What are the skills which are required for better productivity?

There are specific skills that are necessary to help you to achieve your goals. To achieve your goals you need to set the pathway towards it but you need increased productivity which will help you to achieve your goal easily and early.

Here are some of the skills which will help you to be productive:

• Set clear goals.

• Manage your time.

• Get motivation.

• Get rid of motivation killers.

• Use technology responsibly.

• Communicate effectively.

• Develop different skills.

• Set standards.

• Make a to-do list.

There are many skills which will help you to improve your productivity. Avoid distractions and motivation killers. Add some enhancers such as plants, candles, flowers, etc to improve your productivity and will to work.


Distractions lead us to many failures and incomplete tasks. While working on a task there are two types of distraction:

1. We can control them.

2. We can’t control them.

Distractions are inevitable. You just need to plan to get over them.

Some common forms are distractions are:

• Smartphones

• People Interruptions

• Multi-tasking

• Co-workers

• Notifications

These are the form of interruptions which you have to avoid for better productivity. To avoid these distractions, turn your notifications off while working. People interruptions are the main thing that you can’t control so you can close the door while working.

Keep your smartphone off while working or control the urge of looking at the smartphone. There are many distractions that you encounter on a daily basis, so you need to plan the form of the distraction and find the smart solution over it.

Try to control those distractions which you can control so that it will be easier to manage the others.

How to avoid distraction?

Distractions are the root cause of 50% failures. Many people are focused but get distracted for every smallest stuff. There are many ways which will help you to come out of this. But, you have to control your urge to have good time while working.

While working you may feel to have breaks before you complete tasks but you need to control over those urges.

Here are some of the small but effective tips which will help you to come out of it:

• Pinpoint the cause of distractions.

• Be prepared to work on the task and control the feeling of having breaks in between.

• Give yourself after certain tasks.

• Clean your workspace. This will help you to focus more and avoid any disturbance.

• Set a deadline.

• Become an early bird. Wake up early in the morning and try to complete the work as early as possible but do not rush.

How personal productivity can be improved?


There are many parameters to improve your productivity. Even in your personal and professional life, leadership can also improve your productivity. Rather than all the skills and hobbies, there are some things which matter the most which include sleep and rest.

SLEEP and REST are two things that improve your concentration, productivity and memory power in a great amount. Many of the people sacrifice their sleep and their rest time to improve productivity and all the necessary things which have adverse effects.

Here are some things which will help you to improve your productivity:

• Sleep.

• Rest.

• Waking up early.

• Learning new skills.

• Mastering the things you know.

• Exercises.

• Walk.

• Meditation.

These are the things which will help you to improve your productivity in a large amount.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

How do we improve our productivity?


Productivity means the effective use of available resources. In other words, it can also be said as working for more in less time.

There are many ways to improve your productivity. Some can be managed by time and some can be managed by the effective use of resources.

Some of the ways of improving productivity are as follows:

1. Making a schedule.

2. Reusing the resources.

3. Time management

4. Planning.

5. Reduce distractions.

6. Better your working place.

7. Meditate.

8. Exercise.

These are the ways which will help you to improve your productivity in a better way. Most of the ways listed above are the common ways that are applicable in any work field. It can be useful for students, employees, and leaders too. Try these out and look for the results.