1. Learn to say “no.”

2. Start facing your problems, head-on.

3. Make yourself a priority.

4. Be gentle with yourself.

5. Learn to be happy for others.

6. Start forgiving and learn to let go.

7. Work on small goals, every single day.

8. Start noticing the beauty of small, everyday things.

9. Once in a while, take a mental day off.

10. Be yourself.

11. Cherish and nurture your relationships.

12. Start making time for doing the things you love.

13. Learn to celebrate your victories.

14. Start spending more time in the present.

15. End toxic relationships.

16. Start treating your body well.

17. Start doing more things that scare you.

18. Create a regular gratitude practice.

19. Stop waiting + start doing.

20. Start giving more love to yourself, and others.