20 Fun things to do when bored


Bringing a little fun element in our everyday life adds more beauty to it.

Here’s a list of some fun things to do when bored. I am sure the ideas here will impress you to try them.

1. Bake your favorites.

2. Take care of your plants. Water them. Spend time with them.

3. Go for a drive with your friends.

4. Binge-watching is fun. Do it with your friends.

5. Window shopping with your friends or family or loved ones can be fun.

6. Listen to music.

7. Spend time with your pets. Pets are pure fun!

8. Write a random inspiring quote. Leave it in places you go. Make sure to put in places that people can see. It’s my favorite fun thing to do when I feel really bored. Doing it with your friends is even more awesome. Try it. It’s our personal favorite.

9. Surf through Pinterest.

10. Collect little things as souvenirs from new places you visited. Do it to mark any memorable days you had.

11. Revisit the places you use to hang out during your childhood with friends. It’s fun.

12. Cooking is a perfect thing to do when you feel bored. It’s fun too.

13. Invite people. Have fun talking and getting together through lunches and dinners.

14. Browse through memes if you need a good laugh and handle the boring time.

15. Play games. It can be indoor or outdoor.

16. Join craft classes. It’s fun and perfect for you to spend time well instead of feeling bored.

17. Go eat your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget the dessert too.

18. Do Photography. It’s an altogether mix of fun, inspiring and exciting things to do when you feel bored.

19. Try DIYs. They are quirky and fun to do when you are so bored.

20. Re-watch your favorite seasons or episodes from your favorite TV series.

17 Inspiring things to do when bored


We are attracted to things, people, places that inspire us in any way possible. With that in mind, let’s discuss together some inspiring things to do when we feel bored.

1. Learn a new language.

2. Make a schedule. Just any schedule. Follow it. It will be inspiring for you to go to the end without any hindrance.

3. Learn a new hobby.

4. Evaluate yourself. Evaluate your good & bad. It inspires you to do better.

5. Read books. It doesn’t always have to be a self-help or motivational book. A simple short-story inspires a good mood when you feel so bored.

6. Write. Journal.

7. Listen to inspiring speeches.

8. Watch videos that explain the science around us. Understanding the science, and engineering around us in simple visual terms is always inspiring.

9. Watch the positive people around you. It has always been an inspiring time for me. You try it too.

10. You can hang inspiring, positive and motivational wall posters.

11. Review your day about how it was and what you did.

12. Think of all the good things you have in your life. It’s a little trick to stay positive and not feel bored or demotivated.

13. You can share your life experience and give the life wisdom you learned online. Start a blog.

14. Listening to good music is inspiring.

15. Donate what you can. There are genuine causes and organizations working towards health and education for children. Instead of putting it as ‘when you feel bored’ let’s rephrase it here as ‘when you have some extra time’, look for such causes. Do what you can.

16. Plan, think and write the ideas when it comes to your passion project.

17. Nature is inspiring. Every time you feel bored, step out. Get some fresh air.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look for it.

12 Things to do when bored at work


Things to do when bored at work:

Not every day at work can be fun and inspiring. It happens that, we sometimes feel bored at work even when things are going well. Let’s tackle it by going through a few interesting ideas we shared here.

When you feel bored at work:

1. You can help your colleague.

2. You can start ordering your emails based on priorities, schedules and other necessary labels.

3. Start de-cluttering your workspace.

4. Plan the work schedule for the week or the next day.

5. Go for a walk.

6. You can have your breaks together with your friends.

7. If you have any professional profiles across the internet, you can update them.

8. Organize your digital folders, files, and documents. The same goes for your non-digital entities too at work.

9. Make sure all your software is up to date.

10. Join any of skill-building activities or courses. Meet new people. Learn new things.

11. If you are in handling customers, you can look for things to improve there.

12. You can start working on the next things. for ex: if your presentations, meetings are nearing you can work on it when feeling bored.

Besides these ideas, you can improvise on your own. Not all circumstances at work will give space to follow the ideas we shared here. Depending on situations and time, you can improvise things and activities to do at work.

8 adventurous things to do when you feel bored in life


Some big adventurous things to do when you feel bored in life are:

1. Visit places other than tourist destinations:

It’s common to visit tourist destinations, cities, and locations across the world. Instead, try different adventurous places. For Ex: Try visiting cultural, historic cities, places, battlefields, birthplaces of famous people in history, visiting burial grounds of famous poets, leaders, etc. and other adventurous places.

2. Visiting Bookish & Movie Places:

Plan a trip to visit fascinating places from your favorite books and movies.

3. Try a sport that you haven’t tried:

For instance, if you haven’t tried scuba diving, snorkeling, diving or underwater rides then plan on doing it this time.

4. Do sky diving:

Almost everyone has this in their bucket list. Plan for it. Try it. Group sky diving is more fun than solo sky diving. Either way, do it!

5. Try Bungee Jumping:

If you haven’t tried earlier, then try it. Bungee jumping is an exciting and adventurous thing that we all should try at once. Adventure-seeking people will even have specific places across the world to do bungee jumping. As far as we go, let’s at least make a step in doing a bungee jump when the chance comes.

6. Try Kayaking & rafting:

It’s an exciting activity to try with friends and family members.

7. Try Adrenaline Rich activities:

Go for activities like Zip-lining, Snowboarding, Hot Air ballooning, Parasailing, Sky-drop, etc.

8. You should see the Northern Lights:

Before this lifetime, everyone should see the northern lights. You can pick any destination of your choice, but definitely should do it in this life. It’s an adventurous, awe-inspiring and surreal experience that one should never miss.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

Adventurous Things to do when bored


What if you feel bored with what’s going on with your life? What if you want more exciting things and not feel bored about life? Let’s spruce it up with interesting ideas.

Adventurous Things to do when bored

For adrenaline junkies, the chances of having a boring day or boring life are less. They crave adventure and keep looking for exciting things to try in life. So, what about folks like you and me who are trying to get a little adventure twist within our everyday life?

Let’s try a few things here.

1. Plan a solo trip to places you’ve wanted to visit.

2. Go Trekking.

3. Camp on the hills with friends.

4. Try making money out of your hobbies.

5. If you have any business ideas, try to put that in action.

6. Try Road Trips. Find some of the best road trips and routes and make a trip.

7. Explore the area around you.

8. Make new friends. Not friends of friends. But, make friends with new ones. It’s like an adventure too.

9. Explore different restaurants and cuisines.

10. Follow any challenges. I once tried the ‘Inktober Drawing challenge.’ For the full month of October, you should showcase your drawings, paintings, doodles, sketches, or any art forms. It’s based on different themes, patterns, and prompts every year. Try something like this.

11. Try digital detox for a week.

12. Learn any form of martial arts.

13. Go to a place where you haven’t been. It can be a concert, themed-restaurant, book club, musicals, theatre arts, etc.

3 Things To Do When Bored


1. Doodling

It’s an interesting thing to do when bored. I see people doodling while traveling, while standing in a queue, and just about whenever they feel bored. You should try doodling. It’s an excellent stress buster too. Also, I pick up my adult-coloring book. At times when I feel bored and don’t know what to do in that little time, I color in the book. You should give a try too. It’s good.

2. Go for a Walk

Take this tip especially when you are in your office. When feeling bored, step out and take a walk. Window shopping, watching the streets & people passing by, enjoying nature will get you back from being bored.

3. Catch up with Friends

I either call or text my friends and catch up with them. You will never feel bored. Feeling bored and you have some time in hand, make a quick plan with your friends. You can spend talking with your family too.

Getting bored or feeling bored happens all the time. It’s up to us to make it interesting and cheer ourselves up. Our ideas will surely be easy-to-do, fun, engaging and inspiring for you to try. I’m sure you’ll definitely have a handful of ideas to pick from here.

4 Things To Do When You're Bored


1. Read a Book

Always carry a book with you. Reading books is a wonderful thing to do when you feel bored. Especially, while waiting, books are the best companions. You feel bored while standing in a queue, waiting for your time or waiting for someone’s arrival, etc. In such times, books are the best way to deal with bore-time.

2. Re-decorate your surrounding

When you feel bored, try to rearrange or redecorate your surroundings. It’s a refreshing activity for you. Cleaning, de-cluttering, arranging, stacking, fixing are all good brain stimulators. It’s an easy thing to do when bored at home and also in the workplace.

3. Good Podcasts

Whenever I feel bored, or disinterested, I listen to good podcasts. Usually, I pick podcasts that are fun, humorous and inspiring. It also helped me get back from a lack of motivation. You can pick your choice of interest. Next to music, listening to a good podcast is my favorite thing to do when I feel bored.

4. Audio Books

Especially, you can find audiobooks that are narrated by celebrities, and by the book authors themselves. Go for it. It’s worth your time, and money. Above all, listening to an audiobook is an easy thing that you can do on the spot when feeling bored.

11 Things to Do when you Feel Bored


Let’s try some things to shake off the feeling of boredom. When feeling bored, try doing some ‘on-the-moment,’ quick and interesting things like:

1. Play Google’s “WORD COACH”

    2. Try changing your desktop wallpaper

    3. Visit Instagram Feeds

      4. Solve puzzles

        5. Read a Book

          6. Re-decorate your surrounding

            7. Good Podcasts

              8. Audio Books

                9. Doodling

                  10. Go for a Walk

                    11. Catch up with Friends

                    These 11 things are actually my favorite things to do whenever I feel bored. You should try it too. I’m sure you’ll pick some handful from the list. They are fun to do as well as keep you engaged and inspired. You can make your everyday activities a little bit exciting by trying them out.

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                    5 reasons why you're bored with life


                    1. Following the same schedule, the same routine every day can bring monotony. In turn, you feel bored.

                    2. Boredom hits you hard when you don’t do things that you like. Over time, it develops into a big disinterest in everything for you.

                    3. There are people who find things to keep themselves engaged every time. They do it on purpose. They look for the next alternative whenever they sense a feeling of boredom. They don’t allow the thought of feeling bored to come up in their mind. It’s another form of dealing with yourself when you feel bored.

                    4. Another category of people that I have seen do things differently. They don’t care if it is productive or not. They just do things randomly whenever they feel bored. To keep themselves busy is their goal here.

                    5. Asking questions is important. Do you like what you do? Are you someone who craves excitement every day? Is your work making you feel bored and disinterested? Questions like this would help you understand what exactly is making you feel bored.

                    Apart from all the above, we all feel bored every now and then. To feel bored is a casual happening for all of us irrespective of what we do. I hope you agree with me on this.

                    6 Things to know about ‘being bored’


                    What I share with you all here are thoughts, behaviors, and actions that we see daily in our life. Read it and you can easily connect with it. I hope that it can help you understand why you get bored and what makes you feel bored.

                    1.) People get bored for two main reasons. Either they are unable to handle their spare time or there is a lack of motivation.

                    2.) Procrastination can be misunderstood as boredom. Identify the difference.

                    3.) People who keep working constantly or love working constantly will not get bored. Any spare time can become boring to them. No activities will help them unless they get back on track with their work. They don’t care about taking time for their own. Even if they did, it can seem a bit of a bore to them.

                    4.) Sometimes you can feel physically tired. It reflects in everything you do making you either disinterested or so bored to do it.

                    5.) Consider the internet, gadgets, social media, gaming, etc. If you feel bored without them, it should be changed.

                    6.) With a sense of disinterest, people find it difficult to cope up with time, their daily life and daily work. We either don’t want to do anything or we expect things to happen that cheers us instantly. Eventually, there comes boredom.

                    Why do I get bored so quickly?


                    Before we begin, I would like to point out a small but noteworthy point here. People often find Disinterest and Being Bored the same. In a lot of ways, they are different from each other.

                    When it comes to a feeling of disinterest, the chances of proceeding to the next activities can get a snub. People tend to stay put due to a lack of interest in anything. Disinterest will create a mind space where you will not feel like doing anything.

                    On the contrary, when bored, people look for refreshing and engaging activities to do. People look out for things to keep themselves engaged.

                    The fun part is, becoming bored or being uninterested in everything happens to you, to me and to everyone in life. At some point, we all feel this. Whenever you feel bored, divert yourself into fun, engaging and inspiring activities. The monotony of every day can get a splash of fun when you turn your boredom into something interesting. We’ll help you with that.