. Escapism?

You wouldn’t have done ‘that’ task before. But you are doing it now because you are looking for an escape. You are looking for a way out and ready to do tasks that are not enthusiastic for you. This is procrastination. For instance, we start cleaning our room while there is an important assignment waiting for us to begin.