2 Best Time-Management Strategies to Fix Procrastination:

Try David Allen’s GTD (Get Things Done):

Planning, identifying priorities, simple action-plans to execute your priority tasks are important to save time to stop procrastination. David Allen’s GTD technique will help you with all that. Eventually, you manage your time well. Thoughts to procrastinate will be minimal due to the clarity and focus this GTD strategy brings.

How does the GTD Technique work?

  1. Capture: Gather whatever tasks that approach to your mind.
  2. Clarify: See if the tasks are actionable i.e. ask yourself “What possible-steps can I take to start doing tasks”.
  3. Sort: Place those tasks under corresponding labels like “Office”, “studies”, “Chores”, “Friends” etc.
  4. Reflect: By now, you have categorized all the tasks you have. Near the tasks write down the starting step you need to take.
  5. Engage: By now, you have written the tasks you want to do. You have categorized it conveniently. You have written the steps you need to take for beginning the tasks. The final step is, start doing them one by one.

Being a procrastinator, don’t try this GTD technique with too many tasks initially. GTD is to get you started by managing your time and fixing your procrastinating-thoughts.

2. Greg Mckeown’s “Top-Goal” Technique:

It’s a simple but productive technique for you to overcome procrastination by managing your time.

  1. Pick one top-goal.
  2. Work on it for a solid 2 hours every day preferably in the early morning hours.
  3. Early morning hours can give you a tamper-proof focus. You will have zero-distractions from people and things. You will feel energetic and collected in the early morning.
  4. Leave the rest of the day for other tasks in your to-do list.

Try for a week!

Takeaway: Procrastination is not only about Time. But, with easy time-management strategies, you can fix the procrastination-thoughts and get to work.