Productivity means the effective use of available resources. In other words, it can also be said as working for more in less time.

There are many ways to improve your productivity. Some can be managed by time and some can be managed by the effective use of resources.

Some of the ways of improving productivity are as follows:

1. Making a schedule.

2. Reusing the resources.

3. Time management

4. Planning.

5. Reduce distractions.

6. Better your working place.

7. Meditate.

8. Exercise.

These are the ways which will help you to improve your productivity in a better way. Most of the ways listed above are the common ways that are applicable in any work field. It can be useful for students, employees, and leaders too. Try these out and look for the results.


1. The weather: sounds odd, but yes, either too hot or too cold weather affects working moods. This might result in a loss of productivity.

2. Poor lighting: it fun to work in an area with efficient lights. Poor lightings can distract us from our works.

3. Poor tools and technologies: for good productivity, we must have good apps, tools, and technologies. Poor technologies can distract us and can be uninteresting.

4. Area of workplace: it affects the productivity of our work, overcrowded areas may distract us from work. We might end up talking than working, so it is a must to have enough space for working.

5. Staff satisfaction: want good productivity in your work must look after the staffs' satisfaction. Making them overwork or work forcefully might lead you to a loss in productivity.

6. Amount of training: good training is advisable, but if you ignore time to time training, you might end up with a loss in your productivity.

7. No home works: employees who prepare works from home are more productive than the one who doesn't. It makes a great difference in your work productivity.