Heart sees everything and not the eyes!
Sometimes the Heart Sees What is Invisible to the Eye - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Your heart and your instincts can perceive things that you cannot see visibly. We believe with our eyes and even that could go wrong. But, the instinct that comes from the heart often becomes accurate and right.

How could you understand the pain behind the smile? Your eyes can’t see it through, but your heart can.

Sometimes, things that we miss with our eyes can apparently be seen through our hearts.

You can fix this in every aspect of your life.

Take success. True success is not something that you see with your visible eyes. I felt success from the heart. Only then, it gets its true meaning. I can see success in my results. But the true feeling of success is the efforts I gave and the satisfaction I get throughout.

You can feel honesty, loyalty, friendship, respect, and positivity fully from the heart. For instance, the gestures we do can show that it’s the act of friendship. Only by heart can you get the true feeling of friendship.

You know how this quote fits to inspiring people and accomplishers in life?

They feel their victory, their end results and goals in their heart first before they see it with their eyes!

Positivity around us cannot be seen all the time. We cannot expect people to keep doing things and show gestures to prove the point. Appearances are deceptive as we know. But the heart will always recognize true feelings. Your heart can feel the positivity.

The Heart understands better when your eyes are still looking for it!