10 Quick Procrastination Tips for Students: It will get you started for sure!
  1. Start your study with your favorite subject or topics you are interested to learn. You can control the thoughts to procrastinate.
  1. Keep your study-desk tidy. Arrange your desk after finishing your study hours.
  1. If you feel like procrastinating with your assignments or projects, download a sample project/ assignment. Just look and see how the work is done. If you don’t feel like working on your projects, that’s okay. Divert yourself to related tasks like this instead of procrastinating.
  1. If you know you will procrastinate, shift your study sessions to a library. This could help. In libraries, you might see people studying and staying focused. Tag along to get no-distraction focus-hours to studying. See how this works for you.
  1. Reward yourself after completing your study-hours, or, finishing your assignments, completing the homework, etc. Do it to keep yourself motivated to complete the task.
  1. Take notes if you don’t feel like studying. You can stop the intention of procrastinating. Also, writing helps you remember better. Later, you can use the notes when you are focused on studying.
  1. Think of how relaxed, you feel when you complete your studies or assignments early. It gives a mental boost to work instead of postponing. The relieved feeling of submitting my tasks before the deadline helps me in working instead of procrastinating.
  1. Avoid distractions, mainly your social-media and video/audio streaming application on the internet. We know how serious they are. Just one pop sound, and you’re done for two hours.
  1. Allocate a few dedicated hours for studies every day.
  1. If you are a procrastinator and trying hard to cope up with your studies, here’s a simple rule. Work on getting a decent grade. Don’t have to aim for super-high or perfect grades. Aim for a decent grade to get things started. Work for it.