Building thinking skills



You don’t need to think critically about everything. You can’t be right all the time. It sometimes happens that your juniors or your colleagues have better thinking on the matter than yours. You need to adapt to their thought processes. There is no place for jealousy for critical thinkers as it is a lifelong learning process, and you will get better with practice.


Take time for mental exercise as well as physical exercise to mind improvement. With regular mental exercise, our brains get enhanced and functioned better.


A.) Take healthy diets

B.) Get enough sleep

C.) Train your memory to work accurately

Reading is that quotient which works invisibly to improve our brain functions. So read and learn. You will master your thinking skills soon.

Divergent thinking


It is the opposite of convergent thinking. It explores many numbers of solutions to find one that is effective. It does not start with a handful number of possibilities to converge to one solution. It goes beyond that. It allows us to search for every possible necessary outcome and moves outwards in search of the solution.


Divergent thinkers tend to find new opportunities, look for new solutions, are more customer-driven, easier to train, and tend to have a broader outlook. That is why they become an asset to the organization. They show great potential for leadership. A divergent thinker’s skill is best used in the administrative field.

Convergent thinking



Imagine you have multiple-choice questions in the exam. For an answer that you will process convergent thinking.

In this thinking process, we combine a finite number of perspectives or ideas to find a single solution. Convergent thinkers will target all possibilities to converge each option to come up with a single solution.

CAREER CHOICE: You already know that every career field has its best-fit people. When people with particular expertise join their best-suited field, then they get a higher chance to grow in career. As convergent thinking is conceptual learning, a person who is a convergent thinker must choose a profession where they use their skills. Teachers, doctors, engineers, mathematicians, etc. are the most glorious field for the convergent thinker.

What is Abstract Thinking


Abstract thinkers can relate random things at a single line. They are blessed with the vision to see the bigger picture. They find valuable connections when others find it difficult to see.

They can look beyond what is seen in bare eyes and search for a hidden truth. They can read between the lines. They find excitement in solving cryptic puzzles. They get bored quickly when they have nothing to think about.

CAREER CHOICE: Abstract thinkers love concepts. For them, concepts are physical facts. Careers in art, mental health, communication, design, and education are suited for an abstract thinker.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

Strategic thinking


Dr. Albert Einstein mentioned, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

It shows what a thinker can do. Spread the knowledge of thoughts. The time will shape itself according to it.

To achieve your career goals, you need a plan. For that plan, you have to be a clear thinker. Until you access your brain to see beyond the generalize views of a particular situation, you could not come up with a plan to compete in today’s competitive world. You must think strategically about those things you want and the way that is going to get you there.

Exercises for critical thinking


Critical thinking has importance in each and every phase of life. It improves your personal and professional life. By thinking critically, you can find truths and facts which others cannot get.