Thoughts are very powerful


Our thoughts are truly the soil from which springs our different words and actions. In other words, we live out in our daily life what we think about constantly. Thoughts are abstract, but they are very powerful, and their effects and results are noted when acted upon. There is a proverb that we are all creations of habit.

This is true. But what gives birth to the practices we develop are the thoughts which we allow to grow, continue, and take root in our souls day by day.

Our brains, with its different parts, for example, our mindset, wills, memory, and emotions, are the breeding ground of our faith systems, ideas, and over-all attitude toward life.

3 steps to observe your thoughts


A) You don’t always have to feel guilty about your thoughts. Anger, Happiness, Fear, Jealous are all wired to humans in nature. People tend to get emotional. Thoughts collide with emotions. But, there’s a line. It’s drawn perfectly and says what’s good and what’s bad and where to not-cross it. Thoughts crossing the line need immediate action. Treat it right.

B) Notice your thoughts and see if they serve you any purpose. If it is of no purpose, dump the thoughts.

C) Emotions are like coping mechanisms. You can’t control all the time. But the thoughts are at your disposal. That’s why think before you act. See what’s happening with your thoughts and act accordingly. Finally, you’ll know what to do next.

We can say that the greatest power we have to ourselves is the power of our thoughts. They can shape our dreams.

That’s why it is important to watch our thoughts and analyze what we think. It’s simple and not as complicated as it seems.

When faced with any situation, train your thoughts to see what it can do to solve it and not complicate it. Always watch your thoughts for the better.

watch your thoughts


Let’s see the few steps you can follow to improve yourself concerning watching your thoughts.

1.) If faced with any negative emotions, be it anger, hate, fear, or jealousy, watch your thoughts for a second. You can see how much rage and angst it gives.

Look closely, and you can see clearly how it will hurt a lot of people. Negativity brings no good but does all sorts of bad. This where you need to watch your thoughts and put them to good use.

Divert it. If you can’t, then remove yourself from it.

2.) Take a deep breath. If you keep practicing it, it will become like a natural reflex. Every time faced with negative thoughts or emotions, taking a deep breath will help you calm things down.

3.) If you calm yourself, you can see what you think. Your genuine thoughts will become clear. If it’s something bad, take care of it. Find ways to resolve it but never act out of it.

4 Steps to ‘Watch your Thoughts’ for the better


Here are a few steps you can follow that will help you watch your thoughts for the better. It will be of support to you in improving what you think under situations.

1.) Thoughts gain their power from you. Focusing on good thoughts bring a composed environment within you. If it’s a negative thought, divert it. Don’t give power to the thought by thinking about it. Overthinking is another big issue. Stop giving power to such thoughts, and you’ll start feeling better.

2.) Thoughts are simple. It’s either good or bad. Watch out for the bad ones.

3.) Stopping emotions and thoughts is not easy. It never is. But you can control it. You can divert it easily if you train yourself in doing so. Think of all the bad things that could come out of your negative emotions for a second.

4.) Watch what you think. See what kind of thoughts comes in your head. It only takes a few seconds, but the impact is big. Few seconds of watching your thoughts can help you save a fight or stop you from verbal inconveniences.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

Watch your thoughts: They emanate Faster


Thoughts are like a quick reflex. You see something or you hear something you immediately think. Thoughts emanate faster. This is where you need to be careful.

Controlling the reflex of your thoughts will make you control the outcome, which in turn makes everything smooth and cool.

Acting out is easy, judging is easy, but trying to understand the situation is what your thought-process should do. Train your thoughts to see what’s going on instead of tumbling into negative emotions.

Do thoughts become a reality?


Do thoughts have energy?

In a way, Yes! You are the result of your thoughts. Think well, you act well. Positive thoughts can give you confidence and productivity. Wake up happy, and your day will be happy. The right attitude and thoughts can take people closer to achieving their dreams.

Whereas, fueling negative thoughts will make a person weak. It deprives health and wellness. Negativity will make you stay put. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t watch your thoughts.

The power of thoughts


1. Builds Character:

It’s self-explanatory. Good thoughts bring good deeds. It builds character. People look up to someone who can solve the problem, someone who says ‘let’s try to get past the situation and solve’ instead of someone who keeps saying ‘it’s your fault.

You did it.

You are wrong’.

Building your character requires a lot of positivity from you. Good thought-process reflects a good attitude, which in turn builds one’s character.

2. Clear Thoughts:

Thoughts reflect your mind very well. If you are positive, you can get hold of your thoughts. They become clear. You will know what is needed to handle situations better.

3. Gratitude:

The importance of positive thinking is in practicing the act of gratitude. Gratitude will make you feel more instead of less.

To sum it up, the importance of positive thinking comes under these 3 points, which can make a tremendous improvement in building your character, developing compassion, and achieving what you aim.

The Importance of Positive Thoughts


1.Improved Health:

Surrounding yourself in a more positive environment like your favorite persons, music, songs, daily positive quote, smile, your journals, flower bouquets, etc. have an incredible impact on healing and recovery from medical conditions.

If you keep your surroundings positive, the chances of negative emotions become minimum. A positive mindset is essential during a medical recovery as it helps people heal.

2. Improved Mental-Wellness:

Every time you get angry, it takes hours for the body to recover from that shock. It’s not good. You cannot control the anger sometimes, but you can control the outcome of it. It brings peace.

3. Improved Response:

If you are positive, your response will be good. You can better handle a problem and find a solution to it. Positive thoughts will allow you to take a better course of action & choice.

On the contrary, if you are under fear, anger, or any negative emotions, for that matter, your response will be poor and ineffective.

Most importantly, it stops you from focusing on better choices to solve a problem.

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Why do we need to watch our thoughts?

Why do we need to watch out thoughts?.png

There’s a Mike Dooley quote that says, “Thoughts become Things. Choose Good ones”. Frank outlaw supports it too by saying, “Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become action”.

That’s how important your ‘thoughts and thinking’ are. The power of thoughts: you need to watch your thoughts, for they can shape you.

Thinking positively not only helps you move forward but also improves your mental wellness. The more positive you are, the better your health and relationship will be.

The better you shape your thoughts, the more enhanced will be your outcome. You should also be careful about the fact that ‘being overly-positive’ sometimes can bring troubles.

You need optimistic thoughts but not a forced positive-thought. It’s a delicate line to tread, but on the whole, having good thoughts can get as simple as a smile.