Creativity is a way to produce something new and different which has some value or to do the same mundane thing or a new thing in a new way using a new technique that is unique in itself to get better / positive results or simply to get more business. There are basically following two components of creativity.

2 Main Components of Creativity

1) Originality

The method or idea must be new and unique. It should not be the extension of something, which already exists. However, one can take inspiration from the already existent methods and ideas to fabricate something new and unique.

2) Functionality

Another important component of creativity is its functionality. A creative idea must work and produce results, otherwise, the whole effort will be in vain.

4 Types of Creativity

1) Deliberate and cognitive creativity

2) Deliberate and emotional creativity

3) Spontaneous and cognitive creativity

4) Spontaneous and emotional creativity