Top 5 Mindset, Practices and Strategies of Successful CEO’s that increase their Productivity

1. Do what only you can do:

Successful CEOs and entrepreneurs will plan, work, manage, and execute things that only they can do. Concentrating on other things will not be on their agenda. It makes them highly productive and efficient.

2. 80% on Engineering, and Design. Remaining 20% on Others:

The meaning is, Top CEO’s and Entrepreneurs spend their 80% time on:

Perfecting their products


Enhancing Customer-Experience.

Innovating Product-Delivery/Product-Usage methods

Improving User-Experience

Cost-Effective services/products

Towards futuristic approaches

Enhance other Core aspects of the business.

This '80% and 20%' is another reason behind their high productivity as CEOs.

3. Setting Strategies:

CEO’s will align the business/organization towards smart strategies. It could be towards achieving a goal, increasing Profit, improving customer-base, prototyping a new design, etc.

For Instance: A successful CEO/Entrepreneur will have original strategies to handle their human resources, finances, design, production, management, etc.

Planning and working on smart, innovative and optimal strategies is an important mindset and practice followed by the successful CEO’s.

4. Lead the Top Team:

Top Boss will closely monitor and work with top teams in the organization. The boss will not hover over all chains of management and micromanage.

Also, Top CEOs will work towards building a Dedicated, Hard-core, and Loyal management team. It’s another reason for their high productivity.

5. Good Work Ethics:

They develop excellent work ethics.

They have discipline and routines that are flexible. At the same time, they know when and where to say 'No' to people and situations.

In the end,

An Important Productivity Tip from a Successful CEO is:

“My Biggest Mistake is probably weighing too much on someone’s talent and not someone’s personality. I think it matters whether someone has a Good Heart." - Elon Musk